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Monday, March 18, 2013

vlog // My Ten Favorite Books & The Giveaway Winner

From time to time, I get asked what my favorite Christian books are - books that encourage me in my faith and in living for God. So, instead of just listing them out I made a vlog, sharing 10 of my favorites (there are many more than 10, so there may be a part II coming soon!) 
These 10 books have helped shaped my decisions on how I choose to live, handle romance and relationships, and commit my heart to living for the Lord. Some of them inspired me to love God more and live a set apart life for Him, and one of them helped me learn to forgive myself and others. 

I hope you're inspired in your faith and find new ideas of books to order and read! Also, announcing the Chocolate Giveaway Winner below! 

....and the giveaway winner is (chosen randomly by Rafflecopter).....

Sharon of The Tiny Heart

Congratulations, girl!! Email me: 





  1. Ok LOVE these and just had to tell you I took a sip of my drink and looked up listening to you and noticed you did the exact same thing in your video. I just about died laughing!!!! anyway back to finishing your video ;) ;)

  2. Authentic Beauty - one of my FAVORTIES!!! ahhh!!! :) LOVE leslie ludy ;)
    I havent read She and And the Bride wore you think I still should girl? I've seen them on amazon but wasn't sure :)
    The Hiding Place - LOVE that book too!!! It was SO life changing :) :)
    I Kissed Dating Goodbye - AGREE WITH YOU TOTALLY!!! You really should read it in high school. I didnt agree with everything either but it really challenged me in so many good ways :)
    Not Even a Hint - I continually come back to this book! LOVE it :)
    Boundaries - Is that the book you told me about??
    Eric & Leslie Ludy books - enough said ;)

    Love you SO much friend!! You are SO beautiful and I just LOVE your heart! Miss you SO much!! We must catch up soon! Some things to talk to you about =)
    Love you!

  3. Erin, you're so sweet and encouraging! I read And The Bride Wore White in high school too! I definitely need to read some of these...especially the boundaries one!

  4. Love your book choices! Some I have read and some that I need to check out!

  5. I never actually read I Kissed Dating Goodbye or any of the purity/courtship type of books--but I've heard a lot of good things about them and I definitely agree with the message!

  6. When God Writes Your Love Story and Authentic Beauty changed my life. Love the Ludys. Anything they write is great.

    I never got to read I Kissed Dating Goodbye, but I love Boy Meets Girl. Loved it! Just like the Ludy's books that one changed my life.

    I have been wanting to read the boundaries book. It is definitely on my must read list!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this, I just love when you vlog because I get to see your pretty face and hear your voice! You're so great at it!

    Teach me your ways.

  8. This is soo great Erin! I just put a bunch of these books on hold at my library, and can't wait to start reading some of them. Thank you for sharing! Its encouraging to me getting some good book titles for woman from someone I greatly respect. I'm kinda tired of trying out a bunch of books that just aren't helping, so thanks!!
    Have you ever read Captivating??

    Love ya!

  9. Oh my...when I first started reading your blog, I wondered if you had read that Joshua Harris book "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" now I see that you have.

    It's weird, when I first started college I had just gotten free of a terrible abusive relationship with my first boyfriend. A new(at the time) guy friend that I had gave me that Joshua Harris book to read. It helped to change my perspective on the whole dating thing, I wasn't ever really into the date em and drop em scene to start with and didn't understand why everyone else was, and it's hard to find the guys who are actually looking for a godly wife instead of just a temporary toy if you know what I definitely have to look in the right places to find them.

    The funny thing is I ended up married to the guy who gave me that book to read, after we were friends for a long time and went out together for nearly 7 years throughout college and a while after (long story why it took us so long to marry, I was in no rush to solidify anything with anyone, since the previous relationship was wonderful for over a year before things turned sour, I was being cautious and wanted to make sure he wasn't some controlling psycho like the first one was)

    Anyways...before I tell you my life history I'll shut up... Awesome book list, I'll have to look into some of the other books.

  10. Agh! I want to read when dreams come true SO bad!!! :) i LOVE all of the Ludy's books. :)

    you're just darlin'.


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  12. I have read some of these! The Hiding Place is one of my faves because if my fascination with WWII. Love Corrie ten Boom's testimony!



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