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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

sweet sponsor: TMinspired Photography

I have someone special for you to meet today. Her name is Taylor and she is the most incredible photographer I've ever worked with! We met early this year through the blog community and I loved her heart and her photography from day 1. She is Southern-California based, so you Cali readers, listen up! ;) I don't do alot of recommendations through my blog platform, of products or businesses, because I want to be careful about who I direct to you readers, as I know your time & attention is precious. But, I would like to share Taylor's heart and photography with you today. If you are anywhere in the So Cal area and need to hire a photographer for any event, portrait session, or wedding - she is your girl! 
visit her website/blog, here 

We set up a shoot recently in Santa Monica (I shared a few photos with you via Instagram and some posts...more to come!) and she was a delight to work with. She truly is professional, 
And when I had car trouble and was unable to meet her for the first scheduled shoot, she was incredibly kind, gracious, and understanding (sadly, a rare quality in this world) and handled the photo shoot we did with such professionalism and class! I absolutely loved working with her - she is creative, talented, and knowledgeable. She was wonderful about planning the shots we would do, came totally prepared, and took my ideas and brought life to them, while adding her own creativity! The photo shoot was lovely and the finished product photos are exactly what I imagined. I cannot emphasize enough how much I loved working with her and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a fabulous photographer. 

She is one of my advertisers for the next few months and I'm so thrilled to have her! 

I asked her a few questions so we could get to know her a little better: 

1 // Tell us about your beautiful website and photography and why you chose the name. TMinspired is my clever way of integrating the "Trademark" symbol as well as my first and middle name, Taylor Marie, together. The meaning behind it is technically, "Taylor Marie Inspired" because the photos I take, the blogs I write, and everything about my website is fueled by my heart and passion.

2 // You are an amazing photographer! Can you share about what you do, your specialties, and your passion for photography? Thank you so much! That means a alot that you say that. But my passion for photography started in 2006, and has only grown since. I kept it has a hobby until January of this year, and started taking photos for seniors and families. In April, I discovered my love for weddings. I've assisted other photographers, and I've also had two weddings of being the primary photographer. God has blessed me with the ability to capture emotions and a "moment" within a still frame photo. What motivates me is to give the couple a photo that when they look at it, maybe years after it was taken, can be brought right back to the memory of when the photo was taken. The love they felt for one another, the way their hearts fluttered looking into each others eyes, the laugh they give when they think, "Can you believe we just got married??" and realizing how lucky they are to have one another. I strive for my clients to cherish the photographs they receive. 
3 // What is the Lord teaching you right now? God is definitely teaching me patience. I am 20 years old, living at home, but trying to move out of my parent's home in January to be living on my own. I've had the motivation since earlier this year, but every time I seem to take two steps closer to my goal before moving out (such as financial income) shortly after I'm being pulled 4 steps back. Clarity & understanding is what I've been praying for, but I know that right now, I'm being taught so much more. And there is absolutely a reason why I am still here. He is also teaching me to be a mentor. I co-lead a Jr. High Bible study with Saddleback Church, and it wasn't too long ago that my heart was broken for these girls who have gone through so much already in their lives. He reminded me of how much of an awkward age and season in your life you're in when you're in Jr. High. He taught me that it's okay to be silly and break out of my own bubble to help these girls become more comfortable in their surroundings that can seem intimidating. I've been pushed beyond my limit and past my comfort zone, but every time He reminds me that I can handle everything He gives me, and that He won't give me anything I can't handle. My heart is so full. 
4 // If your life was made into a movie, which actress would you choose to portray you and why? I've always been drawn to Rachel McAdams. From the outside looking in, she is an overall great and beautiful person. Her acting style sometimes reminds me of myself, and I think that she would portray my personality pretty well. :)

5 // If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could only have 3 items, what would you bring?? If people could, I would totally bring my boyfriend, Nathan. We've been dating 3 1/2 years, and we can be easily entertained by so many things. He would also take over the role of finding us food and help me build a shelter to stay in :) I would also bring my little yorkie, Lily, who would definitely keep us entertained and would want to snuggle all the time! But let's pretend people aren't allowed on the list....
           1. I would take my Bible. I find myself not having "enough time" to really crack open my Bible and dive deeper than surface level. If I was stranded on a deserted island, I would have MORE than enough time!
           2. A journal. I would have plenty of thoughts and nowhere to write them down.
           3. I would take my cell phone & hope that I had service so that I could Instagram pretty island photos! :) 
6 // What is your favorite thing about blogging? What is one tip you can share to help other bloggers? As of right now, I'm mainly blogging all of the photo shoots I've been doing. I love sharing work with others and making it easy for my clients to share them, as well. There is something about sharing your heart and saying what you say, then putting it out there that takes a weight off. As for tips for fellow bloggers:
           1. Stay determined. There are times when the last thing I want to do is put together a post, or when I don't want to add a beginning paragraph to my photography posts, but adding in the personal touch to each post helps tremendously!
           2. Stay consistent. Readers want to be able to come back for more. They want to be able to go back through the archives in your blog and find things that are fresh to their eyes. The more posts you have, and the better the quality of your writings, the more the readers will want to explore and keep coming back. :)

Visit/Follow her:
Twitter: @TMinspired -
Instagram: @TMinspired --

Happy Mid-Week, friend.

I'll be back with some thoughts for you sooner than later :)



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