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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lipgloss & Crayons

I'm super excited to introduce you to one of my favorite bloggers today! This girl is fabulous. In every way! Her style is totally inspiring - sometimes I just go visit her beautiful blog to look at her outfits when I need inspiration! She puts together items I would never think of and they just go so perfectly together. But even more than that, her amazing heart just shines through. We are both here in Los Angeles and while we haven't officially met yet, I feel like we know each other. I'm thrilled to have her on my sidebar this month, and even more excited for YOU to connect with her! Go follow her links and get to know her, she's one of the blogs you need to be reading. 

  Hello Sweetness Itself readers! I'm Carly, and I blog over at Lipgloss & Crayons.  I'm a teacher in an inner-city school here in the City of Angels, a Christian, a wife, a little too fashion obsessed, and a mom to be.  Lipgloss & Crayons is my adult creative outlet, I love playing with fashion trends and translating them into wearable, affordable styles for the real world. I share fun recipes, and a little about my life here in Los Angeles. 

1 //  I met my husband on Valentine's Day at church.  We were both over 30,                and I'd essentially given up on cheesy love stories.  We got engaged 9                      months later at our church Christmas Tea in the room where we met.                      Guess my cheesy story came along after all!

         2 // I could live off of sushi and mexican food.

         3 // While this is our first child, it is not our first pregnancy.  We had a miscarriage                          before this little one, and I pray constantly about how to help others who have had                  this experience. It's a tough one!

         4 // If I wasn't a teacher, I'd own a cupcake shop.

         5 // I wasn't raised as a practicing Christian.  We went to church on Easter and                                  Christmas.  I became a Christian as an adult, and it has been amazing to see the                        total change in my life since.


  1. What a beautiful young woman! thank you so much for sharing! will deff check out her blog!

  2. I love Carly's blog too. It really is so full of inspiration!


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