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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wait For Me

There's a song I know well.
It begins,

did you know that I dream about you?
Waiting for the look in your eyes when we meet for the first time. Darling,
did you know that I pray about you? Praying that you will hold on.... Keep your loving eyes only for me.
Cause I am waiting for, praying for you, Darling.
Wait for me too..."

{you can find the song on my playlist below}
It's about waiting.
(Something we girls don't really like to do. It's definitely not fun.)
Written by a beautiful girl who dreamed of her future husband, whoever he may be.
The "one" she asked God to bring into her life, at the perfect time.
The one she saved her purity for.
Her name is Rebecca & she is one of my role models.
Well over 10 years after writing and singing this song,
she married the handsome man of her dreams.
And she was a virgin.
(and so was he)
{photo via Rebecca St. James' Facebook page
edited by me}
I am still waiting for MY man.
I have worn a purity ring since I was 13.
I have prayed for him every day since then.
And I haven't met him yet.
I don't share this with you to rub it in your face. I know this is a message many people don't even want to hear. I share because it is one of the CLOSEST passions to my heart.
TLC's new show "The Virgin Diaries" has alot of people talking, and watching. Yes, I've seen the YouTube video kiss (and yes, it was awkward!) I've not watched alot of the show, and I don't know the hearts of those involved or those producing it. Yet, something about parading virginity around like it is a freak-show type novelty, a "Hoarders: Buried Alive" sort of ridiculous and weird wonder, a sampling of a small portion of society who we can all watch, mock, and laugh at.... is a sad testimony to where we are in our culture. Sad (to me) because 95% of people out there do not understand the value and beauty of purity. 

Purity is beautiful.
A gift.
In the Bible, God says:

"Honor marriage, and guard the sacredness of sexual intimacy between wife and husband.
God draws a firm line against casual and illicit sex."
{Hebrews 13:4, The Message}


"...Keep yourself pure."
{1  Timothy 5:22}

Marriage and sex are sacred. Not something to be mocked. I'm not trying to make a big deal out of this TV show, or blow it out of proportion. Sadness hit me, though, as I viewed this new show and saw many people's responses to it - joking, laughing, tearing down purity.

Making purity look like the most "un-cool", awkward, dorky thing one can embrace.
When in God's eyes, it is PRECIOUS, special, and the best way we can walk.

"Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral."
{Hebrews 13:4}

I fear The Virgin Diaries takes such a small & (shall we say) unique group of people who do have these convictions or lifestyle, which misrepresents a greater portion of us who have committed to virginity and purity. Causing people to have a narrow, misrepresented view of those who are saving sex for marriage.

What kind of message is this sending to our young people? 
Purity is a hard road, and one not without mistakes along the way. 
But our God is a God of second chances, new beginnings, fresh starts.

So what if a couple wants to save their first kiss for their wedding day? They should be applauded and encouraged! Not laughed at. Not every couple has those convictions and that's okay, I'm not saying that everyone should save their first kiss for their wedding day. But I can tell you this - I know some very normal couples who have chosen to save their first kiss for their wedding day (and everything else after that!) and they tell me - it was beautiful, sweet, special, precious, not awkward and WORTH IT. What a far cry from STDs, unwanted pregnancies, divorces, and broken relationships that can come from sex before marriage.
Thank you for taking the time to read this post, my heart.
I pray it encourages you, wherever you may be.
Half-way down the long road of waiting, struggling with
 "is it worth it? am I the only one?"
Not only is Jesus on our side, but thousands of other young people are too. (And you never know, maybe you're "Darling" is out there, standing ..waiting with you) If you are a married lady, may you encourage the young ones in your life to wait. And maybe you have some words of wisdom for us single gals... How did you know your prince charming was "the one"?

Bottom line?

Love, sex, romance, relationships, marriage, purity... a precious gift from God. Not to be mocked or made fun of, but treasured as the precious gift it is.

"Do not let anyone look down on your because you are young,
but set an example for the believers
in speech, in love, in faith and in purity."
{1 Timothy 4:12}

{1 Cor. 13:4}

and I know it will be worth the wait.

stay strong, dolls!


*photo credit: my friend, Rachel White, edited by me. Unless otherwise noted.


  1. I waited...and it was so worth it!

  2. I completely agree with every word in this post. It's a great message that I think a lot of people look down on, which is very unfortunate.

    - Katelyn

  3. this is the most beautiful post. I am so glad I happend upon your blog. My husband and I waited until we were married and it has made our marriage so much stronger. Not only that, but my self image and worth is sky high in comparison to those I know who chose not to wait. SO WORTH IT! Thank you for sharing your convictions.

