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Friday, May 17, 2013

Vlog: Coffee Date. "God Knows"

Hi beautiful friends! 

I know I haven't been around on this little space the last week, and that's just because other life stuff has been a bit crazy and time consuming, but I wanted to stop in and say happy weekend and share a little bit about my experience this week at Keith Urban's American Idol show and how God has been speaking to me about how He sees, hears and knows...  So grab some coffee & let's chat about life.

Sending love, prayers and a hug to you this weekend.
You are loved.
Don't forget it.




  1. This was such a blessing to me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to share with us and be such an encouragement.
    That word you shared was literally exactly what I needed to hear, thank you!

    I don't think by any stretch that what happened was "a silly thing". That is soo incredibly special, Erin, and my heart was just deeply touched by how amazing God made that moment for you. Front row?! Can you believe it! So happy for you, my friend.

    Never stopped praying for you and thinking about you.
    Love you so so much.

  2. I really enjoyed this vlog! I'm so happy that you got to attend that concert, it must have been so fun and what a sweet blessing! Losing a pet is never easy, my beautiful cat and sweet bunny rabbit both passed away a few months apart in 2011. I still miss them both dearly, but I am thankful for the time I was blessed to spend with them, and I hope to get another amazing pet in the future!

    Thank-you for being so encouraging, Erin!

    xoxo Miss ALK

    P.S. Your hair and make-up is ADORABLE in this video! Love love love!

  3. "Life is beautiful, but it is also Brutal at times." Amen sista! Life is never perfect, but thankfully we have Jesus to give us that constant peace that the world can never give us.


  4. Sweet Big Christ sister, I want to tell you how much this vlog opened my heart, As I've been sharing with you, I watched this and felt so much comfort so much joy, It made my eyes open a little bit more. How can someone be so precious to you that you haven't even met? You are so dear to me, and you are so very anointed in this blog. Your heart is so strong, and your so loving to the broken. I look up to you!

  5. Haven't watched this yet, but I am going to in a little bit. I just couldn't resist commenting because I don't want to forget what I wanted to say! Erin, you are the sweetest inspiration and I know that the going has been tough for you lately (losing a pet, especially a dog, is like losing a member of the family and it hurts a LOT) but your attitude and your faith and trust in God speak volumes. I just wanted you to know what an encouragement you have been to me, and I'm sure to hundreds of other people. Thank you for all you're doing; keep writing away at that book of yours because we cannot wait to read it! Love you sweet girl. Praying for you & hope you have a great weekend!
    PS. I would love to meet up sometime in the fall or something if at all possible. :)

  6. Wow this vlog really spoke to my heart girl! Your love for Jesus speaks volumes!! & Keith Urban will always be a fave. :)

  7. You spoke to my heart as always girl. Truly a blessing is what you are in so many ways. I cant thank you enough. I am glad I checked my bloggers and saw this and listened to it. God works in mysterious ways. :D

  8. You are just so precious, darling. I love brutiful. It's so true. Thank you for speaking from your heart. You are reaching so many through this and I think you are amazing. I'm so happy for you that you got to sit in the front row. Not silly at all.

    On a funny note, while I was watching, my phone buzzed me because you left a comment on one of my posts. Funny coincidence. :)

  9. Hi Sweet friend :) I'm so happy you took the time to share your story. I needed that encouragement today. Hearing the way's you were blessed, blesses me. I hope you have a wonderful week, with lot's of joy. Please remember Oklahoma this week in prayer for safety & also for those who lost their homes in the tornadoes Sunday. Thank you friend! Love you xo

  10. I've kept this post unread for a couple of days until I had a moment to watch the vlog, & I wasn't planning on watching it tonight. But when I ended up having a rough evening and some really hard, tear-filled prayer time tonight, I thought of this blog's title and decided to watch. What a good reminder it was. I realized tonight that my doubt isn't in God's ability to change circumstances or work in certain ways my doubt is in believing that He will. I am fully confident in God's sovereignty, but somehow I end up forgetting that He LOVES me.

    Thanks for the encouragement tonight. It was providentially planned. :)

    PS- if you ever want to do a Southern California/ LA area meet-up, I'd love to meet you! :)


sweet friends, share your heart.

"kind words are like honey...sweet..and healing.." -proverbs 16:24.


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