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Monday, June 25, 2012

sweetness style: June.

 first off - remember, this is Ablaze series week! Please go read Annie's post on singleness from Monday. And Nicole's post Tuesday on dating. I'll be back Wednesday dishing on my tips for staying strong in Christ while enduring a heartbreaking end to a relationship. You really don't wanna miss these posts!


        Oh, summertime. Warm weather is hands-down the best. One of my favorite things about summer is the clothes. I love the laid-back feel of summer and I love me some summer fashion. Cute lil' dresses, skirts, sandals and tank tops are my favorite clothes to slip into - and let's face it, summertime attire is just way easier and simpler than cold-weather outfits. And while we all gotta love our Burberry scarves and leather boots, come springtime - I'm always happy to ditch thick socks, fleece coats and scarves for lighter, breezy outfits. And since fashion is really one of my favorite hobbies (umm does it count as a hobby? It does in my book!) So, girls - go pour yourself a glass of sweet iced tea, get comfy, & maybe even turn on one of my favorite summery songs (this one... this one) to get you in the mood - 'cause I got some summer style to share with ya! 

      My sweet friend Kelsea kindly agreed to be my model for this first Sweetness Itself blog fashion shoot. I asked her to put together some outfits and boy did she deliver! Besides being one of my best life-long friends (she might as well be our sister) Kelsea is one stylish girl. She is also simply amazing, such a faithful friend, a godly example of a girl who loves Jesus, and someone I've learned so much from. She heads off to college this fall - the same school I graduated from - the one she dreamed of going to when visiting me in the dorm. I'm super proud of her. Plus, isn't she gorgeous?! (Oh and please ignore the fact that I'm totally not looking at the camera in this pic...whaaaaat?!) 
     For each of the 3 outfit sets, I included "outfit stats" so you can run out and buy yourself one of the little numbers you just love seeing on Kelsea! Because we chose not to include accessories in this shoot, I threw together a little accessory idea board for each of the outfits - I included some ridiculously expensive, top label brands just to inspire us - so we can do my favorite thing: find the knock off versions for a fraction of the cost. Stylish and designer yet still cheap. 'Cause, let's face it - who wants to spend $1,000 on a watermelon-colored bag that's in this season and out the next? Cheap yet classy shopping is the name of my game. Score, right?! Enjoy some of my favorite summer looks for June!

Outfit #1: 

{stats: bracelet: Aldo earrings: Kenneth Cole New York Era Necklace: J.Crew Bubble}

Outfit #2: 

{stats: bag: balenciaga. necklace: kate spade. earrings: kenneth jay lane. hat:}

Outfit #3: 

{stats: necklace: barney's NYC. ring: sydney evan. pashmina: sunglasses: ray bans}

   Are you inspired yet??       

      The only unfortunate part of the fab photoshoot was one little mis-step I made. Just for fun, I decided to wear some fake eyelashes just 'cause I was feeling cool. The lashes, by the way, they cost a mere $1!!!! Who could resist?
        After a day of shooting, I carefully removed the right lash with the instructed warm wet washcloth. But, apparently, removing the left lash the proper way was just too darn hard, so instead of following the directions, I decided to just go "cold turkey" and go ahead and tear that bad boy right off. Can't hurt, right? Um... WRONG! I've spent the past four days in serious pain - with a completely swollen left eye. That's where vanity and impatience gets ya, girls, ha! 
   Me, after removing said eyelash: 
I realize this picture makes me look like a complete idiot - I did say left eye.
Mirror image picture here :)

Moral of that story: carefully remove your false eyelashes!!

     Battle wounds aside - I hope y'all were inspired to spruce up your summer wardrobes! Thanks again to my sweet model for a fabulous shoot and for letting us copy her outfits :) 

        And seriously, ladies - pray for me little eye please? Some of you Instagram-ers prayed so faithfully last night & I've seen (no pun intended) a huge improvement! (The Lord answers prayer!!) And any advice you'd like to share on ridiculous, totally silly, who does this happen to but me?!?! false eyelash injuries like mine would be greatly appreciated. 

Hugs, loves!

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*style boards made using Polyvore.

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  1. Thanks for all the fashion examples. I love the middle one the best and need to find myself a maxi skirt.

    Silver from A Silver Snapshot

  2. all of those were so cute! love the first outfit the best though. i hope your eye starts feeling back to normal soon.

  3. I looove that striped skirt! Cute pictures. Ouch, on the eye! Sounds like something I would totally do! :)

  4. such cute outfits and what great target finds! gotta love target!!

  5. Love these outfits, love your photography...and oh my goodness, so praying for that eye of yours. Seriously not fun <3 Remember how beautiful you are though ;) are :) Swollen eye and all <3

  6. I love that striped skirt! It's so cute. I want one now. Ha! Thanks for sharing these cute outfit ideas.

  7. I love outfit #1 :)
    It is the ultimate summer outfit...yellow and all!

    Praying for your eye sweet girl! I hope it's recovering quick, quick, quick!


  8. Cute ideas! So sorry to hear about your falsie fiasco, though! Ice and rest? love you girl!


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