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Thursday, March 28, 2013

how i broke up with my hashtag...& now we're back on.

 Remember #ThankfulSweetness? It's a hashtag I began sometime last summer (you can view all the posts here. God began putting gratefulness so strongly on my heart at the time. I realized that all too often, I fall into wanting more, being discontent, and struggling with feeling down about what I don't have instead of practicing thankfulness to God for what I do have! So I started writing "thankful lists" - quickly jotting down about 4 simple things I was thankful for, snapping a picture of the list, and sharing it on my Twitter and Instagram accounts, inviting my friends to do the same. We all did it together, adding #ThankfulSweetness as the hashtag, and it became this really encouraging exercise in gratefulness. I loved scrolling through the tag randomly, a smile always spreading on my face as I read list after list of sweet little things you're all thankful for - some little, and some really quite big. Things like new babies, sweet tea, friends, even chocolate! I shared them once a week here in a blog post and it was truly encouraging. 

But then... I got super busy. The holidays hit. Life got crazy and I totally let it go. And I'm really sorry, you guys. The other night I sighed heavily, wishing for this and that, and wanting things to change. Feeling like what I have really isn't enough at all, and that everyone else has way more than me. Pity party city. And suddenly, I really felt the Lord nudging my heart - make a thankful list. I am enough. I will provide for all your needs. Look around at all you have.... And so I did. And friends, the list was 2 pages long... I couldn't stop writing. Realizing how absolutely blessed I truly am. 

Let's do it together, again. And I promise to be more faithful about spearheading this, because (for me at least) it meant alot and helped me keep my always straying heart and mind on Jesus, on blessings, and on what really matters in life. So join me! Write a list, take a picture of something (or someone!) you are thankful for, and add the hashtag. 

Every week, I'll share some of your precious lists and photos here at Sweetness Itself Blog. 
A few precious ones lately....

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 "In everything give thanks; 
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

-1 Thessalonians 5:18 

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  1. #ThankfulSweetness was such a God thing for you to start up, I actually enjoyed writing down the things I was thankful for because so many times we take things for granted. I think of the little kids who have absolutely nothing, hardly even have food. And look at us here complaining about something we dont have. Sometimes I say Im thankful for what I have but I want to bless someone else. We should be blessed over here and remember all the precious people we were blessed with. You are a blessed Lady keep following those dreams, and guarding your heart and youll be blessed. Love you!

  2. I think it is so important to call to mind the things we are blessed with in this life! I know there are days where I feel so poor in "things" or feel like we're struggling financially for our WANTS... but God truly provides for us and never lets us down. I will definitely start this up and maybe even blog about it! Can I use your banner in my post? You might even think of making a button for folks to use if they write posts about it! I used to do one every Friday, counting the little blessings that are often so over looked, and it would be fun to incorporate this into that, bringing it back!

  3. Sweet idea. I keep a journal of all the little things I'm thankful. Just the little things. The big ones I'll remember, but it's the small ones that can be forgetful.

  4. Love that you're starting this again Erin! It's the best and sweetest reminder to keep our eyes on Him and the blessings he pours out in our lives. Doesn't He work in the best ways though?! Nudging your heart at just the exact time you need :)

  5. Oh Erin I love your sweet heart! I am blessed every time I read your post or Instagram stuff... God has so much in store for you sweetie I'm so happy to know you and be apart of your journey:)

  6. I love this! I believe thankfulness is something we need to fight for and reclaim, because He has given us too much for us not to express gratitude to Him for it. I'm thankful for your bravery in the good fight, Erin, and for your strong and faithful heart. I see Him in you!


sweet friends, share your heart.

"kind words are like honey...sweet..and healing.." -proverbs 16:24.


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