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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

TOP: Target  
STRIPED CARDIGAN: Neiman Marcus  (mine is from Zara originally but I found it for $10 at a consignment store) 
BOOTS: Guess (similar to mine) Watch: Michael Kors  Pants: Forever 21 
Nail Polish: OPI Lipstick: Maybelline
Sunglasses: JC Penny
(similar. I found mine at a random little boutique in Pasadena the other day) 
Earrings: Amazon  
(similar. found mine at Wal-Mart - of all places! for like $3 in Oklahoma!) 

On Wednesdays we wear pink... and on Tuesday? We got our marriage license! Such a happy day! Getting closer and closer to our wedding day and this was just one step closer. So so happy. We also went apartment hunting!! We will be living in Los Angeles by the sea (but not sharing the exact location, just for privacy's sake ;) and we are praying that the Lord just provides the perfect place for us to start our life together. We are so grateful for these wonderful gifts of love and marriage upcoming, and life together -- after so many years of waiting and praying, the fruition sure is sweet... and the best is yet to come, because He is good! 

So the other day we were in Target (otherwise known as "the Mothership" ;) and I found the cutest tank I just had to have. Y'all have to grab one, so cute -- especially if you've seen "Mean Girls" and love it as much as I do. My sis and I quote it all the time ("Wanna go to Taco Bell?) but this may be our favorite quote.  

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

PARIS PLEASE SWEATSHIRT: Forever 21  ||  BLACK SKINNY JEANS: (similar) Michael Kors || HIGH HEEL: got them a few years ago from Guess! ||  NECKLACE: J.Crew (similar) || LIPSTICK: Clinique (in "Angel Red")  || DANIEL'S SWEATER: J.Crew (similar) 

My man and I just love adventures, exploring and travel. We simply cannot WAIT to be married and start our life together. When we first began dating (almost one full year ago, this month!) we described ourselves -- individually before we met and all the more when we "got together" -- wild and free! And that is who we are. As we're planning our upcoming wedding, focusing on working and preparing (in every way) to get married, the travel for this short season is something we anticipate (starting with our honeymoon.) But, since we live in California and there are oh so many places I know and love that I am longing to show my man, we get to take day trips and just savor it. 

The other day, we set off on a hunt for wedding rings, and the quest led us to the quaintly beautiful town of Pasadena. I've loved it all my life. My grandma, who I'm very close to, led a successful career there for years. Every Christmas, Mom and Dad took us there to shop and see all the cheery holiday decor. The Huntington Library and tea room is one of my family's dearest spots -- we have spent so many sweet summer days there. And then, of course, one of my very favorite and most beloved girlhood movies was set there: "Father of the Bride." The big white house from the film is located on one of Pasadena's cozy streets -- grand yet homey mansions on either side, large maple and oak trees gracing sidewalks, their big limbs and leafy branches shading it all so quaintly. Sister and I often find our way back to that street, "stalking" the movie house -- snapping photos and sometimes even playing the film's soundtrack (yep, we are that sappy and romantic at heart!) Last summer, I took Daniel (or rather, he took me on a date to) The Huntington Library, before our month spent apart in May, as a last date before a long-distance season of our dating. But, he'd never really been in the town. 

I loved leading him down the brick-lined alleys, through vine-covered old walls -- popping our heads into unique shops, cafes, pawn shops, second-hand thrift stores, and dining at an amazing Italian restaurant my parent's recommended to us. We had delicious salmon as our entree and tiramisu as our dessert (one of my man's fav's!) We tried on wedding rings at a jewelry shop and let me tell ya... I absolutely LOVED seeing that ring on his left ring finger. ALL the heart eyes. The jeweler literally laughed at me I was so starry eyed. Can't wait till he is all mine! :) We didn't buy the rings there, because they didn't quite fit but are still looking. 

