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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The best chocolate you'll EVER have.

The first time I had Lindt chocolate, it was straight from Switzerland. My dad preached at a church there when I was a kid, and brought home a few bars of Lindt. Melt in your mouth yummy, I just fell in love then and there. I have to admit, to this day, I am chocolate obsessed. So when I found out my friend Elizabeth is a Lindt Independent Chocolate Advisor, I was over the moon excited. And now that she's my sponsor this month, I'm ecstatic! Elizabeth is taking over the blog today to share all about the amazing chocolate  You may read her blog, you may have seen her on my sidebar this weekend. Well, you get the pleasure of getting to know her as she tells us ALL about the amazing chocolate products she is offering. She kindly sent me a happy little box of all kinds of amazing samples, and I am not exaggerating when I say they are the BEST chocolates I've ever had. And let's face it, I've had alot of chocolate in my day. But the incredible array of options is melt in your mouth amazing! Elizabeth is here to tell you everything you need to know about this delicious chocolate that's delivered right to your door! (Order now, HERE!) 
 Sweet readers! My name is Elizabeth, and around the internet I'm known as The Young Retiree! A few years back I got married and immediately moved from Virginia to California as my husband was moving with his job! I'm so happy to say I'm no longer retired! I'm working my DREAM selling CHOCOLATE! I recently became a Lindt R.S.V.P. Independent Chocolate Advisor. How cool is that? Lindt is such a recognizable name, but I bet folks have no idea everything they truly have to offer  As a Lindt R.S.V.P. consultant, I get the opportunity to throw in home parties so people can sample our products before they buy them- European specialties, new flavors of truffles (hello: Coconut and Caramel!), and candy bars! I'm finally able to provide some kind of income into our household, and I pay my husband in truffles for the help he gives me! 
You might be asking how someone even gets involved with selling chocolate and it is a rather funny story for me. My husband LOVES chocolate. I love good chocolate and giving to others. For years, every time I was invited to a party, I would bring some LINDOR truffles in a candy jar as a hostess gift. I made Easter baskets for friends with LINDOR truffle eggs and chocolate carrots! Lindt and their products almost became my signature gift. Naturally, when my husband started working at the hospital he is at now, he had his first office all to himself and I sent in a candy jar. Around Christmastime I sent in some fun candy in Christmas wrapping... it was not Lindt. Someone actually asked him where the "good candy" was. I went to the Lindt website to order a case of truffles and it was then that I noticed I could become a consultant with a company who was already such a big part of my life!
I'm sure everyone has seen LINDOR truffles at their local big box store, grocery store, and even drug stores! "LINDOR" is a combination of the world "Lindt" and "or", the French word for gold, and LINDOR truffles are the gold standard in chocolate and gold winning item for Lindt. As an R.S.V.P. consultant, I am able to offer a variety of exquisite products not available anywhere else: a special full line of truffle flavors, our European specialty chocolates, boxed chocolates  our chocolate accessories (like our sweet truffle jar), and our fabulous cookbook! PLUS: it's shipped right from our factory in New Hampshire to your door step! 
One of the first things I did upon becoming a consultant was rip into the European Specialty sampler bag that came with my starter kit. It contained amazing chocolates I never knew existed! Each night my husband and I would sample one or two... or four chocolates! We'd cut them in half and see which ones we liked best. He loved the Mozartkuglen (item #7735 for a combination of milk and dark, item #7741 for dark chocolate and item #7711 for milk chocolate). They are little chocolates with a soft hazelnut cream center surrounded by pistachio marzipan filling! My favorite quickly became the Bastoncini (item#7970)! Small little "two bite bars" with a variety of kinds: decadent milk chocolate filled with smooth white chocolate, chocolate with little cereal crsipies inside, heaven in a 40 calorie nugget of deliciousness! Then we both fell in love with our Hello Bars (item #LS72)! We tried the Hello Bits box (item #422007Ato get a feel for them and the taste can't be beat. Luckily, his favorite is the caramel brownie and mine is the cookies and cream! 
I love sharing excellent chocolate with friends and customers, but what I love more is that I can offer them amazing deals. When you subscribe to my newsletter, you'll be informed of our monthly specials! For instance, in February, when you place a $40 order, you can get a bag of our Caramel truffles (item#8027) for $5 instead of the regular $12. In March, when you place an order of $40, you can get our limited edition spring truffles (item #7762) for $8 instead of the regular $18.  From now until Easter, I am most proud to be a part of Lindt and their amazing work with Autism Speaks. For every gold bunny purchased, Lindt donates ten cents! Last year, they donated over $400,000! I'm so honored to be working with a company that has such great community outreach as part of their tradition and values!
If you ever have any questions, you can tweet me, find me on Facebookdrop me a line, or head right over to my Lindt R.S.V.P. site and "shop now"! Be sure to check out my newsletter (and subscribe) for recipes, specials, and news about Lindt!
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  1. Wow, that is my DREAM JOB! I love, love, love Lindt chocolate, it's my favourite by far.
    Great post!

    Lyndsay ♡
    Fizzy Peaches

  2. yummers!! any kind of chocolate is good chocolate. :)


  3. I like chocolate and I was very excited when I found your blog. I absolutely like each bit of it.

    Posted by Josh Preston | Boxed Chocolates


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