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Sunday, July 22, 2012

under His wings.

     In light of the events in our country this past week, I'm sure I am not alone in feeling heavy-hearted and sobered. My prayers and thoughts are with those in Aurora, Colorado. I'd just like to share with you, my dear readers, a few words of hope and a reminder of encouragement to hold onto in the midst of feelings of uncertainty, sadness, confusion and even fear.

"He will shield you with His wings.
He will shelter you with His feathers.
His faithful promises are your armor and protection."

-Psalm 91:4

     A precious blog post was written by a woman who experienced the terror on Friday. Read it here if you haven't read it already. I actually saw the author interviewed on CNN tonight and she said, "Evil is in the world but love and kindness will always win out." Amen.

Goodnight, dear ones.
Embrace this beautiful, fragile, wild and precious life.
And rest fearlessly...under the safety of God's wings.



  1. thanks for the great reminder :) also! how do you get the slideshow of instagram pics on your side? :) LOVE YA, friend!

  2. I read that woman's post today and I appreciated how truly honest she was. Even to those who called her out on selfishness! (Did you hear about the man who left his family in the theater and drove away?? Sad.)


  3. i do believe that kindness will always win.

  4. Thanks for this, Erin. :)Thanks for reminding us that we should have no fear, because we are loved, and because of that we have hope.

  5. Hi there! I am so happy you found me, it's so nice to find another sister in Christ! I read your page about purity, and I was so sad there was a comment section at the bottom. I commend you! I waited until our wedding day to being intimate with my husband, and it was the hardest battle, but I am proud and thankful I waited. We met when I was just 12, been together since I turned 16, and we married less than a year ago. So yes, it was difficult! But WORTH it. Do you mind if I borrow that page idea? I wish I had thought of that and want to share why we wait. Girly, it's worth it-trust me! Personally, I think you have a closer physical bond. Truly awesome. Looking forward to catching up on posts! Sorry this is so long haha


  6. this is an absolutely sweet post. thanks for sharing your thoughs xo

  7. SO TRUE! Thanks for sharing this post! I had to stop watching the news because of how SICK my stomach was feeling... :(


  8. Yes, Erin. The events of that day were tragic. I just feel so sad and sorry for the young man who committed the crime...he just doesn't have Jesus... He is lost and is hurting right sad.

    I hope you are having a great week, my dear.


  9. it only takes a second and your realize how fragile life is. too which we all should appreciate everything around us.

  10. Beautiful post. Such a tragic time.


  11. praise the Lord for His ultimate protection!!! The best is YET TO COME!

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sweet friends, share your heart.

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