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Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayers for Boston. &, My Influence Conference Workshop

As I prepared to publish this post, I heard the horrifying news about the Boston Marathon. Praying and heartbroken. Let's lift up the precious ones involved and know our God knows and hears, even when we don't understand. Someday, there will be no more pain and I'm thankful for that hope we have in Christ. Until then, let's stand together and love and pray and be there in heartbreaking times as these. Xo.

Photo via Quite Magazine 


In light of what's happening, this seems insignificant, but it is important and I wanted to share with you the announcement from Influence Network about the Conference... We announced the workshops and I'm excited to share more about my little workshop. I'm so honored and thankful to be sharing my heart on this topic, because it's something I'm really passionate about. My heart is so for the single ladies, like myself, who are striving to honor God in this season - with all it's joys, challenges, and heartaches. Sometimes, single ladies can feel left out, singled out, alone in groups of women. The ladies who lead Influence Conference are so precious because they see this need and are sensitive to it. And I am passionate and excited to be there to encourage, love on and make sure nobody feels left out or alone in this. I'm already praying that the Lord uses our little chat to build community and encourage hearts.  I hope you can come, sisters. Email me if you have any questions about it, and please see the Influence Conference blog today for alot more info and a full list of workshops. Seriously, I wish I could take ALL of the workshops being taught - the women and the topics are so amazing and I respect and love them all much. 

See here for more: Influence Conference 2013 Workshops
About this workshop: 

"A heart to heart talk on the struggles, joys and opportunities of singleness. This workshop will be encouraging, empowering and honest- sharing the journey of walking with God as a single woman and making the most of the season! This workshop is for women in the season of waiting and singleness: drawing upon experiences and discussing heartaches involved in singleness, as well as talking about topics like: loneliness, trusting God, dating & frustrations in finding “Mr. Right”, practical opportunities we have as singles to serve God and do exciting things we could not do as married women, and really finding an encouraging community of women to embrace this season. This is a time for heart to heart conversation – where women can share what their specific struggles are, how they’ve conquered fears, healed from heartaches, and walk through this season with a joyful perspective – looking for the good in singleness. Ultimately, you will leave really encouraged and inspired to draw close to God, who is the ultimate lover of our souls, knowing that He is our ultimate fulfillment – whether the blessings of marriage and children come into our lives in the future or not." 


Prayers, love and hugs dear friends.
Turn to Jesus, He cares and He has a plan, amid all this craziness.




  1. Someone my family and I know was in the boston race. Thankfully she is safe, but that is definitely a frightening and sad and wrong thing for everyone who's was involved. My prayers go out to their families.

    On another subject, that confrence sounds SO good!! I really wish I could go to it, but I hope its a lovely experience for everyone who can. That would definitely be such an awesome experience. I hope it goes really well! :)

    Love you girl. Have a wonderful week.

  2. That same song popped into my head today when I was hearing the news about Boston! The words ring so true for today. Definitely am praying tons for Boston and the hearts of the people responsible!

    As for your workshop– wow! So proud of you Erin. It sounds lovely and I know God will use your heart and wisdom well and speak to so many single ladies at the conference! Love you! I'll be praying God guides you in preparing for it :)

  3. We are here in Boston and it really is heart breaking. Thank you for saying something but what a wonderful think for you to start a workshop on.

    It is not insignificant because you are doing something so wonderful to help others. Thank you for this post.


  4. Thanks for your prayers, sweet friend. Boston is truly an amazing city and I know we will be okay. Until then, all we can do is pray.

    Influence 2013 sounds amazing and while I don't think I'll be able to go, I'll definitely be praying for it and for everyone involved! Your workshop sounds so, so good for me.


  5. Never feel like continuing to spread God love through your passions is insignificant after a tragedy. During these times, it's even more important to celebrate life, to come together, and to cultivate our lives with Him in every way we can so we can honor Him and the lives lost by doing His will.


  6. You my dear are the kind of person that we need in times like this. It is incredible to see so much love and faith even in the midst of such tragedy. We definitely need to focus on the heroism and turn our prayers to those people. <3

  7. i am so excited for your work shop!!! :) what a beautiful topic and i am so excited for you!!!!

    yes. take the world and give me Jesus


sweet friends, share your heart.

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