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Sunday, August 26, 2012

snapshots of sweetness.

     the breeze is finally cool here and i am loving it. and though it's not autumn yet, i am loving early fall happy things, like pumpkin spice scented candles, pre-season football, throwing my cable knit blanket on the bed, and curling up with thick books in the evening. what are your favorite autumn things? 

 as the summer comes to an end, i'll share some of my favorite things from the past few weeks. and since a picture's worth a thousand words, let these snapshots speak for themselves....

embrace your life this week,
be thankful for the little things,
enjoy the last summer breezes.
you are loved.




Weekend iPhone Photo Drop

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  1. Hmm, I love the smell of fall, keeping the windows open for hours, apple picking, hay rides :) & my birthday which is the first day of fall :)

    And I love that picture about waking up and throwing away the excuses. I love that!! :)

    Happy Sunday, pretty girl! Love you a bunch :)

  2. I love your pics... you look so cute :). Hugs to you friend! Hope you have had a lovely weekend!

  3. Hey Erin! I'm a new reader, but I just wanted to drop by and tell you your blog has really been a blessing to my life! You seem to be an amazing person and I really look forward to reading more :)

    Fall is my favorite time year! Noting better then cool evening walks, hot tea, comfy sweaters etc. :)

  4. Autumn is the best! I love apple and cinnamon scented anything... Especially apple cider - hot or cold. Something about the season makes me stock up on yarn and do more crochet/knitting as well.

  5. Soooo cute!! I love your cat picture, haha(:

  6. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration!



  7. yay for fall! The heat here in lala land has been ridiculous! I can't wait for bonfires, pumpkins, scarves, boots and leather jackets!


  8. I LOVE that Emerson quote. I love fall Espically in the south. The different tree colors, wind, football, tailgating, etc. it is so pretty on my campus. Love you girl. :)

  9. I love this post(: So incredibly sweet and inspiring. And what I needed. Thank you<3

    I too, am a fan of Autumn. I had hot apple cider the other day and went to my friend's football game and there was just enough breeze to make me enjoy it and think Fall is coming soon. Soon. :)

  10. You are way too amazing! Each time I visit your blog I get inspired and reminded to love my life just the way it is. Thank you!

    Fall has got to be my favorite season, for sure.. I am lucky and tend to get more of it here in Washington! My favorite things would have to be Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Football, and cuddles with my husband and son! :)


  11. i busted out my pumpkin candle tonight. i have so many fall and winter scented ones, i just love it. i can't wait for football games to start. i know of a few i am going to already. i also love that it's almost pumpkin spice latte time at starbucks! pumpkin everything, football, hoodies, leaves changing(although i'm not sure i'll see that this year) and family are my favorite things about fall.

  12. I love these pictures! You are so cute :)

  13. love the cute:) thanks for your encouragement to embrace the small things...ahhh love it. have a GREAT day girl, love Katie

  14. Yay for the little things! :)

    I'm counting down the days till football season too....five more days. ;)

    I hope you are having a wonderfully blessed day, my friend.


  15. Hey, I'm returning the visit/comment/follow from MamaWinkle's~! What a cute cute blog!!! & I love the thankfullness listy's you do!! I wanna join in, fo sho!


  16. Great pics. I'm following you back! Thanks for stopping by!

  17. As much as I love summer, I am SO ready for fall to come! Some of my favorite things are in the fall– cocoa, colorful leaves, football, apples, etc. I can't wait! :)

  18. Pretty pictures!!
    Love the quote! I'm workin' on it


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