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Sunday, March 31, 2013

// photo taken last Easter, 2012 // 

Happy Easter, my loves! 
He is risen, He's alive! Such a beautiful reason to rejoice and be thankful today, 
whatever our circumstances. Hope in Jesus! 

All my love. 


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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Saturday, friends! I hope you're enjoying time spent with loved ones celebrating this Easter weekend. Just dropping in to introduce you to a precious friend in our beautiful community. She's really sweet and encouraging, and she and I are name twins! Listen is as she shares a little bit about herself and her blog, and visit her, follow her and get to know her - you'll love her! Love and hugs! XO! 


Hi sweet readers of Sweetness Itself!  My name is Erin and I blog over at Read, Eat, Create!  In my little corner of the world wide web, I share my passion for reading, cooking and living this beautiful life God has given me.  My husband and I just celebrated our one year anniversary in February and we have a year old pup named Jack who I pretty much treat like a baby!  I have always been a good cook.  In fact, when I first started dating my husband he would do ALL of the cooking!  I always wanted to learn though and creating a blog about it was the best way to push me outside my comfort zone!

About the "Create" part?  I'm still working on that one but it sure has been fun to make things that I never would have dreamed about before!
I love to travel and just got back from Jamaica not too long ago!  It was incredible there and I highly recommend it if you haven't yet!
I feel so blessed to be a part of this blogging community.  I have made so many friends and met so many beautiful souls through blogging!  One thing I didn't expect to happen was how my relationship with God would change.  I feel like I have become so much closer to Him and I feel like it has to do with seeing how others in this community communicate with God.  It's definitely renewed my faith and made it stronger than it ever has been before!

5 things about Erin /// 

1.  I got my motorcycle license in June of 2012 and bought a brand new Harley-Davidson two weeks later.
2.  My husband (who I refer to as Mr. C. on my blog) and I love dinners that consist only of appetizers.
3.  I started a book club last May with some girls and the friendships that I have made through it have been incredible!
4.  My favorite place I have ever traveled to was Alaska.  I would move there in a heartbeat if I could!
5.  I love early mornings when the world hasn't woken up yet and everything is quiet and peaceful.  It makes me feel so blessed and thankful. 

Follow Erin & Show Her Some Love!  

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Today is Good Friday. The day Christians commemorate Jesus' death on the Cross for our sins, graciously opening the door for us to receive salvation, have our sins washed clean, and have an eternity sealed in paradise forever. Needless to say, today is special to me. It's a day when I try to take a step back, quiet my heart, and really truly think about His death and what it means to me. Honestly, it means alot. A whole lot. Good Friday and Easter Sunday are not some random dates on the calendar to me, they mean the difference between life and death. We here in the blog world talk alot about hope, dreams, plans, passions. We talk about happiness, looking for the good, finding the good in others. We talk about the little joys in life, and the happiness we find... in everything from DIY projects to recipes to fashionable outfits. I often talk about my passion to inspire and encourage people, to share my passion for sexual purity and waiting for God's best plan, and knowing we as women are worth way more than what our media and culture says. But friend, none of this would matter or even exist at all if Easter hadn't happened. And for me, He is the reason I even write a blog. Why I have the strength and courage to try to inspire and share hope with y'all. And why I can face each new day. 

To me, this day is oh so personal. It's very close to my heart, because He is. He is the absolute love of my life. He means more to me than any thing or person, dream or wish. He is my everything. And I owe Him everything. To me, He's not some far-off figure from history or some character we read about in vague stories in the Bible. He is so real and so close. He is my Prince, my knight in shining armor. Girls, imagine an amazing, beautiful, brave, passionate, sweet, strong, precious man. He rides up on his white horse, rescues you from perilous danger and frightening death, and then gives his life for yours, dies for you - as He whispers, "My darling, I love you." Would you not be oh so in love? Would you not swoon and be head over heels in awe of this exceptional man? Well I have news for ya ... Jesus is that man. To me His love is intimate, close and just as real as any human relationship I have and even more special and exciting than any romantic relationship I will have with a husband someday. Today, I am overwhelmed afresh by His phenomenal, infinite, beautiful love for me. And you. Oh do you know Him? Do you know His love? Do you know this man who died for you? Because believe me, if you don't, you should....and you can. He is just a whisper away. And remember, His whispers are sweetness itself, wholly desirable. And He loves you....He loves you more than you could ever comprehend.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son,
that whoever believes in His shall not perish 
but have eternal life." 
-John 3:16 


