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Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring Fling Swap Day!

  Sooo... today is the day!! (wow, this was one exciting week at SI! And by SI, I mean Sweetness Itself,  not Sports Illustrated...although, it may have been an exciting week for them too, who knows, ha!) The Spring Fling Swap Day! I am so thankful L had the idea to put together the Spring Fling Swap. It's been such a sweet blessing to see some of you ladies meet new friends and bond over mutual interests and love for Jesus.

   My swap partner was L, my co-host - who blogs over at All Glorious Within And happily,  I  received her precious package, full of love and thoughtfulness!

if ya gotta cover up the addresses, might as well have fun with it...

And L, you'll notice that I am wearing the ring that came in the a little excited & forgot to take pics as I was opening the box!
(this was taken after opening ;)

opening my encouraging card

I just loved everything she sent! So sweet.

I laid it all out on my bed and took a picture to show you all what she sent,
and then I was like, "Wait, something's missing...."

Oh DUH, it's the headband I'm wearing.
I got so excited about it, I put it on and then couldn't find it. Yeah...that happened.
But isn't it cute?

the lovely gifts:

1. Beautiful print for my Wall of Inspiration, that L took herself! Impressed.
2. Flip flops from Aeropostale - totes adorbs. (Waiit.. did I just say "totes adorbs"? I am losing it...) And the best thing about them? They're pink!
3. A lovely necklace .... it's just so elegant!
4. My much-loved headband. (handmade by L,, she's creative)
5. 2 gorgeous bracelets (again, handmade by L - out of PAPER. Yes, paper. Amazing.)
6. You can't really see it 'cause it's teeny-tiny in the picture, but it is a take-my-breath-away-it's-so-pretty rose ring.
7. Very sweet card!
8. Beautiful (and pink, of course) camera bag - and who made it, you ask? Oh L did. She's a one-woman wonder, I tell ya!)
Me just loving my sandals.

(Oh, and you may notice the gigantic white heart I strategically placed over my entire midriff that peeped out for this pic. Didn't wanna flash y'all...'cause of course, modest is hottest, right? ;) But...on another note - who wears pink and purple at the same time, when they're not 12? Gotta be honest - me. But just around the house, FYI...)

  Girlies, thank you to all who participated in the swap! Go link up below, because I am SO excited to read all your posts and see every little thing ya got.

And for those who didn't - I don't want you to feel left out! So, go enter my giveaway because then you just might be getting more than a couple AMAZING boxes of loot too!

  I pray that at the end of this swap, you have found yourself not only with a new pair of summer sandals and some fun treats, but with a new friend and sister! That was the goal of the swap - encouragement. 'Cause we all need it, right? I know I do. And for you dear gals who live outside the US, I apologize that we weren't able to include you this time :( But hopefully next time.....yeah, there may be a next time! Thanks for being a part :)

Love and hugs to you all.

Happy Friday!



PS - more love from me coming atcha this weekend.



  1. I TOTALLY entered your giveaway!! :D

  2. LOVING all of the jewelry! L is such a talent! Thank you for hosting Erin :)

  3. Aww look at all those handmade goodies! L did a great job picking out (and creating) pretties! SO glad to know you both and thank you for hosting this swap!!

  4. Super, super cute + sweet :) !!!

  5. i am SO sad! i got married on the 30th of March, and spent the next month with my husband in Washington state... when i got back to MA, i came home to my wonderful package from my swap partner... it was so amazing and generous, and the next day i moved out to live with my dad while my husband is deployed and amongst all the unpacking and organizing i seem to have lost my package (i was keeping everything together for this post)... i have been looking for it for 5 days now and NOTHING. it's like it got legs and ran away :( so sad. but thankful that i received it and loved my swap partner!

  6. awww, what a fun idea. i love mail! =)
    so, i linked up the the blog hop. and on accident i titled it C instead of Crazy Beautiful. is there anyway to change it? duh, sorry!! =(
    its number 7.

  7. im such a nerd. i just realized this blog hop was for the spring flingers. i feel dumb. lol

  8. You're cracking me up with the strategically-placed digital stickers! My mom had to do that to a few pics in the family photo albums where my sister and I were sitting in a somewhat unladylike position. HAHA!

    Love your pinkalicious package from L! It's so fun seeing how each person really thought about the package and filled it with goodies perfect for the recipient!
    xo Alanna

  9. This is so fun!! Wish I would have known about it. I hope you do something like this again! I definitely want to participate :) xo!

  10. I'm SO glad you liked all of it =) =) =)
    HAHAHA totally cracking up at your stickers....I love the moustache one ;) =P
    You are TOO sweet & am SO glad to have hosted this with you!! Was SO much fun!!
    Love you girl!

  11. Oh my gosh super jealous, you got so many pretty things! lovelovelove

  12. What an awesome package! I love the moustache blocking out your address, and how funny that you forgot to take a photo of the headband you were wearing! :P

  13. Okay, you are too funny, and I just love you. (For more reasons than that you're funny, obvs. <-- also losing my mind.)

    I love that you and L both sent each other headbands. And I can't believe she made those bracelets out of paper!

  14. hope there is a next time!!!! I'd love to participate!

  15. This was fun and exciting! Thanks for the opportunity to do this, gals :) <3


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