We ended the evening with a movie at the iPic theater. It's one of those super fancy movie theaters -- we were very impressed! It's like an upscale restaurant/night club/fancy hotel atmosphere. Red plush velvet seats, soft throw blankets, little pillows -- separated from other movie goers in a sort of little seating area. Waiters served us from a pretty extensive menu, and popcorn + candy were complimentary. I felt like we were on a 5 star cruise! We rarely go to movies, so I think that when we do, we'll just go to those theaters. We saw "American Sniper" and y'all... I literally cried the entire movie. Absolutely amazing and moving. I literally sat there in awe of our military, thankful for the individuals who have and continue to lay their lives on the line for our safety. It took my breath away and I believe every single American needs to watch and own that film! Literally such a significant story, and was so so good. Sitting in that comfortable, safe theater, I couldn't help but look around and then compare our situation to the reality of that story on the screen... knowing full-well that the only reason my fiancĂ© and I were able to enjoy such a sweet, safe, luxurious date was due to the men and women who have protected our freedom, and for that I am unendingly grateful. 
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Sunday, March 1, 2015

As my wedding approaches (ahh!) I'm focusing on getting as healthy and as beautiful as I can be for my big day! My hair is, of course, one of the things I hope is glowing, healthy, shiny and beautiful on my wedding day. I try to mostly use natural products because they are inexpensive and I think they are most effective because they're natural and not full of harmful fragrances and chemicals. I'll be sharing some of the ways I'm getting wedding-ready here on my blog because I love helping you ladies out as much as I can and passing along ideas and things that work well for me! I'm sharing this as a post because I literally had super dry hair last week, and then used this treatment and my hair is as if it's BRAND NEW. I am not kidding. You have to try it! 

Living in Southern California, it's dry (which, I love) but the dryness can cause dry skin and hair (which I don't love!) No matter where we live, winter can take it's toll on our hair and skin, and so a little extra TLC is helpful for all of us. Since I have long hair and don't like to cut or trim it too often, and I use a lot of heating and styling products, as well as add blonde highlights to my hair, my hair can be extra-dry at times and I struggle with split ends. I've used organic coconut oil on my hair for a few years now and swear by it (I'll do a post about that soon) and yet, I wanted to more of a "mask" to help repair my split ends. I found this recipe on Pinterest and so I have to credit this blog for giving me the idea! I was a little skeptical about it at first (because of the raw egg) but tried it out and literally, it left my hair SUPER shiny, silky, and feeling luscious. The process wasn't all that glamorous, but it's honestly so worth it -- so I had to share it with you!


  • 1 large egg yolk
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil 
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil 


Brush any tangles out of hair and then use a spray bottle full of water and spritz hair to dampen or just wet your brush and run it through your hair. 

Melt coconut oil (in the microwave or on the stovetop) but don't get it too hot -- once it starts to melt, remove from heat (you don't want the hot oil cooking the egg when you mix the ingredients together!) Whisk (I just used a fork) honey, olive oil, and coconut oil together and then crack egg and add in yolk until completely mixed. Just FYI -- dealing with the raw egg can be a little sticky and gross, but it's so worth it in the end, believe me! 
Put mask in hair, and really work it through and focus on the ends especially. Put your hair up in a clip or hair tie and let this sit for 30 minutes -- at least. I left mine in my hair for 2 1/2 hours... I know -- a super long time. I got really caught up in cleaning and wedding planning (haha!) but, hey -- it worked out! 

Wash mask out in the shower using water and then when the mixture's mostly out, shampoo and then condition your hair as usual. Towel dry and air dry, if you can, to avoid heating damage.

Try it and let me know what you think! 

** Thanks again to Domestic Bliss Blog for the recipe! 

Other products I use + love and/or want: 

+ Hair Insurance by Aussie. They stopped selling for a while it at the Wal Mart I go to and I was so sad -- it's cheap + works well to keep your hair detangled and soft.

+ I love this conditioner meant for horse's hair -- used it on and off for years! 

+ This one is a root stimulator as well as a conditioner... and it's made of olive oil! I've tried it several times and loved it. 

+ Moroccan Oil is one of my favorite things for my hair. I haven't used this product, but have read MANY rave reviews on it on friend's blogs! 

+ Ok, my hair is so long and wavy that it tends to tangle up. This little brush is my lifesaver. I have one in pink and got it at Sally Beauty Supply. 

+ And then, of course, this fabulous brush is on my bucket list. 

+ This Anthropologie wavy beach hair mist looks just dreamy -- need it. Especially 'cause it's TEN BUCKS!

