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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

kinda like a bad breakup.

This morning I woke up a little disappointed. Actually, alot.

While this little space is not a political blog and my heart is not to tear anyone down or create division - it is a place where I share my heart. I've always been one who wears my heart on my sleeve and is passionate about what I believe and feel. And though I don't want to go into a political rant, I want to share with you - my precious readers - that my heart is heavy today. Heavy - for this beautiful, free place we call America. And mostly, for Biblical morals, traditional values, and the sacredness of life that I know our God holds dear. 

This morning, I talked to my Dad and when he asked me how I felt about it, I automatically and simply stated - 

"I kinda feel like I just broke up with a boyfriend. I feel like I'm going through a bad breakup...with America."

We chuckled about it, because when ya wanna cry sometimes you just have to laugh, right?
But seriously - my heart aches with disappointment, a sense of loss, and a little sadness... for our future. And though I honor and pray for our President and all the leaders in our government, my heart is sober today. 

Perhaps you feel the same as I do. Or maybe you don't. But I think all of us can relate to that "break up" feeling - hopes dashed, dreams shattered, plans changed. 

It's so easy to fall into anxiety, fear, bitterness, and depression when something happens to cut our heart and gives us that "break up" feeling. Maybe you're going through that very thing - a break-up of a relationship. Or perhaps your "break up" feeling is due to something entirely different.

Maybe you didn't get the job you hoped for, prayed for. Maybe it's the sinking feeling of being left out of a group of girlfriends, or the disappointment that comes when life doesn't look quite like you imagined. Maybe you're concerned about your finances, your husband's career, your child's health. Maybe your heart is breaking in loneliness as you look around and ask the Lord, "Where is my Mr. Right?" Maybe you are the only one in your group of friends who can't be called "mama" - and attending baby shower after baby shower is tearing your heart right out of your chest. Or maybe your boyfriend did just break up with you and your heart is reeling. 

I am reminded today, in my disappointment, to take it to Jesus. 
To not fall into fear, anxiety, worrying, or plummet off into the depths of despair. I read this truth this morning and my heart filled with peace: 

Jesus said,

" Me you may have peace.
In this world you will have trouble.
But take heart!
I have overcome the world."

-John 16:33 

Take your sorrow to Him. Take your fear to Him. Take your disappointment and "let down" hurt feelings to Him. For, after all - He has (and will!) overcome the world.

In Him there is peace, hope, and joy - regardless of circumstances. Regardless of the people who run our government. Regardless of the ways our dreams are crushed or our hearts injured.

It's okay to cry it out, to be down and sobered in our hearts. Let's just be honest, a little bit of this went on last night, post-election --

Sometimes you just gotta break out the chocolate and trust the Lord.

May we trust the Lord, look outward, and move forward - trusting that this is all part of a "grander plan that is comin' true" (Thanks for the reminder, Rascal Flatts :) 

Outfit Stats: 

Top: Marshall's 
Dress: Express 
Watch: Michael Kors
Tights: Target 
Boots: Steve Madden
Necklace: Boutique in Santa Monica, CA.
Earrings: Forever 21 

Love, my friends.


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  1. Such true words, friend. In the end, Jesus is King. Hallelujah!!

  2. Amen! No matter the outcome, our God is in control. All we need to do is to trust in his timing, his wisdom and his ways which are always better and perfect. So easy to say, yet far more difficult to accomplish. It's such a daily growing process.
    Such insight and encouragement, Erin. Your words always resonate well with me :)
    love you, girl!

  3. Very well put. Everyone has those times where it seems like nothing is going the way it should. But, Jesus is always there to pick us up and dust us off as we continue our journey.

    Even when one door closes, Jesus is right there beside us, telling us that He has something even better in store for us if we would just be patient.

