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Monday, April 8, 2013

Farewell, Margaret & Lilly.

Writing again here from my couch, covered in a down throw, sipping lemon tea, waiting to feel better. For some reason, I've been sick on and off all of 2013 so far, and this is the worst yet. Prayers appreciated, my dear friends. And if you have any special tricks and tips or home remedies for colds/flus, leave 'em in the comments below. I just wanna kick this cough and cold! 

In the past day, I found out that two of my favorite and most inspirational women have passed away. Makes my heart a little sad, but also thankful for their positive influence and shining lives. This little blog is a faith blog, yet these women are not necessarily inspirational to me in faith - but in other parts of life, which matter too. Yet I've learned from these strong women, and so I feel moved to share a few of my favorite words they spoke and ways they lived and impacted their generation, now influencing ours. 

This is my little tribute to two strong, beautiful, shining women who have taught me a few important things in life and who I will always consider inspirations in many ways. 

Margaret Thatcher was the first woman Prime Minister in the United Kingdom, a woman who stood strong and firm for what she believed, helping to end the Cold War. She inspires me because she was determined, fearless, strong, and powerful while remaining effortlessly feminine and ladylike. Her leadership skills and passion for what is right will always be something I admire her for. I hope to be like her in these ways, someday. 

A few words she spoke that I will always love: 

margaret thatcher sweetness itself 2
margaret thatcher


Lilly Pulitzer moved to sunny Florida with her husband at the age of 21 and started selling juice at a stand in her husband's citrus groves. She noticed juice stains on her dresses and so she had dresses and shifts made from colorful, printed cotton. Her beautiful dresses got quite a bit of attention, and soon she started selling more dresses than juice! The Lily Pulitzer brand was formed, growing over the years and celebrities, socialites and even First Lady Jackie Kennedy wore the beautiful, unique, happy designs. Lilly is not only my favorite fashion designer, but I love her zest and passion for life. I read a few of her design and decorating books in High School, and at that time instantly decided I was destined to someday live in Florida and throw fabulous parties in my airy house, while sipping sparkly pink lemonade from a stripey straw while wearing bright, happy shifts and laughing all the time as I watch my family and friends run around on the white sandy beaches of my front yard (A girl can dream, right? :) If I had the money, I would wear Lily every day. 
Mostly, I love her happy, positive perspective on life and her passion for living each day like it's a celebration! 
lilly fashion

Some of my favorite Lilly sayings: 
this one just makes me smile ;) 

I hope to be a woman of influence and inspiration in my own way and in my own passions and faith. I pray to be strong, inspired, and shine beauty and inspiration into the lives of anyone I meet. 

Life is fleeting, my loves. 
How do you want to be remembered? 
Whether it be in little ways that impact our everyday lives like Lilly,
in bigger ways that impact history like Margaret, 
or in even more important, eternal ways like women in the Bible?
What qualities do you want to leave as a legacy?

Rest in peace, Margaret & Lilly. 
Thank you for what you taught me.

**Images from Pinterest and Google Images 


  1. I just did a post on Margaret Thatcher too, such an inspiration!

  2. Such great women :-). I'm now a follower of yours dear friend, though I'm not sure how I wasn't before! lol

    P.S. Did I do that right? hahahahha

  3. aww sorry to hear you are still sick friend =( =(
    Have you tried regular vitamins? The ones you take daily, they have really helped me this year!!
    That and make sure you are taking lots of vitamin C with iron (helps absorption)
    Love you!!

  4. Margaret Thatcher is one of my favorite women ever. Another one is Edith Shaeffer. She passed away about a week ago. Such amazing women. I hope I bless people's lives like they did.

  5. Hey sweet friend :) Great post!! Two of my favorite heroes also!! I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well! I agree with the suggestion of vitamins... have you tried Apple Cider Vinegar? Its one of my favorites (along with Silver!)!! :) I use both under the care of a physician and they both can be bought at Health Food
    Stores. Anyways... I pray that you will start feeling better! Praying God will touch your body and heal it!!
    :) Rebecca

  6. Great post! I'm so sorry you have been sick so much. I have the same problem and have had up to 10 colds in one winter! The best thing I ever did was start gargling with salt water every night. Doctors recommend it because it can remove surface bacteria before it starts growing.

  7. Drink a glass of grape juice every day!

  8. Lovely! If you ever find yourself visiting sunny Florida we will have to sip on sparkly pink lemonade from a striped straw on the beach. I hope you feel better!!

  9. I loved Margaret Thatcher. She was an inspiration. Great quotes!

  10. Hey Erin,

    You have been a bit under the weather lately haven't you? Sorry to hear that - will pray! And Erin, trust me the mark you've made is truly significant. Both in my life and the lives of all the young women who love and look up to you - I absolutely know it!Never forget that God is doing something beautiful and unique through you!

    Loads of love,
    Jovita xoxo

  11. I'm so sorry that you're not feeling great. I really hope you manage to get rid of this flu really soon xx

  12. A remedy for colds....hmm...Well I've heard that mixing honey and cinnamon together and drinking it (??) twice a day should clear a nasty cold within a few days. I've never tried it, but it wouldn't hurt.
    Lemon, ginger honey tea also helps. And steaming. Steaming works wonders to clear everything up.
    I'm really sorry to hear you're still sick. That is so nasty. I'll be praying for you, Erin.

    I didn't know of Lily till now. Both of those women are so very inspiring.

    I love it when you share your beautiful dreams. Sipping pink lemonade in florida in airy houses makes me smile. Rock on sister! :)


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