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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Girl Behind the Blog: This One Time

Hi sweet friends!
Hope your week is fabulous so far :) Kinda hard to get back into the routine after the fabulous turkey-coma - family weekend, huh? But I have a bright spot for your week - it's time again for The Girl Behind the Blog link-up. And this month is extra fun as we are sharing embarrassing moments or stories! You have to join in. It's such a fun way to make a vlog and get to know new bloggy friends. Click on the link below the video to join in on the fun! 

(Okay, so little disclaimer... I may have exaggerated a little bit about the size of the animal I describe in the video. It seemed like it was that big ;) And Ashley & Julie, sorry for going waay over time.)


Love you all! 



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  1. Haha that is kind of hilarious and horrifying! You're such a funny storyteller and you look gorgeous as always :)

    Love you!

  2. Bahaha, great choice of a story. I agree with Chelsea, you are a funny storyteller. "And then we got pedicures...." Love it!

  3. Auuugghh. oh my! I would have been crying too! That is horrifying! But it makes for a great story. :) the terrible and embarrassing things we go through for a good story...ha! Thanks for Linking up:)

  4. Eewww. I would have FREAKED out too!!! I hate any type of creepy crawler!!! Bleh.

  5. oh my gosh Erin I would have DIED!! I probably wouldn't have been able to shake it off. I would have fallen right then and there and DIED. I'm glad you survived ;)

  6. Oh my goodness! No! I would have been screaming too. (If not laying on the floor unconscious! ;) That is really horrifying! Poor girl. You'll have some entertaining stories to tell your children and grandchildren someday. haha.

    I was once reading in the field and I didn't hear this coyote that had made its way just a few feet from me. I turned around and there it was. I could barely breath. I know it always tells you "don't run" but I HAD to. I ran faster than I ever have. It followed me for awhile too. That was really scary.

    I really loved watching this video and seeing you just come alive talking and explaining your story. You're so beautiful, Erin.

  7. OMG I am so grossed out! Hahah I hate rats! I would freak out too!

  8. Hello darling, lovely blog here! Wanna follow each other? Let me know through comments... it would be great to keep in touch =)
    Last time by Ylenia Labate

  9. OH MY GOODNESS! That is so disgusting and creepy. I got the heeby-jeebies just hearing the story. I've only seen rats once (in Cali, come to think of it - on the walking bridge between San Diego and Tijuana), but they are so nasty and scary. Glad you didn't get rabies! Haha.

  10. omygosh! i agree about the horrifying part. i do NOT do rats or bears. i know that's random, but those are the two things i can't handle. it's great that you can laugh about it now, though!
    so nice to see this side of you!

  11. I would have died. Just died right there. You poor poor thing! But you did an amazing job telling that story! :)

    Love you!

  12. I love this! I would have totally freaked out, too! I'm so bummed I forgot to do a vlog...I have so many embarrassing stories! :)

    The Mrs. and The Momma

  13. hahaha omgsh I would have totally freaked out too! You are a great story teller. Love you friend!

  14. I would have been totally crying and running away too!! I was getting chills just listening to you tell the story. :D

    Yup, and the world totally needs to read your blog because it's just the best. Love ya girl!

    I have a little birthday/Christmas happy that I want to mail to you... Do you mind sending me your address please ma'am? :)


  15. ahhh that is SO crazy slash grooooooss!!! haha :) thanks for sharing :)


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