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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Girl Behind the Blog: Show & Tell

I think this is a record: two blog posts in one day (check out my earlier post here if you missed it.) But I just can't miss out on my favorite link-up, The Girl Behind the Blog! Make a vlog and link up, I highly encourage it :) Such a fun way to meet wonderful bloggers.


Here it is - sharing the 3 things I can't get through the day without.

And here I am - in all my hair-flipping glory. I didn't realize how much I flip my hair until I watched this video. Seriously, I'd take home gold if hair flipping and poofing was an Olympic sport. 





  1. mm! I just want to steal you and bring you down here to Australia so we can be besties.
    Is that too much to ask? :)
    Haha, but I love your last one - I have not one, but TWO pencil cases (one of markers, and one for everything else) that I love using in my journal, my daily planner, when I'm writing lists and notes and cards and anything else... SO much fun!
    xo Rachael

  2. I don't know how people can want to exercise enough to actually go out to a gym either? Exercise dvd's a definitely the way I would do it. :P

  3. wow erin your are so beautiful i am in love, with you your blog your beauty your hair and defiently oyu flipping your hair
    haha i loe how you mention this in your entry xD
    can't get enough of you, you are always so sweet and happy

    I adore your blog, keep on doing this wonderful thing you do here.
    I had to follow you, you have a new fan now <3
    Hope you may visit my blog,too
    Your Amely Rose from:

  4. Love your hair! Mine is taking forever to grow out lol! I'm the same about the gym and I"m actually thinking about canceling it because I never go! Thank you for the work out video idea and I love lists! I write a list for everything and on most days write myself out a "schedule". Have a wonderful day!

  5. Hahaha, as always, a joy to hear from you. I love love love your journal and to-do lists are the best things to make ever (especially marking them off). Have a great day!

  6. Oh, I just love you. You are so sweet! I love your three. I feel the same way about gyms. Scary. I'm just glad my apartment complex has a workout area and is usually pretty empty.

  7. High five on sharing products we sell! Hahah I did the same.
    I will have to look into that DVD. It sounds fun!
    Oh coffee and tea is another things I forgot oops.

  8. You're so cute! I miss you so much sister! =)
    I love that workout video! Hmmm maybe have to consider that as the jillian michaels is just so intense =)
    And I love your hair, if I had hair like yours I would probably be flipping it all the time too =)
    Love you!!

  9. you are adorable. hair flips, puffs and all. xo

  10. You are so stinkin beautiful. I love that you've done ever vlog. I want your hair. Anywayssssss.... love how you are getting so intense about being organized. I need something like that.

  11. i always love watching your vlogs! i'm not an organized person either, and i need to have my planner with me all the time to know what is going on in my life haha. i'm trying to get back into shape. since i work at a gym, i never really want to stay later a work out. maybe i should try one of those dvds.

  12. Aww, I just love you, girl!

    and another thing we have in common: I have a box by my bed with pens and highlighters in it and a journal that I keep a to-do list in for every day. :) It's so handy!

    maybe I should get into this vlogging thing. :)


  13. You are super cute! I love that you're getting organized! I love organizing, but in the current stage of life I'm in I had to write a "do by _____(time)" schedule instead of a strict every hour schedule because I was too strict on myself. I would feel like a failure if I didn't get something done. Haha. Type A personality at it's best. Where do you get your makeup products from? Do you use Avon? I am looking for some new powder :)

  14. that workout video sounds awesome! 10 min a day is good to me :-)

  15. You are so stinkin' gorgeous! Loved your Denise Austin....way to go girl on working out! I need to take a cue from you. Great watching your vlog! Take care!

  16. Great video, awesome three things and I love you and all your cute hair flipping sweetness!:) hope we can talk more and connect soon- maybe a skype session?
    love, love Nora

  17. oooooh girl. I am such a fan of you. I just got done telling my husband how great I think you are. Could you be any cuter? Or sweeter? NO.

    Thank you so much for linking good to hear your sweet voice sweet thing. xoxo

  18. Love your hair.*_*
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
    My Blog

  19. You are adorable! I loved getting to "meet you" through the vlog :) And I agree I have to have a journal and my pens handy too!

  20. Such a sweet video, Erin! Loved getting to know you a bit better!

    I am the same way about my notebook + pens!!! I can not write unless I have a pilot precise & my flair pens! There is just something about making a colorful list that you cross off!!

  21. Awe, you're adorable.

    If you're anything like me when it comes to curly hair, you just can't stop touching it. haha.

    You are so beautiful, Erin, and your hair is gorgeous.

    I love your journal, by the way. I was gonna get that same one a few weeks ago :)


  22. bahahah hair flip award? hahah

  23. I love reading all your posts! You inspire me in my own blogging attempts! I also wish I had gotten to know you better but I know we will have heaven to look forward to!!!!!!!!!

  24. Hahaha love the hair flipping! :) I agree GOLD!! Your blog is absolutely fabulous-just became a member/follower of your blog. Follow me back? I hope so and let's keep in touch. Happy Blogging!!!


♥ Elle 
    High Feather Twitter
    High Feather Facebook
    High Feather Bloglovin


  25. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!! :)
    I follow you now!
    If you want we can follow each other on facebook!! let me know!! :)


  26. Ok, you are adorable. I love your hair flipping and I LOVE your shirt (dress?) I want to borrow it. Which means we need to live by each other. K? Awesome.

    You're amazing.

  27. Hi Erin!

    Thanks for the visit and your sweet comment on my blog :) I'm now a new follower via Bloglovin'

  28. New Follower.

    Great Vlog! I prefer to workout at home too... with the Wii. I also sell Avon and I love their affordable products!

    Happy Friday!

  29. Hahaha hair flipping champion- you're so cute. Look at you so committed with your fitness! I definitely need to look into something like that because I am waaay out of shape. Love you!!

  30. You are darling!! I definitely need to look into that Denise Austin workout video, I hate leaving the house especially in the winter once I get home from work. This seems like a great alternative! Thanks girl! :)

  31. You are TOO cute friend! I will have to try those AVON goodies sometime, and you can never underestimate a good journal. You already know I'm a huge fan! :)

  32. I am definitely going to be looking into that workout dvd! I looooove pilates!

    I have a little pouch of pens and markers I can right my lists! :)

    You are beautiful girl inside and out!

    Happy weekend!

  33. new[est] follower. loving this post and loving your blog! can't wait to keep following along!

    stop by sometime!

  34. Hi! We all do things we don't realize. Maybe I should videotape myself too? Haha. I found you on the Friday Blog Hop.
    Northern Belle Diaries

  35. Oh my goodness, you are the sweetest thing. AND you're absolutely stunning!

    Like you, I dislike the gym. I would much rather work out at home so I'll definitely have to check into that workout DVD. :)

    I always leave your blog encouraged. Thankful that you share your life and heart with all of us!


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