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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

7 things i learned at influence conference

**Okay, so before you start reading - go pour yourself a tall cuppa coffee or hot chocolate.... this is a long one. I learned so very much at Influence Conference and my prayer and hope is that you, my friends, can also glean a few gems of wisdom from my experience.**
        A year ago, as I prayed about starting this blog - as I scribbled down name ideas and possible topics on a sheet of ripped paper, I had no idea how significant blogging would soon become in my life. And at the start of 2012, when I slowly began connecting with real women through blogs who shared many of my heart's convictions, I could not imagine how special they would become to me. I simply ran with the "kite tail" the Lord gave me, and began chasing a crazy dream - a dream that writing and sharing my heart on the Internet would mean something. Would maybe touch somebody. I obeyed God's pressing on my heart early this year and I poured out my story and heart and life on this little space. Little did I know the fruit that would come of that step of faith. Oh, no - not because of how great I am, not because of my writing or photography skills, not because of my fashion sense or great theological insight. No, not because of me at all. Jesus has taken my face in His hands and has healed, restored, and loved on me through blogging. Through being honest and real. But mostly, through your stories. Through the other blogs I have found and read and resonated with. Through e-mails I've received. Through realizing, "I'm not the only one who feels this way" or "I'm not the only one who struggles with this..." or "I'm not the only one who has this dream." And oh, has it be healing. I never expected to attend The Influence Conference. Where I've been this year in my life, there was no way I could financially work it out. But thanks to God opening a door through some of His generous and obedient daughters, I was able to go. And it was really, really special. 
Influence Conference was a gift. Meeting the women behind amazing blogs was nothing short of significant. Spending time chatting over coffee with women I love and admire, sitting face to face with ladies I've connected with over the Internet, sharing a meal with unexpected kindred spirits.... it was beautiful. And a true blessing.

 I am still processing all I learned, saw, experienced, and felt at the conference. But I would like to share some gems I took away from my time in Indianapolis. 

one // Blogging friends can truly become real friends.

I realized, afresh, how special this little world we call blogging is. How amazing it is that through a space on this thing called "the Internet" we can connect with like-minded people we would have never otherwise had the chance to meet. From the moment I landed in Chicago all through Influence Conference, I was blown away by how God's hand was on the weekend. On the friendships forming. And how He planned it all out so perfectly in ways we could not have imagined! I've gotta tell you, hugging a sister in Christ whose face you've seen only on a computer screen and whose heart you've known only through emails, Skype chat, and blog posts - it's one of the most special experiences! Months ago, when I first dove head-first into blogging, I got some criticism about this blog world. People who didn't understand why anyone would desire to take the time to write posts when information overload surrounds us in this culture. Why anyone would desire to take time away from their "real friends" to connect with people through a computer screen. Well, I realized afresh how beautiful blogging is as I experienced Influence - time and time again I heard women reiterate, "This is real life!" How joyful it was to see how using a platform on the Internet for good can be such a ministry, such a positive element of life. Blog friends can be real friends. And these posts, connections, comments and emails? That's as real as it gets. Last weekend seared that in my heart and I won't soon forget it. 

1) Draggin' my (exactly 50 pound!) suitcase through the airport.
2) Boarding pass. This California girl's first trip to the Midwest.
    3) Flying from LA to Chicago = over 2,000 miles.

4)Meeting Annie for the first time!!  via: all glorious within
5) Chicago. I fell in love with that city.
6) We got on the road and took a mini-road trip to Indiana. (Beautiful farmland & skies)

7) Together at last! Meeting and spending time with these ladies was such a blessing.
8) Thoughtful gifts from my roomies
9) The Stripes Party! Hosted by the awesome Ad service, Adproval
10) Meeting & rooming with Margaret was lovely! I adore her!

two //  I didn't realize how close to the surface my emotions would be all through the conference.

From the moment I stepped into the beautiful hotel, my heart was full. And honestly, going into the conference, I didn't realize how emotionally stirring it would be. From being warmly welcomed by the community leaders to running into ladies I recognized who embraced me with open arms. The sessions proved to be incredibly informative and helpful. The speakers were all wise in their own unique ways, and I came home with a full Moleskin book of notes. Yet, it went deeper than just learning facts or tips from experts. It was life. And it was moving. I am a very emotional person, I always have been. That's how God made me. But I found my emotions were more raw than usual during Influence. I found myself wiping away tears in more than one session, in more than one meaningful conversation, at more than one dinner date with friends. It was good and needed, but unexpected. And in all honesty, among all the good and beautiful - it was also overwhelming. And exhausting. Meeting new people, the weariness that comes from relating and traveling and shifting time zones and weather climates. It was real life, which is painful and messy and beautiful. And so be prepared, you 2013 conference-goers. :) Be prepared that you might feel a bit more tender and emotional than usual. If the Lord opens the door for me to attend next year, I am most definitely bringing Kleenex!
Stripes Party!
photos on right: via from awkward to art 
photo below: via momma's me time 

three // "Your mess can be your ministry." - Casey Wiegand. 

