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Sunday, December 16, 2012

a secondary heartbeat.

Hi sweet friends!

Happy weekend. Hope and pray your hearts are at peace as you prepare for Christmas and embrace those you love. I know it's been a difficult few days for our country and I know so many of our hearts are hurting for those in Newtown (read some words of comfort here

My friend Nadine blogs over at A Secondary Heartbeat, and I am sharing her beautiful heart with you all today. I love this blogging world and sisterhood, and she is an encouraging friend to have. So if you're looking for another amazing blog sister - she is someone you should follow and get to know! 

I asked her a few questions to share her heart with us: 

1 // Tell us all about your beautiful blog and why you chose the name?? I really see my blog as my attempt to share the Gospel. I love love love Jesus so much and I sin so so much and His grace and mercy still cover me so what else could I do but share all He has done!
The way I see it as I read through the scriptures (and experience life) is that there is a battle between our flesh and our spirit. Our flesh desires sin and our spirit desires to serve God. I've taken that idea and turned it into heartbeats. So my blog is a Secondary Heartbeat because I choose to give in to the spirit seeking Jesus. I make the choice to serve Him. I mess up and sin all the time, but my heart, the heart that is redeemed by Christ, desires to serve Christ.

I just recently have had the blog redesigned. I've written for a few years and in a few different blog spaces, and it's been over the past few months that I've really worked to make my blog welcoming to more people than just friends and family. I want anyone to stop in, delight in the beauty of the design, and settle in to the words, all the while seeing Jesus in what I write. I see it as me sitting with a dear friend over coffee, sharing the wisdom I hear from God with her.
2 // What is the Lord teaching you right now? I feel like I'm in a long season of pruning. God is so good. He doesn't let me sit and rest in my sins. He constantly stretches me to pursue righteousness. I was really struggling with trusting God and trusting His timing and will for my life. I felt like God had me envision a trust fall - remember those? You fall back into the arms of someone who is going to catch you because you trust them. You don't gain trust by wanting to trust. You can trust by trusting. It's crazy how simple it is. As I've let go of my control and let myself fall into the Lord, I've realized that everything seems to work a lot easier.

3 // If your life was made into a movie, which actress would you choose to portray you and why? I would choose Anna Kendrick. That girl is hilarious, beautiful, and seems like she'd make a great friend!

4 // If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could only have 3 items, what would you bring?  Probably a good camera (with a magically long-lasting battery and super huge memory card), an endless coffee supply, and a good friend to make things fun!

5 // What is your favorite thing about blogging? What is one tip you can share to help other bloggers? My favourite thing about blogging is the opportunity it is for me to share the Gospel. My biggest tip would be to engage in community with other bloggers. I started doing that this year. I joined Twitter and started really actively commenting on blogs and initiating community with bloggers I respect. And those comments, I got convicted initially because at first I was just writing them to gain readers so I made a rule that if I comment somewhere, I have to mean what I'm writing. I guess this is kinda more than one tip but my real tip is: check your heart ALL the time and give all the glory to God because that is when things will happen.

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