I just feel so compelled to share a video with you. It is a poignant, beautiful portrayal of what happened so many years ago today on Good Friday. The day Jesus died. It is literally the Bible portrayed and acted out in movie format - word for word from the book of Matthew. One of my families dearest friends, Bruce Marchiano, plays the role of Jesus and I've really never seen a more moving version of Jesus' crucifixion. If you need to focus your mind of what today means, what Easter means - then I encourage you to watch it. Be warned, though - it's pretty graphic/violent so if there are kiddos around, you may want to watch it later. It is real and honest. Reminds me of how much He suffered for me, because He loves me - and how I don't deserve Him at all. And that is why I live my life for Him. 

// If you want to watch the rest of the story - the Resurrection - you can find each part if you click on the YouTube link & you'll see a list. Or look up
 "The Visual Bible: Gospel of Matthew, and you can order it online // 

Be blessed my precious friends. You are very loved!
And no matter what you are going through - He understands. He has suffered, too.
He suffered so that you might have life, healing, hope and joy - forever and ever into eternity.
Know that.

All my heart,


PS - if you don't know Jesus, or if you want to talk, have questions or need prayer on this subject... please e-mail me: 

Also - I'm part of a Good Friday ad space giveaway over at my friend Ashlee's blog!
 Enter to win a small ad space on my blog here 
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

 Remember #ThankfulSweetness? It's a hashtag I began sometime last summer (you can view all the posts here. God began putting gratefulness so strongly on my heart at the time. I realized that all too often, I fall into wanting more, being discontent, and struggling with feeling down about what I don't have instead of practicing thankfulness to God for what I do have! So I started writing "thankful lists" - quickly jotting down about 4 simple things I was thankful for, snapping a picture of the list, and sharing it on my Twitter and Instagram accounts, inviting my friends to do the same. We all did it together, adding #ThankfulSweetness as the hashtag, and it became this really encouraging exercise in gratefulness. I loved scrolling through the tag randomly, a smile always spreading on my face as I read list after list of sweet little things you're all thankful for - some little, and some really quite big. Things like new babies, sweet tea, friends, even chocolate! I shared them once a week here in a blog post and it was truly encouraging. 

But then... I got super busy. The holidays hit. Life got crazy and I totally let it go. And I'm really sorry, you guys. The other night I sighed heavily, wishing for this and that, and wanting things to change. Feeling like what I have really isn't enough at all, and that everyone else has way more than me. Pity party city. And suddenly, I really felt the Lord nudging my heart - make a thankful list. I am enough. I will provide for all your needs. Look around at all you have.... And so I did. And friends, the list was 2 pages long... I couldn't stop writing. Realizing how absolutely blessed I truly am. 

Let's do it together, again. And I promise to be more faithful about spearheading this, because (for me at least) it meant alot and helped me keep my always straying heart and mind on Jesus, on blessings, and on what really matters in life. So join me! Write a list, take a picture of something (or someone!) you are thankful for, and add the hashtag. 

Every week, I'll share some of your precious lists and photos here at Sweetness Itself Blog. 
A few precious ones lately....

click to view larger

 "In everything give thanks; 
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

-1 Thessalonians 5:18 

linking up with the precious Casey Wiegand
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Okay so it's Wednesday, and sometimes Wednesdays are just not our favorite day, right? You know,  middle of the week, work piling up, totally exhausted. So, I've got a little somethin' to make you smile. Some of our favorite guys wanted to stop by Sweetness Itself and say a couple things to you ladies...