Casey Wiegand is one of my favorite bloggers, ever. And so I was especially excited to meet and hear from her. And her session and presence at the conference proved to be such a joy to us all. I was struck by her humble, unassuming attitude. She is such an example to me in how she handles her blog, her faith, her family, and purpose. I learned so much from her. As she stood at the front of a packed room, fighting back tears, she told us - "Your mess can be your ministry." BAM. Straight to my heart.... tears in my eyes. I was empowered and encouraged to take the broken pieces of my life and story and my plan that has gone all wrong, and to let God make something beautiful out of brokenness. 

Casey sharing with us

Chelsea // Lisa // L //  Kerrie // Casey

with Annie, Emily, & Margaret 

four // Learn when to say a "brave yes" or a "strong no." -Emily Freeman

It was lovely meeting and hearing from author Emily Freeman (writer of "Grace For The Good Girl") She shared many jewels of wisdom throughout the conference. But this simple sentence hit me hard:

"Learn when to say a brave yes and when to say a strong no." 

Truth right there.

five // There is healing in coming together as sisters in Christ.

The last night of the conference ended with an extended time of worship. The lights low, some women raising hands high, some bowing down quietly. As I stood in a big room among that group of precious souls, the first chords of a guitar played softly and sweet voices began to join together in harmony and sing out boldly - my tears began to fall. Slowly, softly. Song after song, truth upon truth. And when the lyrics of my beloved life-anthem rang out, "In Christ alone, my hope is found..." it started. The ugly cry, as Haley later called it (thankfully I wasn't the only one ;) I cried all my mascara off. I cried and cried and cried. And in the tears, in the hugs of friends, in the raising of hands and the bowing of our heads... there was healing. 

Honestly, healing is something I didn't expect to happen at Influence. I expected networking and relationship building, learning and growing, laughing and eating. But healing came unexpectedly... like a soft rain: through the sessions, heart to heart conversations, smiles, hugs. I am sure I'm not the only one who felt this way... It really was precious. Because, God knew just what we needed. And how sweet is that?

11) Ashley - such a sweet & precious friend, I adore her!
12) Amanda - a Godly woman!
13) Amanda - this girl has an amazing heart and story.
14) Alli - she is so kind, fun, wise, and amazing.

six // Growing can look alot like being lost. And that's okay. - Anne Bogel. 

The lovely Anne Bogel spoke to us about navigating life through our 20's and 30's. And how messy this season can be. I was incredibly encouraged by her wisdom. She reminded us that our lives will look different than people who are not following Jesus, and that "the plan" we may have for our life may not be God's. She encouraged us women to get to know ourselves, to find wise and older mentors, and to deal with baggage honestly. I love a few words she shared: 

"Without the negative, it's not a good story."

"Nothing connects you more to God than hard times." 

"Women in their 20's see things in black and white, 
and women in their 30's understand the gray."

seven // Be intentional with blogging.

Influencing people in big and positive ways on the Internet doesn't happen by accident. It takes work, planning, preparation and lots of time. I realized this afresh as I took nuggets of wisdom from each speaker and woman I interacted with -  being purposeful with our blogs and our influence was emphasized all weekend. As many of you, my dear readers, are bloggers - here are a few gems I heard and scribbled in my notebook:

--> Be intentional all day long. Use white boards, calendars, to-do lists. 
--> Be careful with what you write on your blog. It is permanent and effects other people.
--> Readers love to read real stories. Share honestly but have boundaries in place to protect yourself and your loved ones.
--> 1 out of 5 people in the world will log onto a social media site every month... social media is becoming a huge part of our world and culture. Use it wisely.
--> Measure everything and have a plan.
--> Set goals! 

                 coffee dates with sweet friends                    cups of tea & notes in wonderful sessions

Seeing this girl again was one of the highlights of the trip - 
we met online 8 years ago (long story there!) 
and met for the first time 3 years ago.
It was wonderful to be reunited again!


Such a rich time and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to attend.
What a special memory and a highlight of this year, for sure.
I pray there were a few gems you can walk away with from what I've shared
I hope that those who were not able to attend this year can go next year!

Something that resonates still in my heart from the conference was spoken by
John Saddington - who shared his amazing wisdom on entrepreneurship. 

He said, 

"You are an entrepreneur - start acting like it! 

Don't throw it away." 

These words stuck with me. 
Not just for starting a brand, business, or blog.
But in life.

I encourage you - 
what are the areas of life where you have influence? 
In your family? Job? Blog? Church? Community? 
Whether you have thousands of readers or ten readers, 
how can you share your heart and story in a way that influences other positively? 
And touches the world with the Gospel?

Think about it with me.
And let's not throw away our influence.
May we embrace boldness and step out - no more excuses!
What are you afraid to do and keep putting off? 

