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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Vlog // The #1 Reason Why I Choose to Save Sex for Marriage

Sexual purity is a passion of mine, and if you have spent more than 5 minutes reading through this little space of mine you'd see my heart and passion pour through onto the pages, my goal being to encourage young people to pursue a life of sexual purity. Since writing my first post on the subject  I've met and received emails and feedback from thousands of people who share the same heart. I've been so encouraged to know we are NOT alone in this pursuit. And speaking openly about abstinence has been a theme in my ministry and writing and will continue to be as I write my book.

But why is this a passion of mine? Why am I really choosing to save sex for marriage and why do I believe it is important? Aside from abstinence just being a wise, smart thing to choose - saving heartache and emotional scars, protecting your future marriage and spouse, avoiding STD's and unwanted pregnancy, honoring the sacredness of the covenant of marriage, and simply respecting your own body. What is the #1 reason I choose to save sex for marriage? 

I wanted to share a little more of the heart behind why I am choosing this road less traveled.  

What exactly do I mean by "purity"? What if you're not a virgin, is it hopeless for you? Watch my video as I share my heart a little more on this topic and answer those questions and more. May you be encouraged to entrust your love life, body, heart, and mind to God, knowing His way is best! 

Wherever you are on your journey,
I pray you are inspired to live a life of sexual purity!

Be encouraged, stay strong,
and know you are NOT alone! 

Email me if you need prayer or encouragement in this area,
and if you are one of the precious ones who has emailed me - I am writing back,
I promise! It takes me a while because of the amount of emails I receive,
but know I am praying for you until I have time to reply officially :)

Love your sistah in this journey,




  1. Beautiful words & a beautiful heart. I so wish I had this mindset when I was dating growing up. I have a post written and scheduled for tomorrow about purity and waiting. :) love you friend!

  2. you're lovely, but something I've always struggled with: where exactly (verse reference) in the Bible does it say that I have to save myself for marriage?

  3. Love your heart :) So thankful for your friendship! Jesus has built a wonderful community here through you, and I cannot wait to watch it continue to grow.

  4. Your heart is so beautiful Erin. I wish I'd waited, I really do. I'm waiting now, by the grace of God I'm been granted a second chance and I'm not going to take that lightly.

  5. Purity is a passion of mine as well. What a wonderful, loving God we serve. How amazing it is to remember He wants what is best for us and that is why we must obey Him.
    Thanks for sharing your heart on this important matter. :)

  6. Hi Beautiful heart :) I'm so happy to see you vlogging. This topic is good, and I'm so happy that your heart is called to share here. Lot's of wisdom for treasuring our hearts like Jesus does. Love you lady xo

  7. Sexual purity is so important to me too and it's something I plan on teaching my children. I love how you addressed how purity is defined because like you said, so many people think that purity means you think you're better than them and are perfect.

    Thank you for sharing your heart and continuing to encourage women to have a relationship with Jesus. Have a wonderful day pretty lady!

    P.S. You should do more vlogs!

  8. you are so precious and loved, erin. this video was an amazing reminder to me and i'm sure was an encouragement to other ladies.
    you are a breath of fresh air that this world needs and i'm so thankful that there is other like-minded women out there like you. :)
    i treasure our "virtual" friendship. ;)


  9. Erin, thanks so much for sharing this. Even though I am married, the reminder to love Jesus as my first love and heavenly prince, is just what I needed! And I can say too, from experience, sexual purity is very much worth the wait!! Thanks so much for your boldness and heart in this.
    Love, Raechel

  10. This is an awesome post! I absolutely loved the video. And in response to Robin's comment, I found this website: . It presents some bible passages that reference sexual immorality and such; but another biblical point is that God condemns adultery, and adultery is sex outside of marriage, so having premarital sex in all reality is committing adultery.

  11. You've got such a beautiful heart.

    This encouraged me a lot.
    A few close people to me have not understood my decisions with guys...said stuff that kinda bothered me, especially with my decisions on saving myself.
    When you said singleness was precious, it really stuck out to me. It really is, and I really want to embrace it.
    One lady sounded like she was trying to scare me about getting married when I told her that was one of my dreams, so I really loved and appreciated the way you explained everything. Thanks for leading the way....God knows what an encouragement you are to me and soo many others. He's so proud of you, Erin.
    Thank you for this video. Its always nice to see you "face to face" :)

  12. Well said my friend... well said :)


sweet friends, share your heart.

"kind words are like honey...sweet..and healing.." -proverbs 16:24.


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