...So I agreed to pass the messages along. Your welcome. Just helpin' a sister out. Happy Wednesday, loves - hope these make ya laugh ;) 

Photos do not belong to me // Found via Pinterest & 
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's the Girl Behind the Blog day! I love vlogs and I love building this community. Visit the button below my video to join up! Today we're talking about our inner foodie - listen as I share my food philosophy, my top 2 favorite foods, and my favorite food inspirations and bloggers! Below, check out one of my all-time favorite recipes. Enjoy!! XO

Here's the recipe for the Perfect Iced Coffee from The Pioneer Woman, click HERE 

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Monday, March 25, 2013

It was really the worst night ever. Like, THE worst night ever. I was a mess of tears and I woke up with what I call a "crying hangover" - no, not due to too many drinks.... but too many tears. (Not sharing this to make y'all feel bad for me, just being really honest. And yes, I'm okay. Life just became too much, some rough stuff happened, and I was just weary. Dramatic is the side I tend to, and sometimes a good cry is just what I need... can I get an amen sisters?) I dragged myself from bed, and oh the sight I beheld in the bathroom mirror. Bags under my eyes, white as a sheet face, and my hair. Oh my hair. Something more akin to a rat's nest than hair, piled on the top of my head. Hawwwt mess, people. Really, as hot as hot messes come. With one eye open, I poured my hazelnut coffee (by the way, the best coffee ever...remind me to tell you about it later) with soy milk and a little sugar in the raw, and somehow found the couch. Flipped open my laptop and checked my email, all without thinking. Mechanically, I sifted through 30 new emails.. organized them into folders...(my hair isn't the only hot mess around here.. my Inbox is even worse!) then onto the junk mail. Highlighted 25 of 'em, all trash. But then something caught my eye.
It was from "Future Me.Org" and the title read, "A letter from March 5th, 2012." 
Hmmmm, I thought. What is that?? 
I opened it up, my eyes scanning the words. It was a letter. A weird feeling came over me, a feeling of familiarity. I've seen this before.... and suddenly, I remembered as I read. 
It began, 

Dear FutureMe....

It was a letter from ME. From one year ago that morning. 

Tears sprang into my tired eyes, flowing down my cheeks, onto the keyboard.

You see, on March 5, 2012, I found a website called - a creative little website where you can write a letter to yourself, enter your e-mail address, and set the letter to send to you... on any day you wish. A year later, a month, six months. Ten years. It's really a fun, remarkable idea. I wrote a letter to me, choosing the one year time mark. And then I completely forgot about it... life got crazy, and 2012 played out and ended.

The things I wrote are for me to see, they're secret - some things, only God knows. I wrote how I felt that very morning, my fears, my sorrows, the little disappointments... and the big ones. The strong faith, the blessings, the pain, the hopes - the dreams. I wrote a list of hopes. That when the letter found me, 365 days later, those hopes just might have come true. 

Ending the letter, I wrote, 

i hope things come full circle for you.
i hope you are healthier.
i hope you are stronger.
i hope you say "no" more often.
i hope you dance when there's rain.
and i hope that the sun shines and it's a beautiful day.
i hope you love jesus more than you did on march 5, 2012.
cause he loves you.
Suddenly, my heart filled with peace. Not because I got all sentimental over a cool idea come to pass - but because I realized something: when I wrote the letter, I had no idea what my life would look like now, in 2013. The joys that would come, the sorrows. I penned it blind - looking into an unknown future. But you know what? Someone knew that a year from that day, I would need that letter. Someone knew that the night before I opened my Inbox and saw the unexpected letter, I had cried and cried and cried. Someone knew I needed to be reminded of hope. And that someone? He's the Lord. God knew. Because He cares. He knows the number of hairs on our heads! And He deeply, intimately cares for each one of us - our needs, our hopes, our fears. He sees our past, our present... and our future. The letter was such a sweet reminder to me - that in the messiness of life, the heartache and pain - His eye really is on the sparrow. And I know He watches me. Oh how sweet that is.
Friend, you should do it too. Hand write it with your favorite pen, stationary and washi tape. Or use the website I did. Write your heart, write a prayer for your one year post self. You never know where the letter will find you. And how you might need it, in whatever you are walking through a year from today.
At the bottom of the letter, I wrote this: 
Remember - you don't know what your future holds,
but you know WHO holds your future.
Do it. It might surprise you and make you smile.
It did for me.. like woah.
Love you all so. And so does He.
//Outfit Stats// 

