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Tuesday, July 24, 2012



    Happy Tuesday, sweet readers!

      I have some exciting news for you today  - I have chosen to open up sponsorship opportunities for you wonderful bloggers, shop owners, and small businesses to advertise to my wonderful readers! Sweetness Itself has grown significantly since it's launch at the end of 2011, and I've just been amazed at the community of bloggers and readers I've had the privilege of connecting with. Now, sweet friends, I want to connect you and introduce you to my other awesome readers and followers! I am offering some amazing, reasonable rates and package deals for you...starting today! Thank you for your interest. Check it out: 

---> You can start TODAY! Or anytime you're ready.
---> Ads run for 30 days.
---> Don't have a button? No worries! I'll make one for you for $5. 
---> I am excited to be using Passion Fruit ads! Such an easy way to sponsor. See below.
--->Questions? Email me:


--As of 7/23/12--

 Pageviews last month: 10,500+
Google Friend Connect Followers: 585+
Twitter: 579+
Instagram: 522+
Pinterest: 470+
Hello Cotton: 108+
 {featured on Lifestyle blogs of the day in June 2012}
Facebook: 140+
{posts are also shared with my 950+ personal Facebook friends}
//Bloglovin' - #15 of 248 in the Christian blog category//



            --->the sweetest one of all! 
            ---> special interview feature post! 
            ---> giveaway option!
            ---> weekly social media shout-outs 
            ---> special social media shout-outs! Have    
              something special on your blog/shop this    
              month? We'll talk about fun ways I can
              support you (example: product reviews,      giveaways, etc.)                        
Ad will run for 30 days.
5 available, 5 shown at a time.


         ---> Pretty sweet deal! 
         ---> Group giveaway option. One social media
         ---> Featured mini-interview post.
Ad runs for 30 days. 8 available, 5 shown at a time.


Ad runs for 30 days. 8 available, 4 shown at a time.

Just a spoonful of sugar...

        ---> 2 available!
        ---> use promo code "Sweetness" at checkout. 
        ---> must also add my button on your sidebar.
        ---> runs for 30 days. 


  1. Am I missing the passion fruit link?

  2. Would love to swap but don't see a link to 'buy'.


  3. I can't find the link, either!

  4. Look at those stats, girl! Congrats!!! :)



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