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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vlog! The Girl Behind the Blog // Inner Foodie

It's the Girl Behind the Blog day! I love vlogs and I love building this community. Visit the button below my video to join up! Today we're talking about our inner foodie - listen as I share my food philosophy, my top 2 favorite foods, and my favorite food inspirations and bloggers! Below, check out one of my all-time favorite recipes. Enjoy!! XO

Here's the recipe for the Perfect Iced Coffee from The Pioneer Woman, click HERE 



  1. I said Chai & Mexican too! And Chelsea's answer was pretty similar as well. Looks like we all have pretty similar tastes ;) So good to "see" you again!

  2. yea for cooking from scratch! love that. i make almost everything from scratch!!! so much fun. and smoothies! the kids and i totally had a smoothie for breakfast. haha and couldn't agree more: if you are going to splurge... SPLURGE WELL!!! awesome, girl! loved watching :-) XO

  3. Love it, I totally agree with what you said about splurging the right way :)

  4. I love that you have all that background from college friend!!! SO useful =) =)
    I'm with you on the everything in moderation =)
    I still cant get into those chai tea lattes, I may have to try again ;) I havent had one for over a year
    so who knows =)
    Miss you SO much friend! You are super cute and beautiful as always =)

  5. Good for you not ever having canned or frozen... I keep canned around for convenience for soups, etc but using fresh is so much more delish!! I love tacos too! Hard tacos are my fave!!!!

  6. I'm so amazed by people (like you) who have actual philosophies. I love cooking but tend to just live and let live! :)

  7. I love cooking from scratch! If the post would allow me to, I would have a veggie garden this year. One food blogger I've recently found is Julie from Table for Two. Her recipes are delicious! Here's her link:

  8. You are adorable! So good to see you again, my friend. I completely agree with you both on eating in moderation and using REAL sugar. I find I need less sweets if I use the real stuff.

    Becky Marie

  9. One more thought... I love that iced coffee recipe and I'm working to make a dairy free version that is just as good. I have yet to find anything that is as good as half and half (or cream) in iced coffee!

  10. Erin, you are lovely as usual.

    Love your philosophy- completely restricting ourselves can cause us to overdo it and splurge, but moderation gives us some grace to work in :)

    I totally said tacos too! I would love to come sample so-cal tacos with you one day!

    I used to watch Food Network all the time when I had cable (now I just do netflix). Chopped is my favorite!

    Oh and PW's iced coffee is so good! Love you girl, hope you have a beautiful week!

  11. Wow, that coffee recipe...the variation with sweetened condensed milk sounds so good.

    If you ever go to a Thai food restaurant try Thai iced tea, it's so good, honestly, I would say it's most similar to iced chai, though I'm not sure what spices are in it. It is a super sweet drink though.

    I totally agree with your thoughts on moderation and eating real sweets.

    Oh, and wooohooo to the family and consumer sciences!!...totally awesome. Excuse my enthusiasm,I'm a cake decorator at heart (frosting not fondant)and love to bake and cook...and sew and all that stuff.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm a fledgling blogger so there's not much there yet. Kinda boring so far. I'm working on learning when to speak up and when not to on certain things.

    I always love your sweet postings and awesome beach photos.

  12. We have super common food philosophies... except that I am saying this as I eat a little microwavable dish from trader joes.. ONLY when i'm exhausted. And I'm with you for sure- if youre going to do it, do it all the way. If I dont have the thing I'm actually craving I am more tempted to snack more and more. Love you friend

  13. I love love your vlogs, makes me feel like I'm actually talking to you! Totally agree with everything in moderation, I still try to do that even though I'm gluten free!

    Love you.

  14. I'm noticing a taco trend in this group of sweet bloggers! When I was growing up back in VA- I hated when my friends wanted to go to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Since moving to California, and getting to enjoy fresh, authentic Mexican food- I can't get enough and will for sure miss this place when we leave! Another great vlog!

  15. Blahh Everytime I eat food I feel miserable, but food is good.

  16. Yay for Food Network! I haven't tried watching Barefoot Contessa yet, but I will have to. I love your philosophy. I try so hard with that one, but I definitely need a lesson or two in self-control. =P I tend to be an all or nothing person, but I love how you put it, "If you're going to do it, do it right!"
    Alesha <3

  17. I always cook from scratch! LOVE it :)

    Ive made that Iced coffee before and it's awesome!

    You're adorable :) Have a great evening!


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