Chambray Top: Boutique in LA
Mint Dress: Target 
Shoes: Target 
Bracelets: Forever 21
Watch: Michael Kors
Necklaces: Forever 21 (gem) & Love Culture (cross)

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Sunday, friends!! I have a special treat today. Meet my precious friend Ashley from I'm Always Ashley - she's an amazing woman who loves God, has such a heart for ministering to women, and is inspiring and so sweet. She is also one of my fellow Quite Magazine writers (yay!) and her blog is always an encouraging read. I've asked Ashley to share more about herself and her ministry here today - get to know her and show her some love! 
Hey y’all! (I pray my Southern twang was heard in full force with that intro, LOL!)
I am so happy to be sponsoring Sweetness Itself again this month! This was the first blog I ever started reading, and Erin and I have grown to become real-life friends. I love her dearly, and her heart for spreading God’s message of love, joy and purity through this platform. So, don’t think of this as an introduction to my bloggy-world, but more like you’re just sitting in on a coffee date with Erin and I!
I’m a 26-year-old, self-proclaimed “southern belle” from Alabama who fell in love with a rustic Belizean from Central America. I may just be the most simplistically complex person you’ll ever meet (lol). I’m very laid back, but extremely meticulously. I go with the flow, but still always plan every day out in my planner. I love my relaxation time, but feel as though I should always be keeping busy with something. I guess that’s why my blog can some times appear to be just as all over the place as I am. I have a passion for mentoring young girls, which comes to life through the program I co-founded called CodeBLUE. Please visit to learn more about the program, and to see how you can help. I simply have a passion for life. Some consider me to be an eternal optimist, and I take that as a compliment. I just prefer to focus of the sun peeking through the dark clouds, instead of worrying over the flashes of lightening. I am very much a people person, and my mother used to always say that I have never met a stranger. To know me, is to know that I am wholly and undeniable in love with Jesus Christ; He is my everything. The source of my every breath and I dedicate my life to Him. At I perfect at it? Not even close. But I live to please Him and share His love and sacrifice with the masses!
5 Random Things about Ashley.  

1. If I could travel anywhere in the world, I’d go to Italy and California. Mainly because I’ve just always thought Italy was romantic and, even though I’ve been to Cali, I’ve never seen the Pacific ocean in person.
2. I still talk to my third grade teacher. She always encouraged me to write and actually got my first short story published when I was in the fourth grade.
3. I am a feature writer for both and (with Erin)!
4. I’m currently writing a book about abortion...stay tuned!
5. I love spending time cuddled on the couch with my husband. Growing heart

Connect with Ashley! 

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

In my part of the world, it's a new season - springtime is here. I'm reminded of God's grace in new beginnings, fresh starts, and second chances. Remember that, loves. 

See! The winter is past; 
    the rains are over and gone.

Flowers appear on the earth;
    the season of singing has come,
the cooing of doves
    is heard in our land.

The fig tree forms its early fruit;
    the blossoming vines spread their fragrance.
Arise, come, my darling;
    my beautiful one, come with me.”

Song of Solomon 2:11-13 

Look for the good, look for the hope in your life.
Hear Him call you beautiful, hear Him call you to come with Him.
Look for the new season. 
He loves you.


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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hello my sweet sisterhood!

Life has been a little crazy busy this week, hence the lack of posts. You understand, I know. Just not having the time or the inspiration to post. And I don't ever want to sell out and just post for the sake of posting, so in those times we have silence. And sometimes, silence is OK. I'm learning that.

But today I'm back! And I felt like making some fun lockscreens for you! As I'm currently writing my e-book (coming to le blog this summer!) which is going to be full of fun, creative, sometimes-vintagey designs, I've been inspired to share some with you early! So right click, save, and pin away! I love freebies and fun inspirations, so I'm going to start sharing creative, encouraging things for you all to hopefully be inspired by! 
So right-click, save, and pin away! Use as Instagram pictures, iPhone lockscreens, laptop backgrounds, or print them out and hang 'em anywhere you like! We're starting with these two, and they're by no means professional or super fancy. But they're from my little heart and I hope they bless yours! (sounds so Southern right now... #SouthernWannaBe... did I just use a hashtag in a blog post? Major blogger fail! Well, I don't care. ;)

Love you all! Be back tomorrow with some fashion and something inspiring and fun.

