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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Perceptions of a Scarlet Heart

The year was 1994. Lasagna in the oven, Mom and Dad bustling about the house preparing for special company, a family my parents met at church. They seemed really nice and Mom told me they had a daughter my age. 5 hours into the evening, my sister Mandy and I were doubled over laughing with Rachel, the family's daughter. After that night, we were inseparable best friends. Through the years, our lives have taken various paths - we lost touch a little through college, we've been through the heights of happiness and the valleys of heartache. And thankfully, our friendship has endured the storminess and sunshine of life and today we are still dear friends. Today, I've asked Rachel to share her heart and a little bit about her life. She recently began a blog, and I'm so over the moon excited for you guys, my dear readers, to get to know her, read her beautiful words, and follow her amazing journey. She has an incredible heart for Jesus, she's taught me so much, she has a huge ministry overseas, and this is just the beginning of her story! Seriously, I'm sharing her blog, Perceptions of a Scarlet Heart, simply because I KNOW you will be incredibly encouraged and inspired by her.

Plus, today just happens to be her birthday!! So go find her and show her some birthday blog love. Happiest of birthdays to you, dear Rachel. How thankful I am for your friendship! 
Hi, I'm Rachel and I'm a Musicionary. You guessed it a musical, missionary. 
In the past 7 years, I've found myself singing amidst refugee camps in post earthquake China to the stages of Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. The Lord's taken me from the vibrant shores of Ireland to the plains of the American Northwest and from the chilled cathedrals of Germany, to the battles of a European church slowly falling to its knees. 
It's been a long journey and not an easy one. What may sound glamorous has brought tumult, struggle, and heartache along the way, but it's also brought grace. And that's what this wee blog is about! As the song lyric says, "I'm caught in your grace." If you follow Jesus , He'll take you to heights you never dreamed  of and bring you out of depths you could never have escaped on your own. This is supposed to be a spot to promote an author of a blog, but what's most important is that you know Him, the author and finisher of life itself. I hope you know Him. Would you be willing to hand over the pen of your life to someone who is a master at writing adventures?  Even as I write this, I pray for you, dear readers out there in the mists of cyberspace, that Jesus wipes the tears from your eyes and bring you to the truth of His love. "Let the King be enthralled by your beauty; honor Him,for He is Lord." Psalm 45:11. 
  So, come with me on the adventure of a lifetime, following Him, and tramping across this vast and exciting globe of ours!



  1. wow, what an amazing young woman.

    i hope you're feeling better today, erin.


  2. Thanks for the lovely spot, mrs. The above story carefully edited the part where I told your dear sister there was a wild pig living outside her bedroom leaving her entirely bereft of sleep for a week thereafter. How you both remained friends with me after that remark is a mystery! ;-) Get better soon!!!

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sweet friends, share your heart.

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