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Friday, November 16, 2012

California Dreams: a photoshoot

Late in the summer, I met a photographer friend of mine down at the Santa Monica pier and we shot some photos. I needed some new shots for some the blog and some projects I'm working on and Taylor Marie was such a joy to work with. Last month, I interviewed her and she shared a little bit about her photography business and her heart (read here) She is on my sidebar again this month! 

Thought I'd share some of the beautifully composed snapshots she took. I really truly loved working with her, and if you are based in the Southern California area - please look her up! She does all types of shoots and events, and loves doing weddings. Visit her @ TM Inspired 

Enjoy a few of the snapshots! Oh how I love California.

Have a beautiful, thankful pre-holiday weekend,
I have some exciting things next week...
(which may or may not including a very awesome giveaway..!) 

Goodnight, loves. 

And don't forget to pray for Israel.




PS - Before I sign off, I'd like to share something that is on my heart: my sweet friend Jordan has a huge heart for missions, and I am so proud of her. She is passionate about sharing the Gospel with precious people in Africa, and I asked her to share a little here as there is opportunity for you to be involved! 
 "My name is Jordan and I'm 17 years old. I love singing, writing, and playing basketball. Coffee and blue pens are my favorites. I love God with all my heart, and I wouldn't be where I am without Him. When I was only 8 years old, God told me I was going to go to Africa. Last summer at the age of 16, God fuffilled that promise! I traveled to Africa with an amazing group of people, and this summer, I believe God is calling me back to Africa!

For my trip, I will be traveling with an organization called Global Expeditions. We are going to South Africa and Uganda for two months! In South Africa we will run VBS for kids in squatter camps and also do shack-to-shack ministry, just sharing God's love with the people there. We will be helping with day to day tasks like washing dishes and sweeping floors. You meet the most amazing people and get to see God transform thier hearts. Then in Uganda we will be running abstinence assemblies in local high schools, as AIDs is on the rampage.

 I'm hoping to share my heart with teens my age, and let them know that God loves them more than anything. I want them to know God's love and share that He will help them get through the darkest times of thier life and be with them in the greatest times! The total amount of this trip will cost up to $6,000 and I know that if it's God's will, He will provide! :) I just ask that y'all prayerfully consider donating and keep me, along with my team and the people of Africa, in your prayers over the next several months before I leave. The dates of my trip are June 5th-August 1st. :) Thank you so much!
To donate you can go to and click on "Support a Missionary." Enter in my ID: 2658163 and my name, Jordan Konkler, should pop up. Then continue :) for further information you can email me at" 

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  1. Those photos look amazing! You are beautiful :)

  2. you looks so beautiful like a barbie ^^

  3. The one of you with the cotton candy is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. Adore.

  4. I totally agree with what Margaret said! I recognize this area, I live in Cali, and go to that area quite frequently!

  5. Beautiful photos. Your friend is amazing! What an inspiration. Stopping by from the blog hop. I am a new follower. Hope to see you at True Aim!

  6. You are so beautiful! These pics are lovely! xoxo

  7. These photos are fabulous!
    I am SO glad you found my is such a joy to find other believers that are passionately pursuing the Lord. Thanks for your heart to have a ministry through your blog! Can't wait to read more! Have a great weekend!

  8. I love these photos. You're so pretty! And thanks for shouting out a prayer for Israel. I appreciate it <33

  9. You look stunning, girl :)
    Love that green-ish colored dress!

    Love you!

  10. You are GORGEOUS! Love your outfits! (:

  11. gorgeous photos! that looks like a beautiful day. love the green dress, too.

  12. BEAUTIFUL!!! so great.

    and Jordan seems wonderful! Praying for her mission!

  13. Well you are the perfect model! Great shots- love the backgrounds!

  14. Erin i LOVE all these pictures!!!You are way to pretty in the pictures!!

  15. Gorgeous photos!!! I'm moving to Cali in 2 months!! AHHH I can't wait!!!

  16. What a great post and those pics are beautiful!! I bet it was a fun shoot as well!

    p.s. im your newest follower:) check my blog out too!

  17. You are so beautiful. I am sure that any image you take, you can truly see your beautiful soul.

  18. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I'm your newest follower! :)

    By the way, you're so beautiful! :)


  19. Gorgeous photos! I have that black/white maxi skirt, it's one of my faves. Love your blog and what you're all about. Jordan is such an inspiration too, thanks for sharing her!


  20. I love the photo angle with the frame..totally original..#mondaymeetup

  21. Such beautiful pictures! Love the ones by the carousel! I'm a new follower and I love your blog! Can't wait to read more! I'm doing a nationwide blogger search right now! Find out how to enter here!

    peace&love, Jill
    Favor the Brave

  22. beautiful photos...and beautiful are blessed in many ways.

  23. Girl you are so gorgeous!!! Miss you! xo

  24. UGH. Erin, you are absolutely beautiful! Inside and out. Don't ever forget it :)

  25. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES! I am stopping by from Monday meet up. Now following you via GFC. I am quite excited to be a new reader. I can already tell I am gonna love your blog :D This young lady sharing her heart touch me, I have been to Africa several times and am going back in January. I love when I see young people with a heart for reaching the lost all over the world. I blog at Pointing Up. You can find me at hope to connect more with you soon!



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