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Thursday, March 8, 2012

little things like mini pies, back roads, and sunshine.

I love starting off a week in a celebratory way. Last weekend was full of celebrating alongside a friend smitten with the new excitement of being a bride. I happily enjoyed several days of wedding planning, setting up, dancing, and tearing down - sentimental smiles and tearful goodbyes, and finally collapsing onto my bed for an early night to end it all. But the happiness quotient was taken down a few notches when I woke up the next morning with an awful cold that left me shivering under down blankets and took my voice, leaving me with laryngitis and the ability to speak no louder than a whisper.  

And it lasted all week looooong. I've just been a hot mess of tissues, I Love Lucy re-runs, hot tea and honey, hot soup, and Gilmore Girls episodes.

Sick days can be kinda relaxing (besides the sick part). But 4 days into it the "fun" really wears off, and when I felt as though I actually began living in Star's Hollow, running the Dragon Fly Inn and on-and-off dating Luke Danes, I knew it was time to get out and get some sunshine, regardless of how sick I still feel.

So I got in the car with my mom and took off with a GPS down a country road.

My mission for the day? Find an antique store.

But not without some road-trip worthy snacks from the old Papa's Country Market, of course. 'Cause we know how to do up a dirt road day right.

 By drinking in some much-needed warm sunshine along the way...

And drinking in the sight of other happy things. Like bright red picket fences.

Taking a moment to stop by the lake we've driven by for years and never take time to appreciate....

After miles of driving down winding back roads of broken pavement, my scratchy voice directing my ever so patient mom at the wheel - "Drive 0.2 miles then veer to the right... no the left...okay, actually make a u-turn" that led to a final announcement of: "Destination will be on right". All the while, my mind conjuring up glorious images of dark wood siding and old rocking chairs non-chalantly sitting on the wrap around porch of the aged establishment. Inside, oh the treasures we would find! The vintage postcards, the perfect milk glass, charming faded quilts. And then, I would stumble ever so happily on the desk I've been searching for and dreaming of refinishing.

The dreamy picture of the long-awaited antique mansion was alive and well in my wild imagination when we turned into a dirt lot to see this -

 "Dude. Seriously?!" we laughed. I leaned out the car window and squinted to read a note on their door in chicken-scratch handwriting scribbled on lined paper that read,

"Closed due to sickness, will probably open tomorrow, sorry."

Oh, I get that, friend - right there with ya.
It's really goin' around.
We drove away laughing at the anticipation that fell flat - those boarded up doors and windows? May have been best we didn't venture into that one...may not have gotten out.

Our slight disappointment soon melted into sheer happiness when this little gem was discovered, purchased, photographed and eaten. A mini cherry pie along with my latte? Why yes, don't mind if I do. 'Cause right there along with all vintage old-fashinedy things that make me happy? Mini things. Especially mini food. Pure deliciousness, I tell you.

Go to Starbucks and ask for a mini cherry pie. Seriously, go tomorrow. You won't regret it!

And finally - it was found and it was conquered.

The vintage chef  is at it again!

'Scuse me while i do some ironin'.

And, I even got my pretty old-fashioned quilt and vintage postcard fix. Booyah.

And the afternoon was capped off perfectly by seeing this little windmill on our way home.

Oh, the simple things.

My grandma recently told me something one of her oldest girl friends shared with her.

"When you're going through a hard time, stay positive. Keep up faith. Keep saying 'it's going to work out in the end, it's going to be okay' Even when it doesn't feel like it and it doesn't make any sense. Keep having faith."

I don't know what you, my dear friends are going through tonight.
Maybe your week is stuck in a slump. Maybe a relationship gone sour. A bank account too-often overdrawn. A job you despise. A love life on the decline. Or perhaps health challenges far greater than my little cold. Whatever you are walking through tonight - keep your faith, love. Keep it strong.

And don't forget to enjoy the small, sometimes tiny, simple little things in life. Like a mini pie or a mini roadtrip. A new lip gloss, your baby's smile. A vintage quilt you don't even buy but are satisfied to just stop and admire. Or that lake you pass every day on the road but never stop to look at.

Keep your faith. Keep your chin up. It's going to be okay in the end. Yeah it may be all Niquil and TV show re-runs right now... or much, much worse perhaps. But stay strong, keep your chin up - it's going to be okay in the end.

And until then - stop and eat a mini pie. And look for any and all those little happies you can find.

happy friday with a cherry on top!


"May the God of hope fill you
with all joy
and peace
as you trust in Him
so that you may overflow
with hope
by the power
 of the Holy Spirit."

