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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

favorite springtime things.

Springtime, to me, has always held fresh inspiration. Always. I love it's freshness, it's newness. The way flowers pop out from brown dirt and the sunshine that spontaneously shines through rainy clouds. I'm excited about this Spring, I just have a feeling it's gonna be really good, for all of us. And I may be jumpin' the gun a little here (I know, it's just the beginning of March) but why not watch eagerly and hopefully for a new season, a new chapter? So here goes a little post full of inspiration. I hope you're inspired to look for the good, to find the happiness and joyful, and to search and wait and watch for those little blossoms of hope that just may pop out soon, the tiny buds of new life that are sure to come... in good time.

I asked a few of my girls (see the sidebar. Some call 'em sponsors, I like to call 'em sisters) what their favorite Springtime things are. They are a group of lovely, inspiring women - I encourage you to pour a cup of coffee and click on their little links. You'll love them. 

Meet mah girls ..... 
My very favorite thing about Springtime? Uhh, let's see...cute shoes, cute dresses, cute bags, blooming flowers, the BEACH, pedicures, bike riding, tannnnnnnn, NYC adventures, iced tea, butterflies, birds singing in the morning, the sun waking me up each day...I mean, how can I pick just one!?


My very favorite thing about this springtime is that it will be my first season as a married lady!  My fiancĂ© and I will tie the knot THIS coming up Friday and I am just so excited to be his wife and jump into a new season of life with him.  I think that this spring will bring lots of fun dates to the park with our pup, dinner on the patio, and Easter with our precious church family.  I love the blooms. the colors, and the gorgeous weather.  Oh, Spring. We're ready for you. :)


YAY!! Happy wedding day on FRIDAY to sweet Nicole! She shares so much wisdom and a beautiful perspective on dating, engagement and preparing for marriage on her blog - I encourage you ladies to read her heart, especially if you are in a season of almost-wife-hood :)

Oh my, Spring time! Every girl knows their favorite part about springtime is wearing those darn cute sun dresses and FINALLY being able to show off those painted toe nails. Every girl also knows their least favorite thing about springtime is having to shave their legs. Come on, I know I'm not alone in "don't shave your legs during the winter because no one sees them" trend. However, despite the hassle of razor bumps, Spring time is probably my most favorite time of the year. You aren't almost dead of heat stroke from summer, you aren't at an ends on how to stretch your summer clothing into Fall weather because you don't want to stop wearing those shorts, and you aren't freezing your bum off in the winter. Springtime is the perfect weather time. I welcome it with my pale scrony arms.


Rain, flowers, freshly budding tress, tiny green leaves, babies, the newness and freshness of life are all my favorite little parts of spring. However, they are my favorite parts of spring in Washington State where I was born and raised. As I am approaching my first spring in my new home, Florida, I don't know what to expect. Flowers bloom year round, it rains often, the sun is out even more often, leaves are constantly budding and dying...maybe there will be baby birds still. Or maybe the birds will fly back north to have their babies. I don't know? So I guess I'm excited to see what spring is like in Florida.


What is your favorite thing about Springtime? 
Share in the comments below! I'd LOVE to know :) Cause I love you guys.
Be blessed my friends! 




  1. Great answers from all these ladies! My favourite thing is the warmth and the the plants & flowers. It's just so promising once the snow starts melting away! Happy Thursday!

  2. spring is one of my favorite seasons. love the rebirth of everything around. right now at work there are these trees that are just starting to bloom and they're so lovely! this morning as i was getting dressed i heard the singing of birds outside my window, and thought yay! spring is here. love it!

  3. I absolutely LOVE Springtime!
    My favorite "spring things"...?

    Beautiful flowers
    Being able to pull out all of my pastel colored clothes (esp. sundresses!)
    Buying NEW sundresses ;)

    I'm anxious for my visit home to Indiana this spring so that I can experience it again! I'm in FL right now, so we don't really get to enjoy seasons. Although I gotta say I don't miss winter :)


  4. It's so hard to think about spring where there's fresh snow on the ground, but man I can't wait for flip flop weather!

  5. I'm so with you! The freshness and new feeling that comes with Spring is so great! I feel the same way– that this Spring is just going to be a good one. It holds so much potential! I'm most excited for Easter time– this will be only my third or so Easter after being truly saved and I can't wait to see what the Lord teaches me during the weeks leading up to it :)

  6. Just going outside and not frreezing to death! Spelling the spring "smell", slowly getting to wear shorts and t-shirts, SONSHINE (my church's VBS in June), and yeah pretty much everything above. :)


  7. Hi Ladies! What a fun idea sweet friend :D My favorite thing about spring is all the baby animals, the green grass, and my returning flowers in shades of bright pink, vivid blue, deep purple and white. Hooray for Spring :) Have a great weekend ladies xo!


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