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Monday, October 1, 2012

sponsor in october!

// photo credit: TMinspired Photography // sharing more of this shoot soon! ;)

Happy October 1st! Friends, I cannot believe it's already a new month. I'm excited to share with you some fun and exciting sponsorship and advertising options here at Sweetness Itself for this upcoming month! I've absolutely loved working with the blogs and shops who have been along for this sponsorship journey in the past few months, and I'd love for you to join! I love to work with other bloggers and shops - my goal is to help you as much as I can and my prayer is that your button on my sidebar will be a blessing to you, your business, and my readers! Here's the info, if you're interested :) Email me if you have any questions! And please take a minute to check out my newest sponsors over there (they are awesome!)    -----------------> 

I have some great options available for ya - and guess what?? Some of them are the price of a Starbucks LATTE!
Why, yes, I am ridiculous and coffee/tea obsessed.

---> You can start TODAY! Or anytime you're ready.
---> Ads run for 30 days.
---> Don't have a button? No worries! I'll make one for you for $5.

--As of 10/01/12--

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Google Friend Connect Followers: 749+
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Facebook: 180+
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            --->the sweetest one of all! 
            ---> special interview feature post! 
            ---> giveaway option!
            ---> social media shout-outs 
            ---> special social media shout-outs! Have    
              something special on your blog/shop this    
              month? We'll talk about fun ways I can
              support you (example: product reviews, giveaways, etc)
Ad will run for 30 days.
6 available, 6 shown at a time.


         ---> Pretty sweet deal! 
         ---> Group giveaway option. One social media
         ---> Featured mini-interview post.
Ad runs for 30 days. 8 available, 5 shown at a time.


Ad runs for 30 days. 8 available, 4 shown at a time.

Just a spoonful of sugar...

        ---> 15 available! 
        ---> Runs for 30 days. 


sweet friends, share your heart.

"kind words are like honey...sweet..and healing.." -proverbs 16:24.


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