First-Ever Sweetness Itself Freebies 



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Monday, March 18, 2013

From time to time, I get asked what my favorite Christian books are - books that encourage me in my faith and in living for God. So, instead of just listing them out I made a vlog, sharing 10 of my favorites (there are many more than 10, so there may be a part II coming soon!) 
These 10 books have helped shaped my decisions on how I choose to live, handle romance and relationships, and commit my heart to living for the Lord. Some of them inspired me to love God more and live a set apart life for Him, and one of them helped me learn to forgive myself and others. 

I hope you're inspired in your faith and find new ideas of books to order and read! Also, announcing the Chocolate Giveaway Winner below! 

....and the giveaway winner is (chosen randomly by Rafflecopter).....

Sharon of The Tiny Heart

Congratulations, girl!! Email me: 



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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday love for y'all today! I pray you have a sweet, blessed day. And it just might be a little sweeter 'cause I'm introducing another precious friend today! Kaitlyn is such an amazing woman who loves God and loves to share her story honestly, encouraging others. You know how I love building community through Sweetness Itself and Kaitlyn is a girl you need to know! You'll love her heart! She shares a bit about herself with us today. Go visit her links and show sister some love!

I'll be back tomorrow with an encouraging vlog and I'll announce the WINNER for our fab chocolate basket giveaway! (Have you entered yet? Time's running out. Enter here

me & my sisters at Debutante Ball

Hey Sweetness Itself Readers and Erin!! 

My name is Kaitlyn. I blog over at Crazy Life of Kaitlyn. I blog about a little bit of everything. My blog revolves around me and my life basically.  I am in the process of writing my testimony on there. It is going to be series is actually going to start Monday. Eeek. My God is number one in my life. I have an amazing family. I have my parents who have been happily married for 28 years going on 29 this year. I have 2 younger sisters SEC who is 20 and MEC who is 15 going 24. haha. I also have an amazing and loving boyfriend. JBK. He is 26 years old. We met online through a dating website and I could not pick a better match for myself. God definitely had a hand in us getting together. He is part of my testimony. We have been dating 4 months, but we know are going to make it through. We also have a long distance relationship and it is hard being away from the person you love that is 3 hours away. We make time to call, text, skype, whenever we can. I go to a small Christian college in Montgomery, Alabama. It is where they filmed Big Fish. I am graduating in May with a degree in History, but beyond that God is in control. I work with kids at the church I attend here and I absolutely love it. They are the highlight of my week for sure. I have struggled on and off with anxiety and depression. I am about to start blogging about that as well.  I am also blogging about my weight loss on Wednesdays. I have struggled with my weight since I was 11. I am finally getting healthy for me.  There's so much more I could probably say, but if you want to know more about me just ask. I am an open book and I love answering questions. I love praying for my readers as well. So come by and stay awhile. :) You will be glad you did. haha. 

1 //  I am actually finally getting color on fingernails and toes. haha. I used only rock french mani and pedis. Now I am doing bright colors. Right now hot pink on my fingers and purple on my toes. 
2 // I am a USA presidents junkie. I know weird facts. I am always known as that girl in my history classes. 

3 // Because of the second statement. I wanted to be Jackie Kennedy when I was a kid. Now I am dating a Kennedy. haha. My friends are like it's perfect. haha. 

4 // I find out recently how to do a Vlog and I love it. So I am going to do one at least once a week or more. haha. 

5 // I was a debutante 3 years ago. It was one of the best times of my life because I got to reconnect with so many old friends and made some new ones. I was also the President of that class. Everyone, but me of course voted for me. I was so surprised when they called me down to get my silver picture frame saying President. 

