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Saturday, February 18, 2012

half-full. (and lot more than 4 favorites)

 I went on a little adventure this week. I love day-adventures. And I love where I live - just a short drive away from snowy mountains. A quick journey away from sandy beaches. My mom and I had some things to do in the city, so we ventured through a rainstorm to the middle of Los Angeles.

The lovely Grove was almost empty...Southern Californians don't really know what to do with inclement weather. We were surrounded by somber shoppers, arms laden with big bags from high-end shops that never, ever have sales. But we happily meandered under the trees and by the big fountain, arms free of any bags, our boots splashing through puddles on the shiny street. enjoying being out. Being together. Laughing at simple things. Admiring beautiful things. Loving our little, simple un-extravagant adventure.

I want to have a big, beautiful fabulous life. But as I get older, I am amazed at how "big, beautiful and fabulous" does not translate into designer clothes or fancy dinners. I am finding "big, beautiful and fabulous" in the little things. In splashing around on a slick rainy street laughing under a wide-brimmed umbrella. Exploring a colorful farmer's market. Enjoying summer-like sunlight in February. Sending a real, hand-written letter. Sipping steamy coffee from a ceramic mug with an old friend.

And as I get older, I realize that I would rather be wise than rich. I'd rather be happy than wealthy. And I'd rather really know the Lord than be known by the world. I'd rather have a simple, beautiful life than a rich, flashy one. I sure do like pretty things just as much as the next girl. But do we really need closets full of every shade of Jimmy Choo shoes or 3 different Birkin bags? Does this really make us happy?

I'm learning, happiness is in taking the imperfect and making it beautiful. The unexpected and turning it into something good. The unanticipated, the Plan B's, and making them something sweet.

It is in taking the simple things and making them grand. Looking at the glass and seeing it as half-full, not half-empty.

And when I looked at mine this week, it was half-full. Beautifully half-full... with simple things. And love.

Speaking of love...I am loving all these simple things... (oh and for my Friday 4 Favorites? Forget it - there were way more than four favorite things this week)

i love...finding a farmer's still my heart.

i love...vibrant colors on a dreary, drizzly day.

i love..."gilmore gas station". it was old. and charming.

i love...literally stumbling onto interview sets and meeting random Harlem Globetrotters. (yeah, not gonna lie - definitely didn't know who he was. i'm more of an NFL girl. but hey - "Big Easy" was super nice and now i know all about the globetrotters.)

i love...vintage signs hanging above random old-fashioned stores selling miniature porcelain dog statues and hard candy.

i love my mama. and colorful tropical flowers unexpectedly popping up their sunny heads in a rainstorm.

i love sea birds who bravely fly even in the blessed rain.

i love blue skies after rain. dark, heavy clouds replaced by sunny streams of light and fluffy white pillows against the blue.

i love... my new favorite drink - ocean spray cranberry juice, sparkling...way better than soda.

i love... slipping outside, sitting down on the porch steps and drinking in the glorious, warm sunshine.

i realize jenn's eyes look a little posessed in this picture..thanks to the light and editing. ahhhh a little scary!

i love...meeting up with old friends who are more like family. the kind you ask, " long have we known each other?" and she replies, "a long time..." 13 years i've known this sweet one. she's a gem with a beautiful heart and wisdom far beyond her years.

i love... being a free spirit.

i love... my new valentines kiss mug because it is so me. and little billows of steam from mugs of tea make me so insanely happy.

i love....the color red. because (just as a certain elle woods said) "red. it's the color of confidence." yes ma'm.

i in the form of spendid little delights. i think they'll find their home in a strawberry pie.

i love...finding little inspirations in tiny boutiques.

and i love...that this is true for you and me -

{Jesus said}

"...i tell you -
do not worry about your life;
what you will eat or drink or about your body, what you will wear.
look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns,
yet your heavenly father feeds them.
are you not much more valuable than they?
can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?"
-matthew 6:25-27

if you look at it right, life is beautiful.
go drink that half-full glass til it's dry.
find as many favorite things as you can.

and love, love, love... til it hurts.

happy weekend!




