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Thursday, August 1, 2013

oh hey, august - let's advertise.

Let me just say what we're all thinking: HOW on earth is it suddenly August? Mind. Blown. 
The great thing is, Fall is almost here - yay! (Think: football, pumpkin spice lattes, Influence Conference...ah!) Soooo, this is my last call for summertime advertising!
   There's alot of fun going on here on this little blog. God is doing big things! I'm over at Quite Magazine as a contributing writer, working on my e-book that will be released SO SOON, being a part of the Influence Conference and preparing to be a community leader in September! I also have a couple speaking engagements lining up for the Fall and next year! Lots of fun coming and God is doing big things. 

I would love to work with you. Helping promote blogs and shops, and building community in this blog world by introducing amazing bloggers and shop owners like you to my precious, beautiful readers! That is my heart. And if you're interested, I'd love to have you here. Lots of different options are available, see below! A few as low as a LATTE! Have questions?

 Don't hesitate to email me - 

---> You can start TODAY! Or anytime you're ready.
---> Ads run for 30 days.
---> Don't have a button? No worries! I'll make one for you for free!

Current Stats:

As of 8/1/13

Total Reach: 7,345+
Pageviews last month: 14,000+
Google Friend Connect Followers: 1,145+
                 Twitter: 1,900+                
Instagram: 2,290+
Pinterest: 1,045+
Facebook: 475+ {posts are also shared with 1,000+ personal Facebook friends}
Bloglovin' – 492+ #15 of 248 in Christian blog category in June 2012
{I can no longer find the Christian/Relgious category on Bloglovin’, if you find it - let me know!) 



---> The sweetest one of all! 

---> Extra Large Size! // 250x350 

---> Special FEATURE solo post 

---> Giveaway option!

---> Social Media shoutouts!

---> Have something special on your blog/shop this   
              month? We'll talk about fun ways I can
              support you (example: product reviews,                         giveaways, etc)

           ---> Sweetness itself! (I had to. ;)  
           ---> Large size! 250x250
           ---> Special group feature (photo of your choice  and a fun question!) 
            ---> Giveaway option!
            ---> Social media shout-outs!        
Ad will run for 30 days.
5 available, 5 shown at a time.


         ---> Very sweet deal! 
         ---> Medium size // 250x200 
         ---> Group giveaway option. One social media
Ad runs for 30 days. 8 available, 5 shown at a time.


         ---> Who can resist somethin' this sweet? 
         ---> Small size // 250x150 

Ad runs for 30 days. 8 available, 4 shown at a time.

Just a spoonful of sugar...

        ---> Sugar for the price of a Starbucks LATTE!
        ---> Smaller size // 250x150 
        --->  Runs for 30 days. 


sweet friends, share your heart.

"kind words are like honey...sweet..and healing.." -proverbs 16:24.


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