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Friday, January 11, 2013

rise above life.

I love this blog community. I love the sisters and friends I've met, the way our lives intertwine despite miles of distance and unlikelihood that our paths would ever otherwise cross. My perspective has been widened by other people's views that differ from mine - and I have learned that accepting and celebrating differences is a precious thing. But most of all, I've been so very encouraged by the sweet, wise, mature, resilient, beautiful souls I've encountered through blogging. The Internet & social media have some negative aspects, but I have found there is much more good than bad. And the blogging community is truly part of the good. The very good. 

I really love the phrase Glennon Melton constantly shares - 

"The most revolutionary thing we can do is introduce people to each other." 

A to the MAN! One of my prayers for this blog is that it is a place where we can be real, share our hearts, build a sisterhood, and meet new people. Which is why I would like to introduce April to you. She is a gem of a woman with an overflowing heart for encouragement and a lot of wisdom. She's been through alot. And she has chosen to take her experiences and use them to speak truth and inspiration into people.

Her blog, Rise Above Life is full of sweet encouragement. She speaks specifically to those who are and have experienced loss, disappointment, and pain in life. Those dark moments of life called "miscarriage", "cancer", "divorce", and the like. Those things we think we cannot get through. This is where she steps in with truth - she speaks HOPE into hopelessness. 
Something I love about April's ministry is her Etsy shop - full of gorgeous, inspiring prints to hang in your home to remind you of unshakable truths during stormy seasons. 

Enjoy getting to know April a little better, I know you'll be encouraged. 

// Follow April for more encouragement // 

and find her inspiring, beautiful prints at her shop: 

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Happy weekend, my loves!

I'll be back sharing my thoughts and a lesson learned 
last night at the Jay Leno show (of all places!)

Stay sweet.



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