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Thursday, April 25, 2013

a date with my main man.

I love these moments. These moments like right now. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes late at night. When the house is quiet. When my cup of tea is steaming. I take a deep breath and quiet my soul. Reading, writing.... writing to Him... prayers, like a letter. Fears, tears, hopes, dreams. Disappointments, things I don't "get". Life. Regrets. Heartache. And love. Oh, the love. The way He loves me... and how I will spend my forever, writing a love song for Him with my life... trying to love Him back. 'Cause He really deserves that. These moments are like dates to me. Not some regimented time I have to begrudgingly cross of my daily checklist. Not some rule I have to follow in order to be loved or accepted. Not some requirement so I'm looked at as a good girl. Just a romance. Just a love story. Mostly, I look forward to these times with a smile... in the way you look forward to a coffee date with the man you love with all your heart. Sometimes, it takes work and commitment - like every real relationship. But He's here and it's real. And I really really love my main man. Jesus.

I'm starting the She Reads Truth Bible reading plan today. We're reading through Hosea. It's gonna be really beautiful. Some precious friends of mine and women I admire so much write and run this amazing ministry. I'm often asked about what devotional type Bible reading plan I recommend - here it is. Join us. See more here:


  1. I looove the Book of Hosea!!! Just a month or so ago in chapel the sophomore class did the Book of Hosea and it was amazing!! I had heard the story before but it never became real to me then at that chapel. :)


  2. This was such a sweet post... I struggle in this area, and want to desire and long to send time with my Lord like that!

  3. Hey girl!! I'm so glad Jesus is your main man! He's mine too! He is my everything! Thanks so much for sharing the reading plan. I have been looking for one! :D

  4. I'm just now starting to spend time with Jesus like this..its pretty amazing!

  5. I am reading through Hosea with SheReadsTruth too and I absolutely LOVE it! I also love how you described time with Jesus as something you desire, not something you "have to do" to be loved or "good." And yes, sometimes it takes work but so worth it! <3 Thanks for sharing!

  6. So true that we shouldn't think of it as a chore because it's truly a gift.

    I was thinking today about how the first apostles had written all those letters of encouragement and advice to different groups (Corinthians, Thessalonians and so on)that now make up part of the new testament of the bible, and how they would be so happy to see that their work in helping what seemed like one small town of people back then has reached across time...2000 years later we can sit and read their words, what a gift that awesome!

    'One does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes forth from the mouth of God.' Mt4:4

    ....oh and awesome teacup by the way

    I have decided that I'm too clumsy for nice dishes. It seems that I'm always accidentally dropping them, whether in the sink with slippery soapy hands or on the tile floor. When we use the wine glasses I have to really concentrate and baby them so they end up back in the cabinet in one piece.

    I had been playing that Nora Jones album recently also, when I listen to stuff, I am bad about putting certain songs on repeat, this whole album is good though, I like the song called Seven Years on that same album.

    Ok, I'm rambling..I'll go away before I write a dissertation, I ALWAYS write way too much, and really am sorry for that.

  7. love this post! this is a beautiful example of how a relationship with God can be freeing for us and enjoyed by us, yet there is still hard work involved. But this relationship is well worth the work. Thanks for posting!

    Also I checked out the She Reads Truth website. Looks awesome! I've never done an online Bible study, but I'm so curious about them. I'm a Texas girl, and I love how their welcome video starts with "Hi y'all"!

  8. i love She Reads Truth! i'm doing the hosea readings as well :) it's so refreshing and wonderful to feel the redemption of God through this book.

    grace & love,

  9. I literally just found the she is truth website right before I clicked on this post! How funny! It is so awesome!


  10. I love this... very much. So proud of you, and thank you for the reminder of what's truly important. In all the massively hecticness of life lately, I tend to forget how important it is to spend time with the one who counts. xoxo


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