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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

q & a: Real & Fun. Part 1.

Happy Wednesday, darling friends! I am delighted to answer some of the  fun, serious, thought-provoking, real questions some of you asked on my post last week  - there were so many questions that I am separating them into 2 posts - mixing fun ones with serious ones! Here goes - hope you're somehow encouraged and inspired by the things I share. Let's pretend this is a coffee date, k? I've got my coffee here - go brew yours and come right back :) 

What is your favorite book of the Bible, and why? I love the Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John because they speak of Jesus' life and really clearly state the Gospel. And I just adore the Psalms. They are written from such an honest, real place. Thousands of years have passed since the Psalms were written, yet each and every sentiment expressed is true to what you and I experience today. Amazing. The Psalms express such an intimate relationship with God, and I love that. I will never, ever forget one lonely afternoon a couple years ago when I, with an aching, shattered, broken heart, sat on the floor of my apartment, opened my Bible and just read through the Psalms... one after the next.. tears just falling softly on the open pages. Peace filling my soul, inexpressible peace (as it says in Philippians 4:7!) - that I could not describe or explain. All Him. I encourage you to read the Psalms and really pray through them every day. Such hope! 

What's your favorite tea brand? I love Bigelow tea! My top 2 favorites are French Vanilla and Vanilla Chai. So yummy and quality, yet still affordable. Really, the absolute best tea ever is fresh, loose leaf tea you can purchase at a local tea house...but, those are pretty expensive so I save 'em for very special occasions! These ones are good, who needs super fancy? 
What is your favorite meal (name specific foods)? Okay, if I were to only have 1 food for the rest of my life I would choose my mom's homemade tacos. Ask anyone close to me and they'll tell you, I'm a taco obsessed girl. I love all Mexican food, actually! As for specific foods, I'm a big snacker. I'm not a fan of huge meals, I like eating little things throughout the day. I love Italian food, all kinds of salads, whole wheat pasta with olive oil & Parmesan cheese, spinach & strawberry smoothies, Greek olives, fried pickles, any kind of fresh fruits, CHOCOLATE, and little snacks like goldfish! (Yes, I'm kind of a weird eater!) 

What's your favorite TV show(s)? I'm a total throw-back and a dork when it comes to TV. I don't really watch a ton of current shows... partly because they're just really time consuming to keep up with & partly because alot of the content is kinda nasty. Sometimes I turn on really old shows and LOVE watching them. Like I Love Lucy, Little House on the Prairie, Leave it to Beaver and The Andy Griffith Show (I may or may not secretly want to live in Mayberry.) Oh, and full disclosure - I really adore The Walton's. I know, I'm a really sappy, corny, sentimental girl. And I'm OK with it ;) Those black and white shows are just better - they're vintage, sweet and have such wholesome family values. I kinda love them. Current TV shows? Love The Property Brothers, American Idol, and cooking/DIY home shows. The one current series I LOVE is Revenge - I've only seen season 1, but my sister and I Netlflixed it and could not stop watching and I'm dying to see Season 2. I thought it was pretty interesting and classy too.
What is your favorite season to dress for? Summer. Flip flops, dresses, skirts, and tank tops are the name of my game! I really don't know that I'd survive a cold climate. California girl through and through!

Do you do Bible studies with friends? Yes! Most recently, I met the most amazing lady named Kim Crabill who runs a Bible Study ministry called COFFEE. She heads up groups all over the country, leading through videos we watch and going through various topics in Scripture. I led the Los Angeles COFFEE group this Spring & I hope to do more in the future! It was such an encouraging, real Bible Study. She just wrote a book, actually - check it out here at her website

What are you top three nail polishes? Lady Godiva by Essie, French Affair by Essie and Times Square by NYC (it's my absolute favorite - a coral/red color & it is only $1! And it's great quality. Score!) 

 What are your favorite memories from college? Pulling all-nighters with my friend Esther as we chugged coffee and ate chocolate-covered coffee beans (not one of my shining moments), praying with my roommate Heather for our future husbands (we had the most awesome prayer times... and it's been so cool to see her recently get married to the man of her dreams - God answers prayer!) & lazy Saturday mornings with best friends eating waffles at the cafeteria, laughing, playing Foosball in the lounge, building friendships with guys who were brothers to me (and since my sis and I don't have brothers, it was a sweet blessing!), sitting in the sunshine and doing homework with my girlfriends while we watched our baseball team's home games. Treasure the time, friends. It goes fast and you'll miss it.

Do you journal? YES. I've constantly journaled since the age of 9, and today I have at least 50 journals (I know, so many right?) full of prayers, memories, stories from my life, struggles, and joys. They mean the world to me. I spent so much time writing in journals as a teenager, it's part of the reason I am so passionate about writing today. Girls, I so recommend starting a journal - write out prayers. Thankful lists. Memories. Little daily things that happen in your life. The journals then become this gift to your future self. It's really a beautiful thing to have.

How do you make your beachy curls like in your blogs? I get this question alot! So I'm going to film a tutorial with my little tricks and tips soon :) 
Do you have a style icon? I have 3! Each one for a different aspect of their style. 

