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Friday, August 30, 2013

Vlog: Around The World

Hi friends! I am stopping in before the weekend to share a quick vlog with you - and we are talking all about travel! I love linking up for The Girl Behind the Blog with my sweet friend Ashley! Link up or share in the comment below - where have you traveled and where do you dream of traveling?

This vlog is honestly kind of a hot mess. You've been warned. Haha! 


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Love to you this weekend!! 


  1. I'd love to visit PEI someday! For the exact same reason...

  2. I get to see you soon soon soon! Yay!!!! My husband and I want to got to Isreal so bad. You were baptized in the jordan river?! omgsh that is incredible. I would love if my girls could someday be baptized there.

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  4. Hi Sweet girl :) Hooray for Vlog's. I enjoyed hearing about your travels while I have my coffee. This link up looks fun, I may need to join in next week. Your travels all sound really fun. I've been nowhere over-seas..but I've been almost everywhere in the continental United States. I hope you have a blessed Labor day weekend friend. Thanks for sharing. Love you! xo

  5. I love traveling anywhere!!!! :) Someday I dream of visiting England and Italy, Romania, New Zealand, and Scotland!


  6. Wow girly, you have been to so many places!! I had my very first international trip this summer. I got to go to Europe which was so amazing. I would love to see all of the places you've been. Thanks for sharing my giveaway!! <3

  7. I would LOVE to go to Israel! Even just looking at photos I get overwhelmed with emotion! Loved hearing about your experiences there and in Greece.

  8. All of your international trips sound amazing and are places I would love to visit!

    I'm glad there are nineteen videos for this linkup and NOT ONE PERSON except for you mentioned pictures at all! hahaha.

    I can't wait to see you again in just TWO WEEKS!


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