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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

vlog. & the prayer board.

Hey loves! 
 It's that time again - VLOG time. And I'm stoked to be linking up today for The Girl Behind The Blog. 


just a couple thoughts: 
1. loved sharing about the topic this month, on "begin, accomplish or change."
2. oh, youtube....why, oh why must you always choose the worst screen shot of all?
3. because it relates to prayer....i shared about my prayer board, which some of you have asked about - little DIY at the end :)
4. sorryyy for going a lil long! gosh, such a rule-breaker.

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  1. it is very easy to say 'i'll be praying for you' & really mean it but being faithful to keeping that promise is tough. i LOVE this idea & will be implementing it with my kids (& myself) - thank you! & i can already see you accomplishing this goal :)

  2. oh & i found ya through the link up :)

  3. Oh Erin, this resonates with me so much! I've been working on the same thing this summer. I keep a list taped to my mirror of the prayer requests I promised people I would be faithful to lift up. It has helped a ton to have it right there in front of me.

  4. It's definitely an important goal to make sure that you actually pray when you say you will! I know I've been guilty of simply forgetting about what I've decided to pray for. I like your practical strategy for remembering what to pray for!

    And by the way--you look so cute in the video! Which, in my opinion, is way harder than looking good in a still picture. :)

  5. love the idea of a prayer board! i want to make one!

  6. so behind on reading blogs and leaving comments...but of course i have time for you ;) BECAUSE I'LL SEE YOU SOON!!

    this is really great. why is praying such a struggle for Christ followers???
    this prayer board is a brilliant idea. like so amazing.

    love you twinsie!

  7. love this! i'm thinking about making a prayer board also, because sometimes after i say that initial prayer, i forget about it.

  8. Hi again, Erin!

    Thank you SO MUCH for linking up with Ash and me! Like me, I know that you've linked up for every single round so far! *high five* Wahoo!

    I absolutely love that you've recognized that being faithful to prayer is difficult. It's true that things are easier said than done, and while the perception of having a giving heart may be enough for some, I respect that you truly are holding yourself accountable, and in a creative and fun way, no less!

    I love how resourceful you were with your prayer board. Thanks for sharing that with all of us! Cheers to a beautiful day, Erin!

  9. First of are SO cute! I love the pink and gold colors =) Your voice made me REALLY miss I think we should talk soon LOL =) =)
    This idea is amazing!!! I really want to do this at some point. I say at some point as obviously right now my house is a little crazy and I don't have time to make one....but I would really like to.
    What a neat idea!!!
    Much love girl!

  10. Found your blog through the vlog series. What a great vlog, and something we as Christians all need to more faithful in our prayers for others. Thank you for the encouragement to do just that, and for this wonderful blog!

  11. What a great post!
    Prayer is so important and it is also something that we can over look in times!

    Thanks for the reminder sweet girl!

  12. That's really cool Erin! Thanks for sharing! =) I might have to make one of those! =)
    Alesha <3

  13. I can totally relate...trying to make prayer a priority. I feel like people throw around prayer like its nothing "Will be praying for you" and I have been trying to be more conscious about actually praying hard for friends. Also, you should try Vimeo! Way better than YouTube and you can choose the screen shot that shows up :-)

  14. you are so precious! so encouraging to hear how prayer is one of your strengths! it's honestly one of my weaknesses that i long to strengthen! i would LOVE any encouragement or tips on how you are a prayer warrior! :) and you are just as gorgeous as always!

  15. This has definitely been on my heart recently too! When I wake up in the middle of the night to pee (which is quite a bit while I'm pregnant :) I always lay down and pray before I go back to sleep. It's quiet and I can concentrate and focus at those times. But I know that I forget about people I should be praying over so thank you for encouraging us to write it down!

  16. What a great idea. I've been looking for ways to model prayer for my boys. I think a board with pictures of family and friends will really help them understand what we're doing.

    It was great to "meet" you today!

  17. I love that idea to have a visual reminder to pray for who you want to pray for! What a cheap and simple solution too (my favorite kind!).

    Nice to "meet" you :)

  18. Amen, Erin. Loved this vlog. :)

    Memory and I have a "prayer mirror" in our bathroom that we write prayers on and look at every morning. You are on that mirror...praying for you daily, girlfriend. :) Thank you so much for your inspiration!


  19. I am truly blessed to have found your blog!

    What a great post today! This is one thing that I too am trying to work on.

    I was baptized, took first communion and was confirmed this past Easter so I'm still finding my way with it all.

    Thanks for an awesome post!!1


  20. Love your beautiful curly hair :)
    And UM HELLO! Such a good goal.
    And the prayer cute, so practical...SO DOABLE! I'm adding that to my "to do" list this weekend! A prayer board will make it's way into my apartment!

    Thanks for being an inspiration, sweet girl!
    Love you!


  21. Okay, one, Your hair is incredible. LOVE. Two, It makes my heart so happy to hear you talk about how much you love prayer. That's always been something so important to me, to the point where I was invited to be the first youth on my Prayer Ministry at church. Something that has really helped me is when someone says something that makes me want to pray or asks for prayer, I either write it down or say a mini prayer right then and there that it's on my heart and I want peace for them.

    XO Anna

  22. So love that you chose to share about prayer today. LOVE LOVE LOVE your idea of using a prayer board! Thanks so much for sharing! Blessings!

  23. love it Erin! I always feel strange when I tell someone I will pray for them. I actually do pray, because it's something that has always bothered me, but it's been said so much that I worry the other person will think I'm not being genuine. So i always say, "and I really mean that. Like right now." haha

  24. I always love to see your videos because you are so sweet! This prayer board is such a great idea! I'm sure it helps keep you accountable and put more thought into prayer.

  25. So cute! Love your DIY and the heart behind it. :)

  26. Beauty,

    SO I love how you flip your hair in the first two minutes :) You are gorgeous haha and so cute! When will we meet in person?! Second, I got a manicure that you would TOTALLY be proud of. 3, thanks for the shout out in your video. When I saw your little post it I coulda swore I saw "Rae" - and then when you mentioned my name, I must admit I smiled from here all the way to CALI :) Also, I have been DYING to make a new prayer board...the one I have now is kind of overtaken. So - thanks for the nudge to go do so. I've never made one before, the one I have now is a cork board. So I totally stoked to go create one. Also...that conviction to pray more has also been heavy on my heart. That means God is' Him MOVE <3 Love you, keep changing the world <3

  27. New follower, love your blog. Let me know if you are still doing the button swap. :)

  28. erin, i had been meaning to stop by recently so the Lord must have been tugging at both of us to say "hello" glad you came to say hi to me! Thank you for that , it made my day,

    you are so so dang adorable!!!

  29. Absolutely enjoyed this!! Great subject that we all could work on! Love love your blog!!
    Abrunetteduet .com

  30. What a great idea! I am so guilty of saying "I'll be praying for you" to people and then forgetting. Not intentionally, but I just get busy like you said. I'm totally trying out your prayer board.



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