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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's Hip Interview

Hey y'all!

Just wanted to let you know  - I'm featured today over at Not Hip Enough To Blog! I talked about "Pursuing Purity" & am so thankful and privileged to be feature by sweet Ali on her amazing and encouraging blog :)

Check out the link:  {HERE}





  1. Great interview Erin! Absolutely agree with you on all points. We often fail to realize all the things we are told about God's plan for sex really is true. It really does create an emotional tie between two people-it's purpose, but outside of marriage that can bring such heartache & destruction. I can't even count on one hand the couples that I knew in my youth group growing up & friends even now (or myself) that has not suffered any consequences from not waiting. The majority of those couples are not together anymore or in struggling marriages. God has reason for his plan! We often try to brush it off like it's not a big deal. In retrospect I can see that now. The emotional hurt is real. The guilt you feel is real. Thank God for his grace & healing! I honestly wonder how girls who don't know Him make it through that struggle. It breaks my heart. He really can make us new when where we fail. I am so thankful for becoming new in Him despite my past and the freedom to start a fresh commitment. Thank you for such an encouraging post!


  2. Great interview Erin! I love your heart of purity. Such an important thing for people to hear about!

  3. So happy you found my blog & left some comment love ;)


  4. yay! heading on over there now...


  5. love that you wear a purity too! my dad and momma took me out for a special dinner to applebee's on my 10th birthday and gave me mine. it was such a sweet night that i will remember for a long time (:

    beautiful interveiw, erin. looks like it brought some thought provoking discussions from the readers.

  6. such a cute blog... im off to read your interview!

  7. You are beautiful girly!

  8. Aren't you adorable! A girl after my own heart, sweat tea and ya'll. Love Love! Thank you for stopping by. I am following now and can't wait to follow your journey. Hugs!

  9. Great post. Your blog is so cute!

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