Make a list. Set goals. Start today.

I have many more fun photos and stories to share with you 
from the following days after the conference as I explored 
Chicago and took a roadtrip up to Michigan with sweet friends.
And I will share that in a few upcoming posts! 

 to you and you and you.




  1. I LOVE YOU. I'm so blessed to know you IN REAL LIFE! Talking with you over coffee, sessions, and breaks was literally the sweetest thing. All of these words were spot on, couldn't have described it better myself.

    Hope to see you soon dear friend! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing so in depth. I needed the motivation to be intentional in everything. I'm currently on a break from blogging and can't wait to see how God blesses our faithfulness.

  3. Wow, what an amazing conference. I am so blessed by the points you shared. You are so right. Blogging is an opportunity, and we have to use it wisely and with a praying hear. Love it!

  4. Loved reading about your time at the conference sweet girl:) God is using you to influence others, you have such sweetness girl! love Katie

  5. Amazing post! I so relate the quote about women in the their 20s see B&W and women in their 30s see the gray! Thanks for sharing! Love this and you!

  6. So glad to hear about how God worked in you during influence! Thank you so mug for sharing it all! And for sharing all the little bits of wisdom you good! =)
    Alesha <3

  7. Even though I wasn't there, I feel so blessed and encouraged by all the wisdom you've shared from the conference. I am so glad you took all this away from it and found healing during it all! I'm finding myself inspired to be more intentional and try to be more of an influence on my blog and in real life after reading this post. I can't wait until I can experience a conference of my own! I'll be praying on it!

  8. Love your heart! You are such an intentional blogger to being with, I can't wait to see the plans God has for you in the next year. You are in my prayers my friend!

  9. It was SO great meeting you!!

    I loved this post + you, but that's a given!


  10. loving this post! <3

  11. Thanks so much for sharing this Erin! I'm seriously contemplating on buying my ticket for next year :) I adore this blog and your heart for our sweet Savior!

  12. This conference sounds perfect for me. To make friends online, learn tips, and worship Christ together would be so lovely. I will have to see if I can make it next year. :-)

  13. This looks like such a great event! Not only is the message great, but it sounds like half the goodness was meeting new people and seeing familiar faces. Thanks for sharing!


  14. I think we all just relived the conference with your post. You were such a blessing to meet and a true treasure. Thank you for your great words and your loving and open heart.

  15. so many amazing woman!! I am sad I missed it! It was actually only a few hours from me! (I'm near Chicago!) I am going to try so hard to go next year!!

  16. So I cried in half of my sessions too as well as all throughout our worship time. It was just such a great place to be vulnerable with our sisters and let God teach us!

    I am so grateful that I got to meet you face to face and confirm what I already knew- that you are a beautiful woman of God who really embodies the fruits of the spirit.

    love you Erin!

  17. Cute photos! Looks like such a fun trip!


  18. i love this post! it was so good to see you. SO GOOD. i'll have to make a trip out to california SOON!

  19. Looks and sounds like an amazing that photo of you guys on the pavement all cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  20. Oh, that song makes me cry the ugly cry, too! SO powerful when the Holy Spirit moves through a community of women united in common purpose. I wish I could have attended this year but I'm looking forward to the next!

  21. I LOVED this, Erin. I'm so glad you were able to go and meet new friends and get re-aquainted with old ones. :) You are special and your blog is definitely one to "influence" people to be the better person. Love you!!


  22. So great to hear that the Lord did so much for your heart at the conference - I definitely came away with a similar experience. Sorry we didn't get to meet - maybe next time!

  23. So encouraged and inspired by this post. Sounds like an amazing conference. Thank you so much for sharing about it - I learned so much! I am now following your blog too :)

  24. Hello Erin! I am so happy you stopped by my blog today...I have been engrossed in yours and it is evident that you are just a beautiful person both inside and out. I am so glad to have found you and am a happy new follower.
    Many sweet blessings to you! Angie

  25. This seriously looks like it was so much fun! Thanks for finding me through the hop! I am excited to follow along and get to know you! :)

  26. It seems that everybody is into this kind of stuff lately. Don’t really understand it though but thanks for trying to explain it. Appreciate you shedding light into this matter. Keep up your

  27. thanks for stopping by my blog, following you via gfc :)

  28. amazing! this sounds like such a great experience. your blog is so cute and we are your newest followers! come follow along at if you'd like! Xo

  29. Oh, wow! I've never been to a blogging conference:( Your description certainly makes me want to go! Oh how I would love the necks of some bloggers "in real life" I would love to say thanks. Hopefully, one of these days, the Lord will give me the honor.

    Erin, I'm so happy you stopped by! Your encouraging words meant so much to me. New follower here! ~Becky

  30. Excellent post sweetie! Well done!

  31. This sounds like a great conference. It is hard for me, just starting to really blog, to imagine those friendships forming so strongly, but I am excited about the possibilities. Thanks for sharing:)


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