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Friday, February 1, 2013

happy reads & helping each other.

Sharing two things with you today - 

A few inspiring posts from my sweet friends. 
And sharing below my thoughts on sponsorships/advertising and options I am offering. 

Take a few minutes, dear friend, to read and be inspired for your weekend ahead - 

Amber talks about how you get what you put in

April shares simple truth - happiness does not depend on surroundings. 

Krystal says we can do hard things.

Kate talks cupcakes! 'Nough said. 

Meg shares how she is learning to be simply devoted

Danise shares about learning to wait. 

And you know what this Sunday is - Superbowl Sunday! Read the Woman's Guide to Football at Quite Magazine, written by my friend Jessica. 

Did you read my post on society's standards of beauty and the truth that YOU ARE LOVED? 

And meet my newest sidebar sponsor, The Fitness Sisters! More coming all about these beauties soon, but go visit - they are dear, lifelong friends of mine and have an inspiring message!

And sharing my heart a little on helping each other through advertising.... 

I love to use this little place as a platform to share things I love and believe in with you, my faithful and precious readers and friends. Sometimes in this world and culture, it's hard to find good, quality entertainment and encouragement. I personally appreciate it so much when those I trust "pass along" good ideas, movies, books, shops, places, blogs, and everything else. And so I hope to do that for you. The blogs on my sidebar are people I believe in and trust. And I like to see "sponsorship" and "advertising" as a way to build community, build our ministries, build our businesses, and to help each other out - giving and taking. I think that offering advertising is a personal decision for each blogger. It's right for some blogs, it's not right for others. You do not need to have ads on your blog to be a successful blogger. And I think it's totally okay to help support yourself/family/ministry/business through monetizing your blog. My friend Erin shared her thoughts & experience on making money blogging here, and another amazing friend Ashley (who I'm actually have lunch with today!) shared her thoughts on how sponsorship is not right for her blog right now, here. Advertising is right for my little space here, and I'm excited to partner with you who have shops and blogs. The information is here below along with my current stats - if you're interested, please e-mail me with any and all questions, ideas, and thoughts - 

// Updated Stats // 

As of 1/31/13
 Pageviews last month: 16,000 +
Google Friend Connect Followers: 1,040+
Twitter: 1,208+
Instagram: 1,500+
Pinterest: 760+
Hello Cotton: 162+ {featured on Lifestyle blogs of the day in June 2012}
Facebook: 334+ {posts are also shared with 1,000+ personal Facebook friends}
Bloglovin' - #15 of 248 in Christian blog category

---> You can start TODAY! Or anytime you're ready.
---> Ads run for 30 days.
--->Don't have a button? No worries! I'll make one for you for free!



---> The sweetest one of all! 

---> Extra Large Size! // 250x350 

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              support you (example: product reviews,                         giveaways, etc)

           ---> Sweetness itself! (I had to. ;)  
           ---> Large size! 250x250
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Just a spoonful of sugar...

        ---> Sugar for the price of a Starbucks LATTE!
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  1. thanks for the shout out girl :)

  2. Love this! I am such a newbie at this stuff… I.Need.Help. haha I don't even know where to start with the ad stuff!? Eek.

    Love you sis


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