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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

stop remembering.

Two Things.

 A reminder for your mid-week thoughts.

The big announcement - who won the giveaway?? :)

1 // A reminder of truth.

"As far as sunrise is from sunset, 

He has separated us from our sins." 

-Psalm 103:12

//The Message Version// 

This is such a hard one. Mulling over in our minds those things we've done wrong, the mistakes we've made, the sin we've committed. But friend, please remember this truth - after you've laid those things at His feet, His blood covers over all sin with the sweetest grace. And you must then let those things go. He has removed those things from you. Your past has been wiped clean! He has separated us from our sins... I love that word. They don't have a place in our minds and hearts anymore. So let them go. He has.

2 // And the announcement you've been waiting for!!!!  

The huge birthday/Thanksgiving celebration giveaway goes to..............................

Yayy, congratulations! Email me, girl! 

And thank you to all who participated :)

Love you all.




  1. AMEN!!! What a beautiful reminder:) Congrats to Becky Marie, how exciting!

  2. I was just thinking " I need to PIN this" :) doing that NOW :)

  3. Thank you for that encouragement. It's definitely difficult to forget what God has least for me.

  4. Ah sister, thank you for this reminder of truth!

  5. i love the verse<3 Psalms is one of my favorite books of the Bible.

  6. ...and it's so cute that she only had one entry and won, lol. When God chooses...He chooses! <3

  7. I love love LOVE that reminder!! Thank you dear friend :)

  8. Beautiful reminder Erin. We beat ourselves up so much sometimes over our past doings, when God is already planning something new! I agree with Mariel. Pinning this one!

  9. Thank You for the reminder Erin :)

  10. "Stop remember what God has forgotten"

    I need this tacked to my wall. Every wall. In every room. :)


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