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Monday, August 13, 2012

the day my life changed forever.

19 years ago today, on August 13, 1993 - I made a decision that changed my life forever.

 I chose a path that altered my destiny and defined who I am today.  

I gave my life to Jesus Christ.

Never once regretted it.
Never looked back.

     From that moment on, I knew my eternity was secure. I knew my sins were covered. I knew He loved me. I knew I went from darkness into light. And as young as I was, I knew I loved Jesus. I remember how I smiled a little bigger that day. In my little girl heart, I felt a new peace and security.

     I'm no longer a 6 year old little girl with wide eyes. I'm a 25 year old woman who has seen some ups and downs in life - but through all the beauty and the pain, my hope has been steady. My faith - is always close to my heart and guides me in all I do.

 My dear readers, I can honestly say - giving my life to Jesus was the best thing I've ever doneFor me, it's not about religion or following "rules". It's not about just going to church or following a Bible study plan - those things are wonderful. But ultimately- it is about Him and my relationship with Him. He's my best friend. He's the love of my life. He is my everything. 

Today, as I thought about the past 19 years - years of growing up, really. 
I remember times I've failed...
yet His mercy remains.
I think of those difficult moments when I was confused and hurting - and I could only cry...
& He was there, holding me close.
I think of the cost, at times...
and I know it is worth it ALL
I think of my sinful heart and ways I fall.
and I know I am forgiven and cleansed by the blood of Christ.

      This world and culture constantly scream at me, "He's not real - do your own thing, forget God!" - but my heart begs to differ. How can I turn away from someone so real I can almost touch Him, so close I can nearly hear His voice, so beautiful I can't take my gaze away? I could just as easily walk away and deny I ever knew my family as turn away from Him. I cannot. I love Him more than anything else. And though I fail Him every day, He has never failed me. He is always the same, always faithful, true, loving, forgiving, and gracious.

          I am ruined for anything else. Broken, in the best sense. I am in love - sheer, utter, crazy, mad love. He is the love of my life - more than any other human love or romantic love - He will always be my #1 love - my True Prince. And I can't wait to see His beautiful face someday when He calls me home to Paradise.

Until then? I will spend my life loving Him. Imperfectly, yes. But passionately and completely.

Do you know Him? Because if you don', you're missing out.

I saw this little scene alongside the road on my way home today, just had to snap a picture

Happy Monday, my loves.
If you don't know Him...I'd love to introduce you.
Because I cannot imagine life without knowing Him these past 19 years. 




  1. I want to find Him again. You are very inspiring! So happy I found your blog! ♥

  2. Beautiful testimony! Thank you for sharing.

  3. you are doing such an amazing job using your blog to encourage others and share the Lord. I'll be praying that people see this today and want to know more!!

  4. Beautiful post!.and very inspiring

  5. I really love that you remember the exact day, I wish I could too! And beautiful that you talk about securing your eternity. Something I think about everyday (and you wrote about) is how evil and wicked my heart is yet He is SO good! I fail Him and He NEVER fails me! Happy rebirth day!

  6. Truly beautiful. Your passion and love for the Lord is moving, Erin! I'm so so glad you and I have found Him. Life looks so completely different with God on your side!

  7. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. I am so glad you remember the specific day it all changed, sadly I only remember a general age. But what an amazing testimony it makes! I know God has used you in such wonderful ways these last 19 years (especially in the glimpses I've seen on your blog these past few months!


  8. Love this post! I was 7 when I accepted Jesus, and I love hearing stories of people who were also young!

    What a beautiful post and blessing. You are an incredible woman of faith and I love that you shared this! Such a testimony!


  9. beautiful! i just celebrated 6 years last month with Jesus!!! so amazing and i would NEVER turn back or trade it for anything!! simply the best and most amazing man i know!!! :) so thankful you are a SIC! i am also praying that many other women see this post and come to know the Lord through it :) your blog and testimony are a blessing to many, erin! continue to share!

  10. yeah! you became a Christian on the same day that I got married (not same year, haha!). Special for both of us! Excited to find a time to meet up girl. When I make my next Dr's appointment, i'll let you know and we can meet! woo hoo! love Katie

  11. I love that you know the exact date! I sure wish I knew the exact date of mine! :) XOXO!

  12. This is SO beautiful!! I am so, so glad that you found my blog, and that I was able to read this post! It so encouraged me today, on a day when I really needed it. Can't wait to read more!!

  13. I know what you mean about the world screaming at you that He's not real. I like to tell people that I define science as "mankind's flawed attempt to explain what God has done." Great post, thanks for sharing!

  14. I love the picture you took :)

    thanks for sharing your heart!

  15. I always love your posts, but this one is by far my fave! I love reading or hearing other people's testimonies! I also gave my life to Christ when I was 6 years old (25 years ago this November). I can't imagine having lived this life without Him. Thanks for sharing! :)

  16. If I could choose anyone to stand in my corner, it would surely be you. You gave your heart to the greatest being and I am positive he will keep it safe and warm.

  17. AMAZING post! Thanks for sharing this!

  18. beautiful testimony! Very inspiring! I have been feeling like I am not as close to Him as I should be, and I am working on changing that! <3 this!

  19. this is sheer beauty and brought some sweet tears to my eyes. wow!

    Your passion stirs up my heart and encourages my soul.

    thank you!


  20. Sweet post, I love the first little photo. You were such a sweet kid (:

  21. Glad I stumbled across your blog! I'm your newest follower and I think it's wonderful that you were saved at 6 years old! I wish I could've been that young...but I guess the good thing is that I'm saved NOW! Excited to read more posts!

  22. Wow, thanks for sharing this! Your passion is an inspiration to so many people. May HE bless you!


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