+ Let's be honest: who doesn't wanna bring claw clips back? And, when they're Anthro claw clips? Win-win. (My sis and I bought some the other day...) 

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Oscar night 2015 was spent with my family, eating my mom's delicious homemade lasagna, salad, and bruschetta. Daniel and I really hadn't seen many of the movies this year, but I just loved seeing the gorgeous gowns worn on the show! And was happy to see that BLUSH pink was like the color of the year -- because it's one of our wedding colors! Some of the ladies sported the shade, and pulled it off beautifully. See the gowns here

I'm so inspired by blush (because, I'm obsessed with all things pink!) -- not just for my wedding, but also for my wardrobe in general. We can incorporate blush shades into all parts of our clothing and home! 

To inspire you, I compiled all my favorite blush items this season. Isn't it lovely? (some of the items show up here in different colors, but if you click on them they come in blush/pale pink ;) 

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Monday, February 23, 2015

"I am my beloved's and He is mine." - Song of Songs 6:3

Oh, the sweetness of these words.

I need the reminder, often.

No matter what comes and goes in our lives. No matter who loves us or leaves us. No matter how we feel. No matter what we do: if we are "good" or "bad." He loves us, just the same. With the longest, highest, deepest, widest love there is.

I made this printable over the weekend as a reminder to myself and am sharing it with you. Right click the image to save it (it's a JPG) and print it, save it to your computer or phone, and remember: He loves you.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy Friday, friends! 

When I started my blog, one of the very first things I did was start a "series" of sorts called "Four Favorites" where I shared a handful of fun, inspiring things I found that week -- things in my life or links from around the Internet. Over time I forgot about it. Well, I thought it would be fun to bring it back but am changing it up a bit! So, here goes! I'll be blogging about some of my favorite things at the end of each week, curating a list that will (hopefully) inspire you in some way or another over your weekend. Enjoy! (and thank you for all the kind words about me being back. I couldn't be happier!)


This phone case makes me all kinds of swoony. 

I've been drinking coconut chai tea with raw honey every morning and adore it. 

I think I may need this top

Four ways to keep our emotions under control.

The best smelling hairspray I've ever used (my fiancĂ© loves when I wear it!) 

How to get old home videos onto the computer. (this is genius! My family has so many we want to preserve.) 

My favorite Essie nail polish

Watch this if you're having a bad day. I am honestly obsessed with this video. 

What every Target shopper needs to know

How pretty is this Anthropologie lipstick? And it's only 12 bucks! 

You NEED to remember this today. 

Ten signs you're in a toxic relationship.

I cannot stop staring at these.

There's nothing better than a pink strawberry donut. And here's a recipe so you can make one this weekend. 

The perfect lip balm for winter dryness. (I've sworn by it since Jr. High!) 

Fourteen ways to add protein to every meal easily. 

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

I'm back!

After taking some time away from my blog to focus on planning my wedding -- it's a sweet time in my life right now and I'm so grateful for all the Lord has done. Daniel and I are getting married this spring (!!) and life is a perfectly wonderful whirlwind.

Thank you, my faithful readers, for sticking with me on this journey -- even when I've been away at times. Life is beautiful and dreams do come true. I have so much to share with you. So many parts of our love story that I have not yet shared. And we will be doing that soon, in a special way I will be sharing with you soon. 

I am back to sharing my heart in this space, and -- as you can see, I have a new design!

Just to update y'all on a project I started this past summer, Graceful Magazine. I launched this dream of mine right before getting engaged...but, because I didn't know I'd be getting engaged (I thought it would be months away....Daniel tricked me ;) I started this big project and then life got....insanely busy and wedding planning started! At this time, I've decided it's not best for me to pursue the mag... as much as I wish I had endless time! But, we can't do it all -- and for me, the most important thing is to focus on my upcoming marriage and my man. Someday, I will pick it up again. But, for now, I will be here.... at this blog. This blog that has seen me through so many ups and downs, highs and lows. That has brought priceless friends into my life and given me hope when I felt hopeless. Thank you, friends. More excitement coming soon, and stories from the months I have been traveling and falling in love, wild and free. Love you all! 

* photos by

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