Friday Saturday iPhone Photo Drop

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ps - I'm so sorry if you had tried to leave a comment since I posted - I'd accidentally hit the "disable comments" button when I posted :(  sorry about that, loves! XO


  1. I don't even know where to begin!! I love all your beautiful pictures! Especially the free spirit shirt....I LOVE it and I want one so bad!!!

    Btw, I'm absolutely in love with your blog and everything you stand for. I read your section on purity & waiting and it made me SO happy. I wanted to make sure I encourage you since so many girls probably don't. My husband & I waited and it was absolutely worth it! It makes me so happy to see other girls do the same and save themselves. I could go on and on but I'll save it for another time. Can't wait to read more!


  2. I adore this post!!!!! Seriously, girl! You have such a beautiful & rare heart! I have learned so much from you & look forward to more posts like this! Beautiful pictures, too!

  3. i love it! i love all your self realizations. It's so easy to get caught up in the celeb/superficiality of the new it thing. I love your fabulousity!

  4. I am on overload of cuteness! :) You just make my heart happy! I want a beautiful life like the one you described too. Society has "beautiful" so's good to know what really makes life beautiful! :) You show so much poise, class, and's amazing! Just like you my twin! :)

  5. just found your blog, you are such a wonderful writer. i feel the same way as i've gotten older - i just want to have a happy, full life. i don't need everything in my closet to be j crew to be happy! thanks for the reminder :)

  6. very inspiring blog! thanks for checking mine out! seems our blogs have something in common - a lot of stuff about Jesus haha! I look forward to reading more!! and thank you for the compliment. I got married in Sept. of 2011. actually - there is a post called "Wedding Day" with some more pictures ..if you wanted to look at those! thanks for following! :)

  7. yay for meeting famous basketball players! yay for days spent with the mom! yay for sparkling cranberry juice! yay for the color RED! and yay for long-time friends...because she is very blessed to have you as a friend! :)

    btw, i snatched your button and put it on my blog...;D be blessed, erin.

  8. I adore this little collage! So cute! And your headband-LOVES IT! Xo Lori

  9. I love this post and your perspective - totally where I'm at too! And I love that you mentioned that it's the Plan B that is the more beautiful life. It's funny, because this life as we know it was God's Plan B - his plan was for us to live in Eden, but then we screwed it up, and he said "okay, have your way". And now he is redeeming all things back to himself, and to that place of Eden that we all so deeply long to get home to. Plan B, in all of it's screwed-upness, really is a beautiful thing. Especially because we have a God who loves us so deeply, that he lets us go away, lets us choose whether we want to follow him or not. He is such a loving God!

  10. sending hugs your way today!! xoxo

  11. Ahhh... I always liked going to the Farmer's Market when I lived in SoCal. Those strawberries look absolutely amazing, i'm jealous! And also a very good post about embracing the here and now. I'm definitely learning to embrace the Plan B's of life. :) Hugs and happy Monday!

  12. Such an awesome post :) I love the old fashioned gas station and all your photos :) Thankyou for reminding me to look at all the little, beautiful things which are already in my life instead of coveting what others have!

    Say :)

  13. Sounds like a fabulous day! Beautiful photos!

  14. you are too cute! that farmers market would make me pass out. just amazing.

  15. you are a breath of fresh air, my dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love these pics! i miss the grove so much. i recognize that guy from being on "the amazing race"-- he's so tall!!

    have a great night!! <3

  16. You are gorgeous and such a cheerful person :) Love this post!

  17. looks like it was an awesome day :)

  18. I love the pictures in this post! Beautiful! And yay for day adventures! :)

  19. great post!! I think I need to move the coast...the mid-west have crazy weather! looks like a fun day : )

  20. oh goodness, all of these images are all so perfect!
    love that valentine's kiss mug!
    and that image of you in the sunlight is so beautiful!
    xo TJ

  21. i love these pictures! especially the two with the sun shining! beautiful and I want to be there!


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