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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

all those things you wanted to do.

You know that passion in your heart? The thing that makes you feel like you're gonna fly. The thing you're really good at. Maybe it's something you used to do, and now it's not in your life anymore. Something that you just love, that doesn't feel like work at all, that gives you a sense of fulfillment. Maybe it's a ministry or a talent or a dream. Maybe you used to love painting, but over the years, you've stopped putting brush to paper. Perhaps your passion is playing soccer, but somehow over the years and obligations of life, you haven't played since college. 

Maybe for you, like me, it's music. Playing piano and singing are such a part of my soul, such a big part of my life growing up, something that truly shaped and molded who I am today. And yet, in the past few years, it's something that was really removed from my life. I've grieved over the loss of it, like an old friend. I've missed it. I've felt a little hole in my heart in it's absence. And for a while, I avoided it. But tonight, I pressed down the black and white keys and sang again. 
Friend, I want you to think today about those things you've always wanted to do ... 
And the things that you miss.
You should do them.

You are loved, friend.
And the dreams God has given you matter.




  1. love this. lately i've been thinking more and more of dreams that have been stored up in me over time. this was a beautiful timely reminder!

  2. This was very inspiring and encouraging to me, Erin. Thank you. Even when you might be doing your passion (for me it would be singing) I've lost the aspect of it that just makes my heart soar. That part of it that blesses me. Voice lessons are great, and I am oh so thankful for them, yet I think that part of me that just sang out of longing, joy and everything else just isn't there. This was a great reminder, and really inspiring. gonna start pursuing those dreams in that way. Its something that I love, I don't want it to be something I wince at.

    Thanks Erin. You're such a gem. I've found myself lost in thought about singing together, and it always makes me smile. Someday :)
    Huge hug hugs!!

  3. I can honestly say this post brought tears to my eyes but it could also be that I'm emotional right now anyways after news I got today. but this was an very inspiring post. I sat here and thought and thought. What is my passion! I'm still thinking on that one.

  4. I love your closing statements. I think God brought me here to read that for a reason. Thanks!

  5. I love how you encourage Erin! It can be scary to use your talents and abilities but I believe you are blessed and He is glorified when you do. Keep singing : )

  6. I didn't know you played piano and sang :) How fun. I come from a musical family. I actually pursued a career in music, but quickly saw a lot of ugliness that I just couldn't accept. After that I put it to the side. I still love to sing, but I'm not pursuing it with "everything" like I did before. I have a few videos uploaded to youtube if you'd like to hear me :) lol Thank you for another encouraging post friend. xo


sweet friends, share your heart.

"kind words are like honey...sweet..and healing.." -proverbs 16:24.


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