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Sunday, July 7, 2013


When you wake up, look around and realize your dream didn't come true.
When give your dream to God, like a child releasing a beloved balloon to the blue sky...
 and years pass... yet... no answer.
When you watch your friend live the dream you asked for.
When you ask "Why?"
When you let go and feel like throwing in the towel.
When you know disappointment like a best friend.
When you embrace unbelief and it weighs you down.....

Don't give up.
Don't let lies tear you down. 
Don't let fear shut you out.

Keep your dreams and keep on believing, loved one. Give God your dreams ... and He will take the broken and turn it into something beautiful. That's what He does. 



  1. This was just what I needed. Thank you so much, Erin.

    Love you, girl.

  2. Ditto what Lauricia said...I needed to read this too...thank you!

  3. This is so perfect. I love your explaination of feeling like someone else is living your dream--such a hard thing. But you are right, we just have to keep believing! I tell myself all the time that there is enough love, enough good, to go around. So just because one person has found it doesn't mean that my chances of finding it are any less. There's not a set quantity of love!


  4. So thankful he is in control.

    I hate when I doubt that.

  5. Praying all the sweet truth you wrote about here, over you <3

  6. Pure encouragement. Through and through.

  7. Beautiful flowers...lucky you, you're living part of my dream if you've got those blooming and growing out in the yard!

    Been trying to get some flower bulbs and such started this year. When we moved here it was a completely empty field with only a few very small and young trees, and pasture grasses. I haven't got any roses yet, but it's something for the future I guess.

    Sometimes it's hard when we see people whom we think are living part of the dream we have for ourselves, but I am always encouraged when I see it anyways. For me seeing people happily doing the things I wished I could do, or see myself doing someday,(like those people walking into church with a small child beside them holding their hand or that person you know who has an awesome job, or even milder things like that friend you know who has a car with a working window switch in it...) those people serve as wonderful examples for the rest of us. and, hey, if it is possible for them, then it's possible for us too.

    In my case, it seems that I am never ready for the stage of life I am in. Right when I get used to being in a certain position or a certain age and just when I get comfortable and realize what that time in my life is for and start to sink in and enjoy it, it's gone and I'm seemingly catapulted into another stage...and it starts all over again. For me at least, it seems that there's always an overabundance of stuff in life to be afraid of, and not enough stuff that feels safe and happy.

    Hang in there girly... thanks for the encouragements you provide each week.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, it's funny you always drop in when I've got a cake post. (maybe that's my fault for doing too many cake posts recently and relying on old pictures that have already been taken since I've been outside gardening too much lately! heart must be buried somewhere out there, cause I can't stop playing in the dirt..haha)

  8. Erin, these words were just what I needed. I am struggling with infertility but I do find peach in knowing that he is in control and all good things come from him, in his timing.
    I am a new follower from the Blog Hop. Please feel free to visit and follow my blog at

  9. For a self taught blogger gal your site is inspiring and definitely a 'sweet thing!' So happy to have discovered you via 'friendconnectblog hop' In particular I love your "letters" that you post to yourself or others. It would be cool to actually do a snail mail version and stamp it but have it mailed to yourself by someone else in say 5-10 years. Visiting from over at

  10. love this post. just posted something similar about time changing your situation and your perception of your situation!


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