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Sunday, December 23, 2012

that surburban momma i know.

Happy Christmas Eve eve, sweet friends! ;) 

I hope your getting ready for Christmas is going well! Amid all our stress shopping, baking, cooking, relaxing, family time, and preparations, may we remember the meaning of the season. That Christmas is not about the presents but His presence. The holidays can be hard, let's be honest. But that reminder calms me down whenever I struggle, start to feel anxious or overwhelmed. As you take a quick break from rolling out that cookie dough or wrapping those gifts, I'd like to introduce you to this sweet girl - Josi from That Suburban Momma! I recently met her and she is just the sweetest. Her blog is so fun and inspiring. I chatted with her about her heart, blog, and all about Christmas - listen in and be sure to visit her blog and follow her links - you'll love getting to know her :) 
Check out her link over here -------> 


I'll be back one more time before Christmas. 
Remember the little surprise I mentioned last week?



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