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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Girl Behind The Blog - Holiday Traditions

Happy almost-Christmas friends!! 

I'm so excited about December's Girl Behind The Blog, as we share our favorite holiday traditions! I shared some of mine below, so enjoy! Be warned, this is my first take, unedited - I was totally tired after Christmas shopping all day. Or rather, trying to Christmas shop. I got really overwhelmed at the mall this year for some reason. For instance, at one point this afternoon, I found myself aimlessly wandering through Macy's Christmas clearance section, mindlessly walking through aisles of Nutcracker statues and haphazardly falling down fake trees for a good ten minutes before I got it together and started looking for real gifts. So excuse my hot-mess-ness here (and my not knowing when movies first started being made ;) 
and... by the way, I am convinced that YouTube purposefully chooses the worst screen shot ever. Whatevs.) Enjoy!!

Girls, if you haven't linked up yet and made your video, you gotta do it!! Find the link below. It's such a fun way to share a vlog and get to know an amazing community of women bloggers! 

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

Love and hugs, friends. 

Happy Friday!





  1. i love driving around just to see the beautiful christmas lights. i love christmas lights they're so beautiful! =)

  2. My family used to drive around to see the lights every year... I guess we still do. It's fun to think about what kinds of traditions carry over into your own little family after you're grown. =)
    I really like the Scotch breakfast tradition... that sounds awesome.

    Coming to you from the link up ! Xxo

  3. oh my goodness we ARE all a hot mess right now! :)

    Merry Christmas!!

  4. Aww, such wonderful holiday memories!
    Driving around looking at Christmas lights is one of my faaaavorites. :)

  5. Awwww, the story about your dad was so cute. And I agree, driving around to see the lights is an awesome tradition! Merry Christmas and Happy Friday!

  6. I gotta say, I've never heard of "bangers" haha. I love it! Thanks for linking up sister :) Merry Christmas!

  7. HAHA your dad cracks me up!! That is too funny!! And the part with the cd music is hilarious, I'll have to tell you why some other time ;)
    Miss you girlie!!! =)
    And you never look like a hot mess ;)
    Much Love!

  8. Mine is opening one of my pressies on Christmas Eve and having a big meal on Christmas Eve. We are Austrian (I was born in England though) so I am not sure if it comes from that side of the family as it was my great grandma (who was Austrian) who got us to do this. We also had REAL candles on the tree when I was little, can you imagine that?!?! It was AMAZING like a real wonderland, they had metal holder clip things and little stub candles that we lit and sang 'oh tannenbaum, oh tannenbaum' (german version of 'Oh Christmas Tree') agh making me sooo sentimental

    Happy Friday lovely lady

    Janine xx

  9. I can totally relate to getting overwhelmed while trying to shop. This year we decided to not do anything big so I haven't had to go to the mall at all! I love hearing about all your traditions and its so awesome that your dad cooks breakfast. Sounds yummy. Love you my friend!

  10. I just love reading your lovely blogs Erin, they always cheer my mood up and inspire me to go forward in my faith walk, you are so strong with Jesus. I love you.

  11. You're so adorable.. as always. I am really excited to take 5ohBig around to see lights this year so she can begin to have some of those wonderful memories! Merry Chirstmas friend!

  12. AWWE! I love this. You're so adorable. A very pretty "hot mess."

    I just laughed when you were talking about your dad. Hahaha.

  13. You are just so gorgeous!! Love all of your traditions, hope you enjoy them all this Christmas!! Love you lady!

  14. If you are a "mess", then the rest of us have no chance! :)

    I looooove looking at Christmas lights, but I can't imagine what it would be like doing that in Cali, seems like people would go alllll out for that!

    "Were there movies back then?" Bahahah! Awesome.

    I linked up, too! Merry Christmas! xoxo

  15. Hello, hello!

    i just found your blog via living in yellow, and i LOVE it. I adore what you stand for, and what you are striving to become. We certianly need more woman like you in this wonderful world of ours. :) Thanks for blogging!
    Wamest Wishes! -

  16. I loved hearing about your traditions through the link-up! Merry Christmas! :)

    Amanda @ Faith*Love*Strength

  17. girl, you are gorgeous. :) And I love your traditions. and I want to come visit you, #1 so I can meet you and #2 so I can meet your dad. He seems pretty awesome! :)


  18. Hey! I just discovered your blog and I love it!!! Will be following!

    ~Rebecca at

  19. Cutie! All this solidifies for me is how amazing you, how I wish you lived next door and we were besties, and how we have to book in that Skype date soon! ;)
    Lights are one of my favourite Christmas things too... I mentioned them in my vid!
    Merry Christmas, sweet girl!
    xo Rachael

  20. You are just too adorable! Is it totally random for me to say that you've always "looked Scottish" to me? LOL. Anyways, loved the vlog!

    *hugs & love*
    Ashley Danielle
    ||Always Ashley Blog||

  21. You are so brave, I have yet to try the whole vlog thing. I may just have to venture out into those waters soon...

    P.S. your hair looks so thick and gorgeous in the video (so not a hot mess) I'm jealous!

  22. Ok, you are not a mess at all- you are so gorgeous! But malls totally frazzle me too so I get it :)

    I LOVE your dad's breakfast tradition- that sounds like so much fun! Hope y'all had a beautiful Christmas, love!

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