    When the time is right, we will see the awesome things He planned for us. So, don't let your heart become heavy. Take it to Jesus like you did and everything will be okay :)

  4. Love this sister. I too woke up feeling discouraged, but I was more disappointed in the division and hatred so clearly displayed among the American people. No matter what our views or who we voted for now is the time to stand together, not to be divided. We must pray and keep praying for this country!

  5. Well said. I posted on this topic today as well. Actually wrote it last night when I WAS caught in despair and crying over the effect the election is going to have on the unborn. One thing came to mind: God only gives us a day at a time. He tells us to not worry about tomorrow. So we mustn't let fear of the next 4 years rule in us. We must walk on, a day at a time, living for Him and standing up for what is right. Another thought of mine was, God was in control looong before America came to be. We must cling to our never-changing God! :)

  6. Thank you for your lovely post! I'm going through the same as you and your words encouraged and uplifted me tonight! You are a lovely woman and you radiate of God's goodness and joy! May He bless you richly :)

  7. Such a sweet reminder that God's not dead. He will never leave us, no matter what the situation. And really, that's all that matters.

    Love you!

  8. You are so amazing my friend!!! What an amazing encouraging post...and yes felt that exact same way yesterday. All we can do is pray pray pray and than pray some more!

  9. Just wanted to say hi (and I feel the same today :)) but this is my first time by your site--found your through "miscellany monday" linkup.
    You are precious. I love your heart.
    I live in Hawaii in the country, just above the beach, so I think we love the same kind of lifestyle. ;)
    I'll be back to visit-
    monica, at

  10. i love how you express it all so well.

  11. This is so fitting and perfect for my life right now, in this moment. Thank you so much for sharing your heart :) you're a blessing! Love you sweet girl.

  12. I was stunned and up a few times with the kids during the night, checking facebook and just numb. When I finally realized the root of what was bothering me this morning, it is just what you're describing - I feel like America isn't what I had hoped it still was - I don't recognize it and I feel like I'm mourning the loss of that which used to be great and full of hope, invincible even. Once I could articulate what was really bothering me I was able to come to terms with it. Many believers live in far worse countries with far worse conditions and God works there too. We will make it if we focus on his purposes, putting our trust in him and not in any man or any government besides His. Thanks for sharing.

  13. So sorry you are so upset :( - just remember that everything that happens is in Gods hands. <3 you're gorgeous lady! Love the outfit! xoxo

  14. Agreed. All of it. Every bit down to the chocolate!! :) Huge hugs to you. God's got this.

    New follower from It's Almost Friday Blog Hop.


  15. Truth truth truth truth truth, all over this post. And SO timely. Love you <3

  16. i love that you posted this because i have been feeling the same way, girl! my mama came into my room last night to ask me what was wrong. i'm just so heartbroken for our country. thank you for sharing your heart for Jesus!

  17. Yes!! I too went to bed that night upset and disgusted but also because I found out my hubby voted for Obama! I was so surprised about that.
    But what you said is true. It's all going to be ok when Jesus comes back to rule the earth! Oh what a day that will be when we rule right there with him! :-)

  18. i feel the same as you for our country. John 16:33 is a perfect verse for this situation though. i fear that God is growing further and further away from the hearts of the American people...and we cannot prosper without standing on his promises. i pray that our leader will refer to the constitution when making decisions for our nation...and the original principles that we stood on.

  19. (new follower through the blog hop)...the truth for me is that I'm ok with the outcome. I'm a christian and my faith absolutely drives my decision making like it does with you. I struggled with voting for either candidate. I do believe that God brings us to uncertain situations sometimes so we will let go and totally trust in His purposes and ways. Sometimes we need to feel a little uncomfortable, we need to be shaken up to remember whose Kingdom is truly unshakable. God always speaks during a crisis of belief so I know we will be revealing something to you about Himself through this time for you - which is kind of exciting. Thanks so much for sharing your heart and being open and doing it in a loving way. Greater things are yet to come!

