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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

// thankful sweetness //

     Have you ever looked back on seasons in your life and thought, "Man, I had it good. And I didn't even realize it." Life changes as time rolls on, our hearts mature (hopefully), our perspective widens, and we grow. At this point in my life, I look back on my high school and college years especially and realize how ungrateful my heart was. I think of things that were present in my life at that time - things I no longer hold or have - blessings of the moment that are now passed. I'm not just talking about physical things like a car that I may have driven at that time or the privilege I had of traveling to Europe several times. I think of people who graced my life at the time who have now gone to Heaven, opportunities to love on certain people who are no longer in my life, positions I could have used more wisely. I don't look back regretfully, because I see how God has used each and every one of my failings and omissions to work things for good (Romans 8:28), to accomplish His plan. But I am motivated by the musings on my ungrateful heart in the past... motivated to start afresh today and live differently. Perhaps you know what I mean, my friend. It's so easy to get caught up in what you need, what you want, what you don't have... always looking ahead, always planning, always moving forward (and these are good things in their place.) Yet, this focus on the "have nots" and the "wants" plants the seed of discontentment in our hearts and blinds us from seeing life with eyes of gratefulness, it causes the weed of disdain to grow in our hearts and it chokes out that graceful, soft place called thankfulness. 
    I believe that the act of taking the time every day to look up above our circumstances and give thanks is one of the keys to a contented life. Psalm 118:1 says, "Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever!" My sweet readers... this is ENOUGH to give thanks for each and every day for the rest of our lives. God is good - and further, He loves me?! And that love goes on and on and on... no matter if I fail Him, no matter what mistakes I make, no matter how bad life gets, no matter what I lose or gain - He is good and His love goes on for infinity. For you! For me. And that's not all - each and every day is also full of small things we can be thankful for, little blessings we don't deserve.

   Just a few weeks ago I chose to purposefully bow my head in the middle of this messy, crazy, confusing life and thank the Lord. And when I looked around, I was not alone. You all were with me, linking arms and thanking Him too. 

      I love this little community of thankfulness. We're all scattered about this earth, but if we were in the same small town I can just imagine us sitting together in a cozy living room, hands cupped around mugs of steamy coffee and tea, passing plates of cookies and treats as we laugh, cry, and share all the little, silly, amazing, huge, incredible, sweet things we are thankful for. We'd take hands and thank Him together, little smiles on our faces. And in a way, this is what we are doing (thank you social media!) Would you like to join us? Simply write down (in any way you desire) 4+ things you are thankful for and share them on Twitter or Instagram (Hashtag #thankfulsweetness) or e-mail your lists to me. I am sharing them once a week here.

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 Can we just take a moment for these precious little guys? They joined in with their sweet mama and I just smile & get a little teary eyed every time I see what they're thankful for! 
   IG: @forthisseason   // their mom's amazing, wise blog: 
    IG: @nicolevinson                                                IG: @samantha_grey
    IG: @_alwaysashley_                                         IG: @buckeyebelle
     IG: @ameera1214                                              IG: @bunkerboo 
  IG: @forthisseason   //I just can't get over the cuteness!// 
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   IG: @nikki_savingforarainyday                        IG: @buckeyebelle
    IG: @jessibridges                                                IG: @forthisseason   :)

Love to you all.




  1. I love this! ♥


  2. this is such a sweet little reminder how lucky we are and we should be thankful for what we have. i love this

  3. Thank you! I love this blog entry! I have huge list on my fridge that I look at everyday of all my blessings! I should take a picture of it!
    Thanks for the inspiring words!


  4. You write with such wisdom! Thank you my friend.

  5. This community brings such joy to my heart! Thank you for taking the initiative to start this :) Prayer card is on its way.

  6. Thank you for having me participate. I loved taking the time to thank Him for blessing us!

  7. This is so adorable. I LOVE it. You've inspired me to make one:)

  8. This post filled my heart with so much joy this morning. I was literally sitting in front of my computer, hands wrapped around a hot cup of coffee, smiling and laughing. It was another great way to start my day :)

    Thank you for such a beautiful idea. I can't wait to participate next week! Have a lovely day, friend :)

  9. Love reading everyone's list. I'm now on #232 and still going :)

  10. Love seeing so many people coming together and sharing so many thankful hearts! What a wonderful thing you're doing here, Erin!

  11. this is so wonderful! I am so encouraged reading what people are most thankful for in their lives, especially those kiddos (my shirt, how cute!)

  12. I love how many people are doing this with you!! So encouraging :)

  13. what a neat, neat post! I LOVED reading this. Life is so rich- so much to be thankful for. xo

  14. I love so much that you do this, Erin. Thank you for being a light!

  15. Love, love, love!!! I really needed to hear this, especially right now when I'm feeling overwhelmed with work. I've been thinking lately on how blessed I was in my upbringing even though I thought it was horrible, I am blessed. Even in the mess, God is blessing me!

  16. Love these posts :) I completely forgot to write my thankful list.. definitely will have to do so for next week!! XO :)

  17. Hi Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comment.I'm already ab follower of your blog.Love reading your stuff


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