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Saturday, February 4, 2012

peaches and cream (& 4 favorites)

  When you come to the end of one heck of a week, and you're still in a funk, what's a girl to do? Throw on a summery dress, put a braid in my hair, brew a cup of sweet strawberry tea, sit in the sun and paint my nails bright red ...all for no reason at all. Just because it's Saturday and I have nowhere to go. 

 This past week was sweet, ordinary, and flavored with lessons learned about the fragility of life. When the ordinary monotony of a Friday afternoon coffee date meets the heart-pounding realization that all I hold onto and take for granted could be taken away in a moment. When you're sitting around a high wooden table at a coffee shop talking about nothing in particular at 3pm, and then at 5pm your phone rings and the person you just shared lattes and laughs with says,"I've been in a car accident...but I'm okay." One cannot help but be hit with the realities of life. 

  After rushing to the scene of a car accident (finding that everyone was okay - thank the Lord) I drove home last night watching the sunset taking a bow behind rolling hills while the cresent moon began his night shift, climbing up into the evening sky...and I remembered something. One sunday at church when I was a teenager, a sweet lady from our congregation that I barely knew took me aside, tears filling her eyes and she said this:

"Erin, I was praying for you this week.
And I felt the Lord put on my heart to tell you this -
your life will not always be peaches and cream,
but He will always be with you.
And He will always love you."
 And yes, she was right. Our lives are not always perfect, peachy and sunny. But He is always here and He is always with us. He always loves you and me.
And that, my oh so simple and beautiful.

And in my never ending quest for the fullest, most beautiful life possible, I am realizing that life is messy and scary and amazing. And we have to bravely wrap our arms around all of it.
  Embracing the hard and the good and the sweet, trusting God in His plan and loving the people around us even when it hurts. Drinking in the amazing moments and taking the bitter sips of life one by one with strength and faith, knowing we have hope in Jesus.

....and I wrapped my arms around my favorite things this week and drank the sweetness:

{tea for two with my mama}

{dinner over a surfing picture-covered table}

{my newly blonde sistah}

the always-brunette little sister decided blondes really do have more fun this week!
and of course, this called for an impromtu photoshoot.
now we are both fair-haired and loving it.

{a sister's night out and an empty theater}

where we could laugh as loud and talk as much as we wanted.

Can't forget this.... even though it's a day late -

Friday iPhone Photo Drop

{from instagram, to follow search: erin_sweetnessitself}

Embrace your life. The peaches, the cream and the not-so-sweet too.
It makes us who we are.
And God is always there
and always loves you.
And if you need to - throw on a flowered dress and braid your hair.
It just might help.



"My soul finds rest in God alone.
My salvation comes from Him.
He alone is my mountain and my salvation."

-Psalm 62:1-2

ps- happy superbowl weekend!!


  1. Love this post :) It's so true! Such a great reminder!
    & that outfit is soooo adorable :)
    You are gorgeous!

  2. Very cute blog! I love it :) xo

  3. precious pics, and beautiful words Erin!

  4. What a perfect reminder of how wonderful yet fragile this life is!
    You are gorgeous, Erin! And I LOVE your outfit. So so cute :)

  5. Lovely pictures, and a lovely message!
    Thanks for this post, Erin. <3

  6. Thanks, sweetheart. I needed this! I'm a dreamer... not always very good at embracing and delving into life as it RIGHT NOW.

  7. Thanks, sweetheart. I needed this! I'm a dreamer... not always very good at embracing and delving into life as it RIGHT NOW.

  8. Such a great message. Life is oh so fragile and I think we forget that. You look so beautiful in all your pictures and yay blondes have another one on our team! Love her hair!

  9. Wow, how scary! I'm glad your friend was ok!

  10. Amazing post and I think it's so awesome when God speaks to you through other people :)

    I wish it was warm enough to wear a summer dress here, it's just started snowing!

    Say :)

  11. I keep reading "My soul finds rest in God alone" over and over. What a great truth.

  12. Okay, this post is so awesome! You really are an amazing writer, and very encouraging! :] you and your sister are gorgg anddd that outfit youre wearing is so adorable!

  13. You have such inspiring posts. I love reading your blog...and those flowers. I just looked at my husband and said we must plant these. Hugs!

  14. What a great reminder! :-)
    You are too pretty my dear heheh

  15. Love this. I feel like my life is mostly NOT peaches-n-cream and I've come to terms with that knowing that God is bringing us through these difficult roads to lead us closer to Him and to help us grow. I don't know how people can get through life without God, honestly. Must be pretty lonely and hopeless.

    P.S. I spy...The Hunger Games trailer? :)

  16. I love it. I wish it was warm enough here to throw on summery clothes. I'm sure in the mood! Funky moods are not helped by the addition of winter blues. I very much relate to your post, and have thought similar things this past week. I really hope you will read my post tomorrow (Monday). It's full of things that have given me encouragement this week while I have been in a similar funk. :) The tea sounds lovely... a tea party would be fun, wouldn't it? :) And you look adorable. Have a good Sunday girl!

  17. Great post!! I always find it so hard to turn to God in days where everything goes from peaches and cream to being in a straight up funk. Those are the days where I try to look past my funk, trust in the Lord and start COUNTING my blessings!

    I'm glad that everyone was safe in the car accident. You look beautiful in all your pictures :)

    Happy Superbowl Sunday ;)

  18. great post! super cute outfit, i can't believe you are barefoot right now...i'd kill to be outside barefoot, but not in this WI weather. :(

  19. Your outfit is SO adorable!!

  20. Thank you for stopping by my blog. You are just the sweetest! Looking forward to reading your blog too! :)

    Lauren Rebecca

  21. Life is not always peaches and cream is such a beautiful & true analogy! I love the outfit, you are such an adorable girl! I've been lurking your blog for a bit and you seem like such a honest, spirit filled person! I love your post on purity, so true in today's world that even for Christians "waiting" seems ridiculous but it is really so important.Excited to keep following your posts :)

    Allie Ruth Morris


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