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Thursday, April 4, 2013

5 Things I Love (& can't get through the day without)

Hi my loves! I had so many plans for this little blog this past week, but a cold/flu and high fever and some life craziness sadly won. But, I wanted to drop by and say happy Friday, I love y'all, and I'll be back this weekend with some good things. Til, then just thought I'd share a few random favorite things I love and can't live without every day! 

5 things i love3

So tell me in the comments below.. 
What are 5 favorite things you can't live without?




  1. 1} sad but true- my cell phone because it is my communication with family far away and we don't have a home phone, so yeah.
    2} my camera (either phone or real) to capture our sweet boys and life.
    3} lately, an iced spice chai latte.
    4} baby lips lip balm. stuff is amazing
    5} youversion Bible app and their awesome reading plans.

  2. 1 - I'm another one that cannot live without my phone.
    2 - Extra song mints for my pregnancy heartburn
    3 - My husband and son.
    4 - Caffeine
    5 - My notebook

    Hope you have a great weekend and are feeling better soon x

  3. I hope you're starting to feel better!

  4. My Bible


    Emails from my besties

    Listening to Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina!!! :)


  5. 1. Weekends
    2. Breakfast
    3. Carmex Chapstick & gum when running.
    4. My feather pillow
    5. My phone & iPod

    Have an awesome weekend...finally getting spring weather over in the Midwest. :)

  6. I absolutely cannot go a day without having my coffee with lots of cream and sugar too! And must have "baby lips" lip balm!! Love these choices. I am your newest GFC follower!
    Hope you have a wonderful friday!

  7. 1) my bible
    2) iphone (mainly the camera)
    3) baby lips lip balm
    4) depending on my mood, either vanilla iced coffee or peppermint mocha coffee.
    5) lots of prayer & grace!

  8. Hope you're feeling better!!! Bible (ie time with God)
    2. water (iced is best)
    3. socks
    4. PEOPLE
    5. paper and something to write with

  9. Star feeling better, Erin!!! I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling crumby. May you be healed, girlfriend.

    1. Music. I CAN'T live without it. Its funny thinking about how many songs I actually listen to in a day.
    2. My mascara (haha.)
    3. Probably not being able to randomly talk to God throughout the day.
    4. My family.
    5. My bed ;)

    I love your 5 things. Country music is a must, I've got ya there. I have the EOS lip balm and its soo amazing. I want to eat it. haha.

    You'll be in my prayers. Feel better, my friend.

  10. Happy Easter!!

    Sorry you are feeling bad,
    When I saw that you were feeling bad and listed your favorite things, I couldn't help but think of the Sound of Music and that song...

    ...Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings...these are a few of my favorite things...

    Hope your Easter is getting off to a good start. Over here we take Lent pretty serious, and it seemed very long this year, but for me it has brought about a few good changes, and I am very happy to finally be able to say Happy Easter!

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  11. My 5 are:
    1. My quite moments when getting ready for the day.
    2. My son.
    3. My iPhone.
    4. Blogging for all the motivation it provides.
    5. Wonderful family and friends..

    Have a great weekend!!

  12. 1. My Bible
    2. My milk and honey lip balm
    3. Coffeeeessss :)
    4. A good run
    5. Music :)

  13. 1. my phone (usually for instagram and youversion)
    2. candles. i have one burning almost all the time
    3. sunnies. my eyes are sensitive to the sunlight
    4. coca-cola and/or coffee. fully addicted to both
    5. my computer. mostly for classes these days. gotta get the degree somehow

  14. oh no. :( i hope you're feeling tons better today friend... <3

    5 things? hmmmmm...

    1. bible
    2. cell phone
    3. water bottle
    4. (totes agree) eos lip balm & lipstick
    5. music

    love you!


  15. Praying!! I hope you feel better!
    I love the whole 5 things you love! You should make it a link up.

  16. So fun!
    Can't live without (material objects):
    Tinted lip balm
    roll on perfume
    cell phone


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