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Thursday, August 29, 2013

a letter from fred // sweet love story

My heart has really been aching this week after what I shared with you all in my last post. As I look around our culture, our country, our world - and see how marriage, relationships, and sex are treated like a game and a sport, it makes me feel so discouraged. After I (nervously) published my last post, a sadness just fell on me - grief for our generation, for young people who don't see the value in faithfulness, in waiting, in staying true to vows, and in not settling for anything less that God's best. I have a passion here on this little space to encourage precious people to be different than the world - to bravely take a stand and refuse to go along with the flow or to believe lies. To hold out for true love, for faithful love, to ask God to bring the person He has for you in His time. To wait for Him to direct you to the right person at the right time, even if that means a season of loneliness and of saying "no" now so that later you can say "yes" - forever. 

My mom sent me this little video the night I wrote the Miley post. My eyes welled up with tears as I watched the sweet story of this precious couple. This man and woman who faithfully loved for 75 years! 

You may have seen this video on the news or social media, but I just must share - it's so sweet and inspiring! For you sweet married friends - may it encourage you to pursue faithfulness to your spouse! And for you dear single friends - may it encourage you to keep waiting and preparing your heart for this kind of love. It's worth waiting for and love that lasts does exist! 

A Letter From Fred from Green Shoe Studio on Vimeo.


  1. I saw this video yesterday and it totally made me tear up. What a sweet love story. Reminds me that people still stay together for the long haul and make relationships work through all the hardships in life! :)

  2. I saw this video yesterday and, as soon as the song started, tears began streaming down my face. It is such an amazingly beautiful testimony to pure, true love!

  3. So precious, so many tears flowing down outta joy!

  4. What a beautiful story. My MIL just celebrated her 95th birthday yesterday, and I so enjoyed talking with her about why she felt she had lived this long. We could all learn a lot from their generation.

  5. I am crying! Such an incredible testimony to the beauty of faithfulness in marriage. My Grandma's name was Lorraine, her and my Grandpa Leonard were married for over 60 years. They are now both in heaven with Jesus.

  6. Such a sweet story of true love that stood the test of time! I just started an internship at an assisted living facility. I had the privilege to meet a couple who have been married for 56 or 57 years (they weren't sure) haha. But they mentioned that it wasn't always easy but they had each other. Something that fewer and fewer people are understanding these days. Then yesterday, I met a 92 year old woman who was talking about who she listens to books on tape and that romance stories aren't what they used to be. She said now it's all physical, like the girl sees the mans eyes, his abs (which she didn't even know what that meant :) ) and his tight rear. She said romance isn't those things it was the thrill of holding hands for the first time and the excitement of when a guy finally got the nerve to put his arm around you. She said she didn't know that her husband had abs... that wasn't important. what was important was that they shared similar intersts and he had a personality that meshed well with her own... so much we can learn from the generations before us!

  7. Oh my gosh. I am bawling. this is amazing and so precious. thanks so much for sharing! LOVE YOU


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