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Friday, December 7, 2012

a little Christmas inspiration

I'm in the middle of preparing a special little Christmas surprise for you all! But, since it's not quite finished yet, I want to share a few Christmasy inspirations with you, in photos and in blog posts that have touched my heart or inspired me! 

Inspiring posts I loved this week, if you have a few minutes.. you should read them. 

--> That Suburban Momma shares about making time for simple things. 

--> Rae writes about the artist's never-ending battle to conform versus create.

--> Nadine talks about leaving a legacy

--> Silver shows us how to be fashionably "boho" 

--> Amber reminds us to turn our eyes away from worthless things & idols

--> Whole Magazine discusses the gift of singleness. 

--> Danise shares words to live by

--> Have you gotten your Christmas cards yet? Design beautiful ones here! 

A little Christmas present comin' your way from me to you this weekend :) 

Be blessed!




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  1. Such a refreshing joyful post thank you!

  2. I love the hot chocolate and front porch photos! And I will definitely be checking out the Christmas cards post!

  3. I will be sure to read those awesome blogs!

  4. Cute cute! Yay for Christmas!

  5. Thanks for the mention Erin! You have such a beautiful spirit.

    Whole Magazine

  6. Ooh, love those pictures! There's something about cabins in the wintertime and delicious Starbucks drinks to warm you. Love it!!

    Thinking of you lately, and praying for you. Thanks for always warming my heart and putting a smile on my face. I feel so at home every time I sit down and read your posts.

    Love ya soo much, girl!

  7. Thanks for the shout-out, Erin! All of those pictures are so cozy. I love it!

  8. I'm loving that yummy looking hot chocolate! I can't wait to see what your surprise is. :)

  9. love the hot cocoa with the gingerbread marshmellows! XD

  10. aww cute post!! loving this holiday season! xoxo

  11. Thanks for the inspiration! Loved looking at them all!

  12. Loved visiting all the new blogs you featured! Thanks Erin, you're awesome:) love Katie

  13. hi, i'm following the "an aloha affair blog hop" i would love for you to visit my blog and follow if you like it.

    new follower bev

  14. Love all of your inspiration photos. I found you through the Aloha Affair Blog Hop and followed you. Feel free to visit my blog anytime and maybe follow if you like what you see there ;-)

    kisses Keke (Pakize)


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