What are your top three things to do with friends? I’m really not very extravagant, pretty laid back and down to earth. I really just love just sitting at coffee shops, sipping tea and chatting. Sharing life, stories, laughing and crying. I love game nights. Just hanging out in our homes, making dinner, sitting on the couch, talking and just sharing life. I love thrift store shopping. Taking walks or packing up a picnic and sitting on a blanket at the park. Just simple things that facilitate good conversation and encouraging, fun times.

I know you chose to be pure and have decided to let God chose who your husband will be. My question is: how are you honoring your future husband? This is something so close to my heart! See this post

Well, that's part 1, friends!
I'd LOVE it if you answer any of the questions for yourself in the comments below.
I love getting to know my beautiful readers.



  1. I think we might be the same person, just saying haha.

  2. <3 this!!! Thanks for putting out a call for Q's and taking the time to answer!!! :) I had fun learning more about you through this post!

  3. Love your pics. You're gorgeous hun.

    Hope you'll stop by and participate in the Blog Challenge.

  4. Aww Erin this was such a sweet post! Loved your answer about college. :-) You are such an inspiring woman!

    I can't wait to see your hair tutorial!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  5. I way prefer old tv shows to current tv shows, too. My top favorites are Gilligan's Island and the Dick Van Dyke Show--I definitely lean towards the silly stuff. Oh, and the original Little Rascals we soooo cute.

  6. OHMYWORD!!!!!! I thought I was the only left in this world who loves 'the Waltons'!!! They are like the best TV show EVER MADE. :) Yay I'm so happy I found this out. 2nd favorite? Andy Griffith!!! haha


  7. Hi Erin :) This was such a fun idea. I really enjoyed reading through your answers, and finding out some new things about you. I am laid back too, and I appreciate conversation on deep topics (a trait I inherited from my mama). Thanks for sharing, I'll be looking forward to part 2. Have a great day sweet girl xo!

  8. I just adore you and your blog! You are so sweet and encouraging!

  9. I just can't wait to meet you :)

  10. Chai tea is awesome. Have you ever tried Good Earth Original Sweet and Spicy? It's good, and so fragrant, it smells up the room. I get to try a few different teas now and then when my husband has workshops and conferences he brings home a few different single packaged teabags from the tea/coffee bars at the conferences.

    I agree with you on tv shows...I seriously sometimes feel like the only one who chooses to just turn the new crap off and watch something more wholesome. Plus the humor, that old stuff really is funny and without being so out of hand dirty or offensive. I really enjoy Don Knotts, he was so great. But even the old sci-fi and scary movies Twilight Zone and the old Godzilla's and such, those are better than today's cause they're spooky but they don't scare the crap out of you, if you know what I mean, like today's graphic scary's just way too scary.

    As for the journals, writing is so therapeutic sometimes, but I'm too much of an introvert, I'd so have to burn them! I hate the thought of others reading them, blogging is hard enough, but we all struggle with something. Honestly I'd feel more comfortable hiding under a rug than having to sit in the open where people can see me, but sometimes what makes us comfortable isn't always what's good for us right...anyways...

    I love game nights too, but it's hard to find people of the same mindset. It seems that most people think that's kid stuff, and a lot of other adults that we know just want to drink at get-togethers. I hate that whatever is happening people always have to involve alcohol. It's possible to have fun without it. I'd love to just go out bowling or rollerskating(yes I was an 80's child, do roller rinks even exist anymore?) or have a game night or something without all the drinking that people want to involve.

    As for the girly girl stuff... I have gone from a tom-girl to a tom-woman...I am just a jeans and t-shirts kind of gal and can't do the makeup, hair and nail polish stuff, it's just not me. I would totally look a fool if I tried cause I missed out on all those teen and tween years of learning how all that stuff works. I'd probably look like I was painted up for Halloween or something.

    I love long, long dresses though, but am afraid to wear them...I am sooo not graceful.

    I understand that a little makeup now and then makes people feel pretty and that's fine sometimes, but I just feel like women are pushed toward so much of that stuff that they don't even look like themselves dye,makeup and such til they look like someone else, it's unreal.

    Women should know that they can go outside the house without being all painted up, but a lot of women feel like they can't leave the house without being dolled up, how sad. I don't know I just think that we need to be careful how excessive it gets ya know?! cause there are people underneath all that costume, and I think sometimes that's forgotten especially by the men looking at them...and I think sometimes they even forget about themselves if you know what I mean,and end up losing themselves and just playing a part and doing what they think is expected of them. sorry for going off on a tangent there...

    I totally agree with your letting God lead you to your future husband. That's what I did, and it works, it really does. Don't worry about timing. When we married I was 28 and he was 33. Things happen all in their own time, sometimes sooner or later than we want them the time my sister was 28 she already had several kids, and I've passed that age and still have none, but that's a whole other story...

  11. i loved reading this erin. despite our age difference and the fact that im a wifey/momma of three, you and i are stil alot of like. Im totally a skirt/dress/sandals girl in the summer.! I'm curious about this coffee bible study. I'm pretty sure the lord laid it on my heart to do a Bible study with the young married ladies, but i don't know if id' be able to come up with all the topics myself. i'd love to check it out.

  12. Have I told you how much I adore you? Cause I do. Bless your heart. :) We have got to meet each other soon. Because I swear, we are almost exactly alike! Love love this post and can't wait for the next one!

    xo! much love sweet friend!!

  13. LOVE this post! you are such a treasure, erin. i pray God sends you your mr. right soon. :)



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