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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

forgiven & forgotten.

I often chat about sexual purity and abstinence here on this little space. And while it's something so close to my heart that I believe in and am passionate about, I hope my readers know that "purity" does not equal "perfect". Sometimes, I receive questions and precious emails, full of despair and confusion - people like us who are not perfect, who make mistakes, and who feel dirty and alone. But God put this on my hear today: if you made a small (or really big) mis-step, if you did something you swore you'd never do, if you feel lost and alone, know there is hope. He can take your life and make it new. His blood washes our sin, white as snow. His love is bigger than anything we have done wrong, and His grace is an ocean... and we're all sinking, as the song says. 

I want you to remember that little truth today. And to start anew. If you've messed up in the area of purity, today is a new day. The Lord is all about new beginnings, fresh starts, second chances. Remember that. And know that we all fall and fail, but there is hope and forgiveness in Christ. The hope of that! 

This music video is one I just love, and if you are struggling with guilt, shame and feeling like you'll never be whole again - take a minute to watch it. And be encouraged. 


  1. I love this. It's so important that real women talk about purity and especially forgiveness for those that haven't always been able to uphold it.

  2. "The Lord is all about new beginnings, fresh starts, second chances." He is indeed! Thank you for sharing what many may need to hear. Bless you heart Erin : )

  3. thanks for being brave enough to talk about things like this.

  4. I love how one song puts it.. Second chance is heavens heart" :) so beautiful!

  5. Such a tough topic in today's world. Thank you for hitting on the fact that he gives us second chances and never, never stops loving us. Your heart is so sweet!

  6. :) No words.

    Except these: BEAUTIFUL post!

  7. Beautiful! Love how open you are to discuss purity, especially in today's society.
    Our God is a forgiving God and I am so thankful for that and second chances.

    Love you friend!

  8. what a wondeful reminder erin. His mercies are made new every morning. what an awesome Lord we have!

  9. Thanks for the encouragement.

    The Lord's forgiveness is something that is hard to fathom. Even after turning from bad things and doing good, it's hard to get rid of guilt and shame and to actually be able to know and feel forgiveness.

    Even if we can't shake the guilt and shame, we should always have hope in the Lord.

    Oh, and I saw you've been painting recently...did you paint those butterflies?? If so those are awesome, if not then your painted flowers are neat too. I've always admired those who could draw and paint well, when I try it mine always look like a little kid's artwork, ha ha

  10. oh this is such a great reminder for everyone but especially those who feel they've made a to-big mistake...there is NOTHING to big for God to handle! My husband and I have made a lot of mistakes in our marriage (and will make tons more I'm sure) but I made a huge one and though my husband forgave me I had to work not only on forgiving myself but believing and understanding that God forgave me and that he didn't want me to destroy my life living in the past regretting and generally beating myself up everyday he wants us to hve a beautiful full life and when I finally understood that I got so much closer to my heavenly father it was wonderful!


sweet friends, share your heart.

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