  4. this is a BEAUTIFUL message. and so very true! i applaud you for being pure and being proud of it. there are not many people like you left in the world.

  5. thanks so much for your honesty, love your blog.

  6. This is a beautiful post. I unfortunately did not wait and I wish that I had. Granted, I wasn't a Christian before but I still regret that decision. I didn't really truly understand it until I was married. I applaud your conviction. Purity is a beautiful gift and I'm thankful you are saving it or your future husband. It will be SO worth it.

  7. what a lovely post girl! and trust me, i think a lot of people are saving themselves until marriage but not admitting to it because of shame. i don't know why we have to feel ashamed for saving ourselves. thank you for a great outlook and sharing your message!
    xo TJ

  8. Consider me a new follower, thanks for sharing!

  9. This is awesome dear. My husband and I are very passionate about this topic as we are heavily involved in college ministry. We were both virgins until marriage and it is very special. Stay strong!

  10. Love this post. I watched the intro to that show and also found it to be kind of mocking towards people who choose to remain pure. I love what you had to say and also feel the same way. I am waiting for the one. I actually wrote a post on this this week and linked up an amazing post from an amazing blogger! You should check it out!

    So excited to see your posts in the future!
    - nichole

  11. i can't even tell you how glad i am that you wrote this post, because I was actually thinking of writing one myself earlier today. i didn't watch the show either, but things i heard and just the way the commercial was set up made it look like it was going to be a mockery - whether tlc did that on purpose or not. and if they did do it on purpose, my heart breaks, because they have treated a variety of other different lifestyles with a great deal more respect. i felt particularly sad for the couple whose kiss is now everywhere - i know they signed up to be on this show and have that televised, but i think it's rude and unfeeling of us to dissect their first kiss and their relationship so openly.

  12. couldn't agree with this more girl! LOVE that you still have and wear your purity ring! my hubs and i were both virgins when we got married and i'm SO glad we waited. you are amazing!

  13. Amazing post!!! Girl, this is the first post I have read from you and you sound like you have a beautiful soul! Mr. right will come into your life when you least expect it.

    I completely agree with everything you say. I was a virgin as well as my husband when we got married. He was a virgin to everything.. I was his fist kiss too. For me, I had kissed others and I wish so bad that I had not done ANYTHING before meeting my husband. I am so blessed to have met someone like that!

    I think the TLC show is adorable, yes it's a little awkward and funny haha but its so meaningful too.

    Great post :) New follower!

  14. What a lucky man you will one day meet. You are beautiful, inside & out! I just found your blog & am so glad I did, it's lovely.

  15. i could not agree more sweet girl!! your boy will come when the time is right (as i know you know!)!!

    ps all these pictures are just beautiful!

  16. Hey E! =)
    I think I might do a post response in order to answer your question haha.
    Don't give up on the things dearest to your heart sweet friend. Our precious prince has placed them there for a reason. I have no doubt He is going to do wonderful things during this season in your life as we talked about before =)
    Keep being an inspiration!
    Love Love you!

    P.S. Andrew has my purity ring as his wedding ring now =)

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. It is really a blessing to read this post. I am a 17 year old who has been with her boyfriend for over two years and we are both virgins. We want to stay this way until we are married but it is really hard. It's so reassuring to know that I am not alone in wanting to remain pure. Also, I agree entirely with your views on the Virgin Diaries- it is so negative and mocking when it should be something positive.

    Say :) x

  19. I love this!!!! By God's grace and some amazing protection, I was a virgin at marriage at 29 years old. I married the most beautiful man I have ever seen/known/encountered/dreamt of and it has been amazing.
    Purity is the most beautiful thing (and it saves you a whole lot of time emotionally).
    Thanks for sharing and yes, God does have an amazing man for you.
    After my husband and I's first date I said I would have waited another 50 years just to go out on one date with a man I respected as much as him (fortunately we kept dating) :)
    xoxo, Anna N

  20. Wow! Love this post! Keeping yourself pure for your husband is amazing and worth it! I too wore a purity ring and waited till I was married. It's so sad that so many people even among Christians don't value purity. I commend you for remaining true to God's principles. I truly believe that God had us wait for many reasons. One being that you don't have baggage in your marriage relationship. I fully believe that everytime you give yourself to someone you give yourself away. Your heart. You then have less and less to give to your future spouse. I am so glad that I wanted for my husband!!!!

  21. Your comment just reminded me to tell you something! After I read this I shared it with my best friends. we go to APU and well sonetimes even a Christian school isn't the most encouraging place to be so I showed them this and they absolutely loved it! Just thought I'd let you know!


sweet friends, share your heart.

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