-Romans 15:13


  1. Your ability to find beauty in your surroundings is admirable. I LOVE that about you and your blog! <3

  2. Hope you are feeling better :) I love watching gillmore girls.. and oh my that turqoise color of the antique shop is so adorable!



  3. Have just found your blog and I'm loving having a read. I adore Gilmore girls is a little hard to find over here in the uk however which sucks. X

  4. I hope you're feeling better! I had a cold all of last week too, and I definitely agree that the novelty wears off mighty quickly after a few days!

    I'm glad you finally found an antique store, and a cherry pie, which looks way too cute to take a bite out of! :)

  5. so sorry to hear that you were sick, erin. ;( but, yay for a trip with the mom! and to finding the amazing antigue store....:) love you girlie.


  6. Aww I love you girl!! =)
    Your positive attitude is inspiring!
    And that antique store had me CRACKING up!!! That is awesome!!! =)
    Much Love,

  7. This made my WHOLE day. And it's only 7:05. :) Man.... you just know how to make a girl smile & feel GREAT! :) I'm sorry you had a cold for so long!!!!! I woke up yesterday with a nasty cold.. :/ Throat is still aching. BUT.... I did venture into my favorite little vintage shop yesterday & did JUST what you said. I stopped & admired a perfect little quilt that I didn't even buy. :) Made me smile though. Thanks for sharing this, lovely girl! I seriously love your heart!

  8. i'm sorry you weren't feeling well buti'm glad you still found a way to have fun and adventure.

  9. I love sour gummis, and I love Lucy too!!<3

  10. I've loved keeping up with your instagrams, can't get over how precious that mini pie is!! There's nothing like a little adventure to brighten your spirits--I hope you're feeling better! :)

  11. Hope you're feeling much better now! Love your sweet, positive attitude- especially the quote from your grandma!

  12. Oh Erin, I love this so much! It sounds like you had an amazing day despite the turnaround. You are so inspiring! I hope you feel better now! :)

  13. Hahah that's so funny about your not so legit antique shop :-)

    Mini pies at sbux?! Nice!

    Feel better sweetie, and thanks for the encouraging words. I have had a rough couple days. But God is so faithful and I always remind myself he won't give me more than I can handle.

    P.s. was it so bad living in stars hollow this week?! Hah

  14. I'm hope you're feeling SO much better :)

    I have to tell you - I can't help but smile when I read your posts.
    You're so positive and it's contagious! Keep being you, girl!

    Happy Friday - enjoy it!

  15. It is about the simple things!!
    Antiquing can be so much fun.

    P.S. I LOVE Lucy;)

  16. Oh friend... we are just two peas in a pod. I loved this post and I needed it today. It cheered me a little and today, I do need a little cheering. I hope you're feeling better! Everyone has been getting it lately, and I had it for like a month. hugs and happy weekend.

  17. I'm so happy that I stumbled upon your blog. I love it! You have such a sweet spirit.


  18. your pictures are so inspirational! I love your style :)

  19. Cool pictures! Awesome post :) I love the lake one! Hope you are feeling better!

  20. what a wonderful wonderful day.

  21. love that you found vintage postcards! i collect postcards and always look for some good ones at antique stores :)

  22. I have to comment on the most random thing - your corn nuts photo. My dad works for Kraft, which manufactures Corn nuts, and I think I had 3 packs a day for a whole year. Now I can't even look at them, even though they are so good! See, random comment :)

  23. Nice blog. Lovely post. You may have seen this quote about the little things.. but just in case.

  24. This post is inspirational. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I love your pics, and I wish I could have a sick day adventure just the same. Hope you're feeling better and enjoying the hope of Spring!

  25. i love antiquing! and corn nuts...oh my i used to pound those!!!

  26. so you see, i've never wanted to grow up. but to go on spontaneous roadtrips wearing cool shoes and taking a camera and a map and yummy lollies? well, it sounds like life. not growing up. because i was thinking the other day... if we live every day as Today... tomorrow will never even arrive.

  27. Sometimes getting sick is God's way of asking for an audience of one! Take advantage of it! Feel better soon!

  28. You have such a beautiful blog! THanks for stopping by mine so now I know about yours!
    I LOOOVE me some antique shopping and usually can spend hours just browsing around.
    P.s. I'm dying for a cherry pie now:)

  29. hope you are feeling better and glad you got some thrifting in! looks like fun :) xo

  30. Hope you are feeling better this week! I've been there, and had an overwhelming emotions come out! It is good that you are findin the positive in all of it though. x

  31. Love Lucy! Plus, I was Lucy was never just a title too. Great post too. You said it; couldn't have said it better myself.

    P.S.--I Love Lucy is the best medicine for all situations. Owning I Love Lucy the complete series was one of the best investments I've ever made :)


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