6 // My nickname for my mom's side for me is Katie Mac. :) My first name and my middle name. McCoy

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Saturday, my loves! Today I have a special treat - introducing my sweet friend Janna. She is an absolute GEM and has been such an encouragement to me since we met through this bloggy community. Her heart is precious and her blog is encouraging. I've asked her to share a little today and I hope you enjoy getting to know her and go show her some love! :) XO!
Hi lovely readers of Sweetness Itself! My name is Janna and I blog over at Faith,Love, and Hope. In my little piece of the internet, I indulge in one of my passions which is encouraging and inspiring other women through finding Jesus in every day happenings. Even in the dark, there is light. You might have to squint, but it's there.
Now for a little bit about me.  I am 24 years young. Soon to be 25 come May. I have been married to my best friend for six years and my husband is in the Army. People often mistake us for being high school sweethearts, but we aren't. We only dated for three months before Dylan proposed to me. 45 days later, we were married! Together, we have survived two deployments and here soon, we will add a third one under our belt.
Throughout these deployments, I wouldn't have stayed sane if it weren't for my children. My son, Nick is 5 and is in Pre-K. He is definitely my little helper around the house and thinks he needs to take care of me when Daddy goes overseas. Three years after having my son, we were blessed again. Abby was born and she is a spit fire! Together they are trouble. Through the tattle tailing and wild chases through the house, it's never a dull day!  Nevertheless, they love each other to death.To add a little bit more fun in my life, I'm in college. Currently, I'm earning and thankfully almost done with my B.A. in History. It's taken me somewhat longer to accomplish but, I'm getting there! After I graduate, I plan on going to grad school where I will get my Masters in Divinity.
And, in case y'all want to know more, here's five random facts about me:
1// I am HUGE fan of The Avengers and of Harry Potter. If I could decorate my house in HP and Avengers memorabilia, I would.
2// I think I'm part bloodhound. If it's lost, I can find it. This ability comes in handy when my son loses his sneakers for the 30th time in one day or when my husband can't find where he put his gear or when my daughter decides to hide on the top shelf of any closet.
3// Angry Birds is a great stress reliever. Whenever I see that I have to read 150 pages in five days, I spend about an hour knocking down pigs. What can I say? It works.
4// I never miss an episode of Duck Dynasty. Ah, the South. Happy happy happy.
5// I love me some Oreo's! However, I only eat the cookie that has all of the filling on it. So, I like open-faced Oreos :)  
I hope y'all enjoyed getting to know me and will stop on over! Remember, to never give up your dreams and live life without abandon. Thank you Erin for letting me share a part of myself on your wonderful blog today and thank you readers of Sweetness Itself for letting me be a part of y'alls lives. Have a wonderful day y'all! 
Blog // Twitter // Facebook // Pinterest

image via Proverbs 31 ministries 
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sometimes, I feel like I'm just waiting, waiting for life to be perfect. Until I have all my little ducks in a row. When all my laundry is done and everything on my to-do list is crossed off at the end of each day. When I go to bed on time and get up earlier than planned every day. When I read all the books on my book list and reply to all the e-mails I receive the day I get them (if you're still waiting for an email, I promise I'm workin' on it!) But maybe real life isn't about waiting for everything to be perfect, nice and tidy before we go out and pursue our dreams or smile widely with happiness. Maybe there is joy in the mess. And let's face it, sometimes our "messes" are a little uglier and a lot more serious than undone laundry. Sometimes, our messes are deep, hurtful, and scary. All the more, I want to try and embrace the mess - because that's life. We live in a broken world. But with God, we have hope. And oh how comforting that is. Friend, may your end of the week be filled with beauty, enjoying the small blessings, and living ... in the hot mess. 

Just sharing some snapshots from my life (AKA my hot mess) lately, and inspirations I've found (and shared on Instagram - find me! @erin_sweetnessitselfblog) 

Also - I've heard Google Reader is soon going to be discontinued (boo..) so make sure to follow me blog if you want to stay in touch over at my BlogLovin' Page, click here

Be inspired, be sweet, and be blessed my friends. 
 Lunch with my friend Megan (who's more like a sister) at the cutest little flower lined table.
I love dates with my main man, Jesus.

Love days spent with my sweet childhood friend Rachel & my precious sister Mandy. 
Stopped by the Ranch where I grew up. There's something so special about that place. It has my heart.
Sweet reminders, flowers on my nails, lunch & coffee with my precious friend Carmen!



(first photo above via pinterest)
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