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Thursday, June 20, 2013

9 Links I Heart

Today I thought I'd start a new random series - I love this community and how we can share things we love, important encouragements, and just plain fun links! So, I thought I'd help a sister out and share 9 links I am currently LOVING! (I got the idea from the first blog I ever read,

What links are you loving this week? Share in the comments below! XOXO

 1. Notice I changed my URL and this little blog has it's very own domain? Type in & you'll easily find me now! (Although, no worries - my old URL will still take you here!)

2. How thankful I am that the House passed the bill to end late-term abortions! I was glued to CSPAN all day, praying. It is such an encouraging step in the right direction: saving human LIFE. Get involved here in the pro-life movement.  ( 

3. Looking for modest, fabulous swimsuit ideas? Read my new article at Quite Magazine! ( 

4. 3 tempting treats that will make your mouth water. ( 

5. A beautiful, stylish shop & each purchase empowers a survivor of slavery? Sign me up. ( 

6. I love these inspiring floral prints. ( 

7. Art like this makes my heart skip a beat. ( 

8. I am a tea freak, so this made me smile. ( 

9. Swooning over the new Charlie Ford vintage. ( 


  1. I love them all, but number 2 is very close to my heart. I hope more people will speak out against it to save lives.

  2. love. congrats on the new domain. To me I feel there's not enough time in the day to view all my fave links and blogs that I would want to.

  3. I totally love this little series, so cute. I'm looking forward to checking out the boutique!

    And, I am glad you too are loving the florals :)

    Happy Weekend, Erin!

    xo, Kylie Rae

  4. I also love 2! Now hopefully it can pass in the senate and Mr. President will open his eyes to what NEEDS to happen!

  5. It is so fun to find new fun things : ) Thanks for sharing.


  6. Thanks for sharing some neat links,

    All I could think of when I saw #8 was "Fire Away"....etc...

    ...and now that song has been stuck in my head since I read this post earlier this morning...haha, I had to look it up and take a listen to try and get it outta my head.

    such an 80's flashback

  7. Such an awesome idea! I can't wait to read all of these links! Thanks for sharing :)

    xo, gina

  8. what great links to share. :)

    i hope you're having a happy week, erin. <3



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