  20. Hi Erin,

    I wanted to say your post was one of the best ones I have read yet on political issues especially from a Christian view point and just left me feeling encouraged! I have heard many other believers use this same verse in the last 48hrs as well as this lasting hope we have in Jesus. The thought has crossed my mind that maybe he is challenging us in these ways to follow His lead and not what we think is right for our country. It's deff. not easy all the time and chocolate helps but your post really gave my heart a boost along with your blog that I love SO much to read.

    Have a blessed day and thankful for sharing your heart!


  21. i agree completely. for me more than the tax cuts, healthcare, and economics, the results were more shattering because of where we are headed as a country while leaving god's word behind. only destruction can come from tossing Him to the side thinking He is no longer important for the country and that His ways are outdated. all day i felt like crying and when i got home i prayed and cried with my kids. but in Him we shall trust friend. In Him we shall cast our fears.

  22. My thoughts exactly! An excellently written post! :)

  23. I'm so thankful that we serve a god that is bigger than politics, bigger than the president and bigger than all of our worries!

  24. Hi Erin! Thanks so much for becoming my newest follower!

    Wow. This is such an awesomely honest post. And I, for one, think you are just. so. brave. for posting about politics here. Even as someone who received my undergraduate degree in International Relations, and whose MA work is in International Human Rights, politics just isn't something I feel comfortable discussing in social media anymore (though I was incredibly politically active online in college). My beliefs have become so very personal to me, and so deeply ingrained in my faith, that for someone to attack my political beliefs, is for someone to attack me. My Jesus. My God.

    However, I am at peace in knowing that no matter the direction our country takes over the next 4, 8, 12 ... years, that I will raise my daughter in a Godly home, with a Godly father. And that is something to cherish.

    Thanks SO much for sharing.

  25. I LOVE your outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Beautifully said post love.

  26. Thank you so much for this post, Erin.

    I too, was feeling disappointed with the outcome. It didn't (doesn't) feel right.
    But like you said, God has this under control. Its all okay. He doesn't let things that huge (or matters small) just happen without a plan. A big plan.

    You just made my day with the whole tears, chocolate and Jesus thing. So true. That was seriously so encouraging to me. Thank you, girl!!

    Praying for you, Erin. Love you.


  27. You know what I love most about this country, well, I'm about to say if that's okay... we all feel so incredibly passionate about her and that makes for a pretty amazing place if you ask me. =)

    'just wanted to thank ya for joining me for An Aloha Affair. We have a beautiful team of bloggers hosting this week and I would so love it if you'd join us, again.
    'hope to see ya soon.


  28. Hi Erin!
    I came across your blog over at Kimberly's Korner this morning. So, I thought I'd pay you a visit and I'm so glad I did! You have a wonderful blog! I, too, felt pretty depressed after the results of the election rolled in, but I know and fully believe that God is the King above all kings and He is watching closely over our country. That brings me great peace. Hope you have a wonderful day...I'm now a follower!

  29. Hi Erin - thanks for following me now and I am following you back!

    Hope you have a good weekend.

  30. I have to keep telling myself that the same God is on the throne and there is NOTHING to big or hard for Him. In the Bible he brought up leaders and tore them down...some even being unwise leaders. May God bless our nation!


  31. erin. i felt the same way. i felt burdened and disappointed and sad for our country. it breaks my heart that ppl want to rid our country of God. because he is our protection. and has been our source of strength. i wrote on it and lost readers. and even that makes me sad, not for me necessarily, but that ppl don't see the love of God in his righteousness. anyways, i am so thankful that i can rest in him as an individual, my heart still cries out for the people in our nation who need TRUE hope that can only come from God.

  32. i totally felt the same exact way. thank you for sharing my exact thoughts through your words. love u!

  33. Erin this was a beautiful post. I actually went upstairs and stared into my sons baby monitor, I just watched him, prayed over him and sobbed. I'm scared for his future- but these words are exactly what I need to continue to be reminded of! Love you!


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